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8dpt Round 2

I’m quietly giddy.  I am all too aware that this happened before; we’ve been here before… but also- I’m excited.  I can’t help it.

As of this minute, right now, in this present moment- I AM PREGNANT.    110 more words

7dp5dt Round 2

So today, around 2:00 this afternoon, We are officially a week past the transfer.

Again, obsessive about pee sticks- here’s the evidence of my addiction: 296 more words

6dp5dt Round 2

My feelings after today’s pee stick:

But, again, we’ve been here before so I’m not too overly confident and probably won’t feel that way until after we hear the precious heartbeat around 6 weeks. 69 more words

Technically still 4dp5dt...

Since the transfer was around noon in CA and I live in TX at 2 today I will be 5 days past the transfer.

But, since I am an addict and since the POAS lurker community saw it too, I figured that first morning urine (the most concentrated) would produce a legitimate line. 327 more words

4dp5dt Round 2

So- it has happened again. I’m going off the deep end.

And I think it’s worse that I recognize it happening but instead of turning away from the ledge, I embrace it and just jump right off that fucker anyway. 336 more words

TRANSFER DAY round 2 part II

The worst of my problems right now:

So let’s recap:

After my cryfest on the plane and then a much needed day without a schedule, my husband and I woke up at 5:20 CA time. 725 more words

TRANSFER DAY round 2 part I

So, yesterday morning I was a bit of a mess. Nervous to say the least. I never sleep well the night before travel, the “what ifs” get to me (what if I forget this, what if I don’t hear my alarm, what if I misplace my ID, etc.). 1,088 more words