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Yosemite to Yellowstone

Note: No post for a few days as we were in Yellowstone, without internet access.

Simon here. We escaped the fire and smog of Yosemite a day earlier, giving up 1 days cost of accommodation. 788 more words


how to love people.

I often think about writing a book with the above title, but as my whole life is a testament to the pitfalls of inventing titles before books and suffering similar fates to those who put carts before horses, maybe it’ll just be immortalized here. 671 more words

Stuff Better Left Unsaid

impossible things i want.

I can’t cite it anymore because it’s disappeared from the interwebs, but that phrase is one I stole from Bryarly Bishop, who used it to write about the things she wanted that were physically impossible (such as to be able to fall very slowly through the air for about a week, I think was one?). 371 more words

Stuff Better Left Unsaid

summer and fall 2016 poetry.

I guess it’s about time for this.

I. young man

take the steps two at a time

out of water, out of time

crouch to greet the littlest one… 924 more words


Day 10, Part One: Total Trip Miles - 3697; Bike Mileage - 96,158 Miles; Elko to Pocatello, Idaho – 275 miles; Oil Change at Gold Dust Harley; Beautiful Blue Skies; Gratitude.

I started the morning grabbing a McDonalds takeaway and hurrying down to the Harley Davidson (HD) dealer to get an oil change. I try and change the oil about every 3-5,000 miles. 313 more words

Special Report: KPVI Investigates Cyanide traps and the USDA

story by Magdala Louissaint as broadcast/published on KPVI.com

“This is not the first time the USDA had a run in with the Gate City…”

It’s almost been two months since a… 610 more words

Wild Horses/Mustangs

things I am proud of about myself.

I work my ass off.

I am pretty good at time management, even when I’m not. (Read: I’m good at covering for my own mistakes.) 166 more words

Stuff Better Left Unsaid