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Ok so still no news on the 2WW other than we are almost half way there! Woohoo! I have read quite a few different blog posts from other women’s 2WW and how they Google every symptom or change.

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Volcano Venture: Poás + La Paz Waterfall Gardens

Not far outside Costa Rica’s capital of San José sits one of the country’s most-frequented volcanoes, Volcán Poás. This active volcano boasts nearly 40 eruptions within just the past two centuries – that’s an average of one eruption every 5 years! 397 more words


Farewell, old friend

I posted on Monday about the noises coming out of the gasworks. After a while of scraping here and scratching there the contractors had finally got onto the serious work of Knocking Stuff Down. 339 more words

Around Town Things

HPT hell

What’s that thing about the definition of madness, you know, doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results blah blah blah?

I propose an alternative definition: the definition of madness is a 39 year old woman on her last IVF/FET cycle insanely doing HPT after HPT after HPT on the 2ww. 280 more words

Pre Beta # 1 + POAS # 1

Date: 9dp3dt

Side effects: Headache, tired, light-headed, hot flashes, cramping

Flu symptoms are gone! Yay!

I headed off to my return visit with the acupuncturist yesterday. 113 more words

We live here now!

After a great week living in Escazú, we’ve relocated to a cute casita in Atenas. The weather and scenery are gorgeous around here which explains, at least partially, why it’s a popular place for folks from North America to spend their retirement years. 847 more words