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MicroblogMondays: Five Weeks Five Days

Today, we have reached five weeks five days.  I get asked a lot about my feelings regarding where we are in this process.  It has been quite interesting to be the intended mother and not the person being pregnant.   732 more words

San José

20. – 24. November
The last five days of my three weeks in Costa Rica became a mellow, sort of homely time. Celine booked all four of us into a hostel she had stayed in earlier, and it was the loveliest hostel (it was called Hostel Urbano los Yoses). 944 more words


Donor Egg FET

We are a go for FET.

We are doing a natural FET for the most part. My blood pressure medication was changed a couple of months ago to be pregnancy friendly. 180 more words

Poas Volcano

Poas Volcano is located in the Alajuela province in Costa Rica and is still active. The main crater of the volcano is 950 feet deep and when you go to visit, you are able to look over the ledge deep down into it where you can see the water that has filled it up. 273 more words

Destination Guides

Lost down the rabbit hole

It’s been 2 hours since I starting Googling, desperately searching terms like “11DPO chapped lips”, “11DPO aching side boob”, “11DPO chapped lips aching side boob BFP”… My internet search history runs to 3 pages long. 255 more words

Final Cycle - Day 26

8 days past a 5 day transfer or 13 days post ovulation.

I cracked. Sorry Umit.

Love, Little Miss PMA xxx

Your body is a wonderland.

Yeah, my body is a wonderland alright.  I WONDER what the hell it’s doing.  I WONDER what it’s not doing.  I WONDER if it’s too late to get a refund or replacement on it. 227 more words