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Little pocket book cover designs

These book covers are for 2 pocketbooks of the author Sylvia Marina: “Promises” and “21 Life Lessons“. You can just click on the book titles to check the book details on the author’s website :).

How to create Japanese garden

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AN extensive renovation transformed


Admirável Mundo Novo

Sinopse: Ano 634 d.F. (depois de Ford). O Estado científico totalitário zela por todos. Nascidos de proveta, os seres humanos (pré-condicionados) têm comportamentos (pré-estabelecidos) e ocupam lugares (pré-determinados) na sociedade: os alfa no topo da pirâmide, os ípsilons na base. 485 more words


Next Up...

…for my writing is my second poetry book. I’m already starting to create and collect my poems for it; this one has the tentative title of ‘Stronger Than Yesterday’ and the featured poem which inspired the title is called ‘Stronger Than You Think’…I’ve put the graphic featuring the poem below; please note it’s supposed to be read while listening to the song ‘Beauty of Grace’ by Thad Fiscella for the full emotional effect. 496 more words


Intermittent fasting may be center of increasing lifespan

Manipulating mitochondrial networks inside cells — either by dietary restriction or by genetic manipulation that mimics it — may increase lifespan and promote health, according to new research from Harvard T.H. 442 more words

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