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Camotes Poblanos - Puebla Style Sweet Potato Candy

There is a rule in caramel making. Against all logic, at least once or maybe twice, the caramel maker will stick their finger into a molten batch of caramel. 495 more words


Texas-Style Chili

My family moved to Texas when I was in the third grade from Missouri, and we left after sixth grade. Growing up there meant that cowboy boots and red-lacquered nails were common place. 367 more words

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MexiCali Squash Casserole

At my home, we’ve been incorporating more and more organic foods to our pantry and fresh fruits and vegetables. This means we have had to severely curtail our intake of meat, as there just isn’t the room for it in our budget. 238 more words


Snow Day Chili

You probably have no idea that it snowed on the east coast this past weekend. Ha, unless you’re a hermit you must have seen the #snozilla, blizzard2016, snomageddon, snowpocalypse, frankensnow (etc.) frenzy all over social media, the news, outside your windows. 1,134 more words


Punjab Choley

Jake came home for winter vacation with a flattened food package and asked if we could re-create the dish from the list of ingredients. So in honor of the UN declaring 2016 as the International Year of Pulses, let’s celebrate with a tasty, fragrant bowl of chickpeas over rice. 131 more words


I'm baaack! With Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Poblano Peppers!

I know… it’s been… years?  More than a year, for sure.  So… I moved back to Minnesota to finish my thesis.  Did that. Graduated a year ago.   196 more words

Slow Cooker White Bean, Chicken & Poblano Chili

I was inspired by the wonderful Rachael Ray for this delicious recipe. It’s a nice light change to the traditional tomato-based beef chilis, instead using white beans, chicken and poblano peppers for some kick. 327 more words