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poetry pipes.

As discussed, the pipes through which my poetry flows are rusty, but here’s a couple recent ones I liked.

and i love you so
Let’s make out… 522 more words


Where NOT to Park

Whatever you do, don’t park in these spots.

Did you learn something new?


Street Portraits

Assignment #2 Street Portraits  Original post from Jan 29, 2015

By Missy Turner

On this assignment as a class we were to go out onto the streets of town and find people who we didn’t know to take photo’s of and get some background information on them and provide a caption. 445 more words


two boys and a talent show.

Contrary to the conjecture presented by the title, these two boys were not in a talent show. At least, not in the talent show I’m talking about. 429 more words

Stuff Better Left Unsaid

Hometown Run

165 miles north, my home town of Pocatello, Idaho is a hidden gem in the gem state. Known to the locals as “Poky”, this small to mid-size town tucked into the foothills has much to offer the outdoor enthusiast. 388 more words

Looking Gloomy? You're Busted!

Here’s a crime that used to exist in Pocatello, Idaho:

Looking gloomy!

But really!  It actually was a crime to look gloomy in Pocatello.

No one was allowed to be unhappy!

What makes you happy?


Acor Girls - Idaho Falls Portrait Photography

This family came to me looking for an alternative to their usually school pictures. They want some portrait photos taken in Idaho Falls that were outside with natural lighting. 48 more words