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EDC: Alcohol gel.

A new edition to my every day carry includes a 50ml hand sanitizer by carex which I got for just 99p, although its not much use with dirt like mud and soil its super handy to have around to eliminate smells on hands, 99.9% of germs, and is one of the best ways to start a fire and when used in conjuction with tinder, a fire is so much easier to startand burns alot longer… 23 more words


EDC: Every day carry UPDATE!

At the bottom of this the ‘pocket kit’ menu section you will find my first post about my EDC in the hair gel pot, the only slight down side from this was with my new coat on the lower inside pocket the hair gel tub was too deep and uncomfortable to wear full time in that pocet and as of late I have been wearing jeans and not cargo pants its not pheasable to keep it on me anywhere else so today in my local poundland shop I found a small digital camera case made of waterproof neo-prene and came with a small carabina, once again, I was pleasently surprised to find this today! 479 more words


EDC: Maglite Solitaire review.

Im sure theres plenty of reviews out there for this little bad boy, but its such a dentrimental piece of my EDC that I feel I have to give it a mention. 387 more words


EDC: every day carry.

Below is a photograpgh taken from my phone of my EDC, so I apologiese in advance for the possible bad quality.

As you must be aware by now EDC stands for every day carry: a selection of items that are on your person at all times, if you search EDC on a search engine or video sharing site you will probbly find many examples of very different versions of EDC’s, from big bags full of kit to small pouches with a belt loop or the “Altoids tin” with items ranging from pens, multi tools, blue tac to knives and guns. 939 more words