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Donor Egg FET

We are a go for FET.

We are doing a natural FET for the most part. My blood pressure medication was changed a couple of months ago to be pregnancy friendly. 180 more words

Lost down the rabbit hole

It’s been 2 hours since I starting Googling, desperately searching terms like “11DPO chapped lips”, “11DPO aching side boob”, “11DPO chapped lips aching side boob BFP”… My internet search history runs to 3 pages long. 255 more words

Final Cycle - Day 26

8 days past a 5 day transfer or 13 days post ovulation.

I cracked. Sorry Umit.

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx

Your body is a wonderland.

Yeah, my body is a wonderland alright.  I WONDER what the hell it’s doing.  I WONDER what it’s not doing.  I WONDER if it’s too late to get a refund or replacement on it. 227 more words


Lady in waiting.

I wrote this on The Book of Face last night:

Hurry up and wait… it’s the way of our world it seems. But I gotta live in the moment or forget to live at all in the time between “now” and “then”.

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5dp5dt - Emotional wreck 

So I succumbed to the POAS (Pee On A Stick) devil and finally gave in after resisting for 5 days. Well I am lying. I didn’t resist much for 5 days, I just didn’t have any HPT (Home Pregnancy Test) kits at home and the ones I ordered online finally arrived last night. 237 more words


Burned lands

Poas is one of Costa Rica’s largest and most active volcanoes. The crater’s rain-fed sulfuric pool still bubbles and emits smoke into the air.