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Ah, Christmastime…
That wonderful season of joy, smiles, and giving.

You know it.

It’s not about the carols and cookies,
the cyber sales and Santa, 270 more words

Mary Lamphere

Twice Horrified, Fifty Years Apart

When we were young we heard that Jock Grant used to give Ian R10 to spend.

We were horrified.

The other day Tom asked for money. 224 more words


Teenagers and pocket money

Most teenagers are given money to learn to manage it.It helps teens to make choices.But sometimes teens waste their money.And sometimes they save up their money.It’s really important to know how to spend money.Because when they became adults they will have to make money and know how to spend it.They can’t just waste their money and expect money to rain on them.And saving money is important.It helps teens to feel  independent.


Lets go

When I was younger, I use to do surveys, to be honest it did feel like a lot of effort for little reward, but I didn’t touch what I earnt, and it really helped us out, when we were down to our last pennies and had no food, so I have decided to do it again. 61 more words


Pocket money

  • What is pocket money?

Pocket money is a little amount which you can full fill your little needs like- Mobile bills, invest some money for your girl friend, purchase some thinks for yourself, etc. 390 more words

App Is Wasting Time

Where are You on Kids and Pocket Money?

As I discovered when chatting to a group of parents about kids and  pocket money (allowance) the topic can get quite emotive! There are some quite disparate views about how much, when to start and whether or not it should be for doing family/household chores. 933 more words