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T-minus 10 days...

I found a yoga video that feels like more of a work out!!! I always sweat during yoga and most of the videos I’ve been using are an hour long or more. 215 more words

T-minus 11 days 🙄

Until I am, cross you fingers, allowed to live life as normal. Not that I’m not being normal. I just mean working out and… you know… sex. 610 more words


I’m sure that anyone reading this is already aware of what a pregnancy BETA test is all about. Hell, just from being on some of the pregnancy boards prior to getting pregnant the first time I was able to figure out that it was measurement of the pregnancy hormone HCG. 343 more words

9dp5dt- BETA day!

I woke up at 6 to do yoga and took the last hpt:

Obviously getting better so I’m hoping all the levels look good and that the blood draw shows everything to be where they need to be! 298 more words

No HPT today! Go me!

I was instructed to not get my heart rate over 140 so instead of my normal workouts, I’ve been waking up to do yoga and then my husband and I go for a walk in the evening. 589 more words

7dp5dt- I am 3 weeks and 5 days pregnant.

Today’s test:It’s getting darker each day so I think we are on the right track.

Im really looking forward to Wednesday and I am also super excited for the parents to know. 141 more words

5dp5dt... relief.

Alright- so I lost my mind a little. I admit it. I went nuts. But, at least a few of my dearest friends and my sister acknowledged that they were sort of seeing something too. 871 more words