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Experiment day 2, and other stuff

In the picture, the top test is from yesterday at 8am. The bottom test is from today (6dpIUI, 8dptrigger) at 5:30am. It’s hard to tell here, but just the tiniest shade lighter. 729 more words

My ivf blessing 💙

It’s been so long since I posted , my last post was my announcement that I was pregnant and now … Here is my wonderful update that proves to never give up and you will achieve your goals. 58 more words


Sitting, Waiting, Wishing

What a weekend!  It was the Bean’s birthday so we had some celebrating to get accomplished before transfer day on Monday.  We enjoyed a little family party Saturday night, then while Schmoop worked on Sunday, the littles and I headed down to get comfy.  720 more words

Almost Caved, but Said No to POAS

I almost caved.  Almost.

I woke up Friday morning feeling little anxious.  It was the first time I felt this way since the two week wait began.   1,227 more words

Hey, this isn't about crying.

Yet. I mean,  felt a bit wibbly earlier, but it passed for now. Maybe.

I still haven’t gotten the solid smiley bastard, but I had a temp jump to just under the cover line this morning and have some other signs and my cheapie OPKs are still looking dark (not as dark as the control line, they never do for me) and they usually fade pretty damn quick after I ovulate. 27 more words


MicroblogMondays: While We Wait

Hey not bad!  It’s been already seven days since our transfer a week ago.  We have exactly one more week to go.  While we wait, these things are happening: 842 more words

Talk about a Rollercoaster

I did not sleep at all last night, and in the middle of that sleepless darkness sobbed quietly to myself soaking my pillow, I was supposed to go back to work today but they are very understanding, as there are quite a few ivf parents where I work. 180 more words