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Midstream in the Midlands

It wasn’t just emotion inspired by a progesterone over dosage but emotion inspired by a truly beautiful view from our bedroom. Last weekend, my husband and I went away for a romantic getaway to the Drakensberg (Dragon mountain), a mighty mountain range stretching 1000km across three South African provinces. 1,325 more words


IVF Round One: Let's Skip to the End

So much has happened since the last time I posted, I’m not even really sure where to start. Logic, and Maria in “The Sound of Music,” might dictate that I start at the very beginning, but I’m a rebel so let’s start at the end. 543 more words


A recovering POAS addict.

My transfer was 2 days ago. It was a nice one, different. As opposed to last time I got out of the clinic smiling and happy. 802 more words

The never ending HCG... grrrr

I’m frustrated.  Surprise surprise, I know.

But look:

This is the test I took this morning.

And here is a comparison:

The top test is last week’s and the bottom one is this week’s.  283 more words

THE END OF D&C... or maybe?

I am exactly 23 days (just over 3 weeks) off from having the D&C and then the scary clot situation which I think was my body’s way of clearing everything out. 115 more words

BETA numbers...

On Wednesday, 9dp5dt, my Beta was 146. This is a good solid number but last time it was 197 or something like that. So it was lower. 198 more words

8dpt Round 2

I’m quietly giddy.  I am all too aware that this happened before; we’ve been here before… but also- I’m excited.  I can’t help it.

As of this minute, right now, in this present moment- I AM PREGNANT.    110 more words