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Well, this sucks.

I have cramps with a vengeance and it’s a new cycle for me. I have the worst acne breakout that I have had in over 20 years. 212 more words


Through the Fog

Guess where I went recently?! Poás VOLCANO!! Even writing that is exciting, let alone actually telling someone.

Weekends here hold some of my best memories. They’re so full of potential. 623 more words

Time to make the...babies?!

Since my last post three great things have happened.

1- I had the joy of going to Cape Cod with S and my parents. We ate lobster, drank wine, waded in tide pools and watched sunsets. 198 more words


CD 30, 2 days late, BFN! When will this crap end!


Why does this crap always happen to us? Its the one thing I am always asking myself. Seriously though, how can I keep going on like this! 315 more words


The Curse of The Pregnancy Stick

Congratulations! You’ve just found out that you’re pregnant!

Or at least you think you are.

You peed on a stick and a second line showed up. 1,714 more words


Yesterdays results....

I did another test this morning…… How stupid of me! I knew yesterdays results, were to good to be true. Because, today’s test, is indeed NEGATIVE! 309 more words


Whaatttt?? Indent??? Positive??? Confused!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately guys, things have been crazy! School holidays start for our son today, and I just haven’t had time to sit down and write my blog. 254 more words