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8dp6dt: Regretting My Choice to Stay Quiet

Today, I grieve alone…and I realized, it’s not healthy or advised to grieve alone. I’m not good at it. I’ve never been good at it. 492 more words

5dp6dt - 7dp6dt: A Rollercoaster of Crap

I wish I’ve had something awesome to say here…but I don’t, really. But, I’ll start from the top.


When I woke up and took a test that morning, there was barely anything on the wondfo — but there was *something.* There was jack shit on the FRER. 500 more words

2dp6dt: Much Google. So Crazy.

I was really chill when it came to this FET…up until the day of the FET. But now that I’m in the TWW (really, the OWW) I’ve turned into a Googling crazy person who likes to pee on sticks. 107 more words

2WW – to test or not to test??

We are officially 6dp3dt! Up until this point we have both being doing really well with the TWW. Last week seemed to pass relatively quickly and although we talked about the result and Sarah’s symptoms on and off it didn’t occupy my every thought. 200 more words


I'm back!

It’s great to be back home, although it was hard to leave beautiful, verdant and lush Costa Rica. One of my stops was at the Peace Lodge, and after breakfast we’d go and feed the hummingbirds, then go and play with the toucans. 48 more words


A Beginners Guide to not Conceiving Immediately.

Are you TTC? POAS? Are you on your 2WW?

Basically, are you trying to get pregnant?

Have you followed all of the advice everyone feels the need to give you when you are trying to get pregnant? 1,365 more words

Life After Birth