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Pocket money and pedal power

Elizabeth wants to earn some pocket money so I told her that if she did some jobs around the house we’d give her some money. I suggested that she make her bed and tidy the bedroom so she disappeared for a little while and then came back and said: 231 more words

Climate Change

How to prepare your teenager for their financial future

With two grown children, plus my own experiences growing up, the biggest lesson I learnt with regards to managing my money was from my Mum. I was a spender rather than a saver and my mum taught me the value of money and goals. 320 more words

Back to the Future (For the Third Time)

Here at The Lego Car Blog our attitude to sci-fi is like our attitude to art: we don’t much about it but we know what we like. 156 more words



I’m not sure if I should consider this defiance but my boy just ignored my instructions and spent his pocket money on a ball..

When I related this to my colleague, her comment was that he’s very street smart.. 288 more words


I Know What I'm Worth...

I am really curious to find out what the going rate is for a kids’ weekly allowance. Because when I was a kid, we didn’t even have one. 1,142 more words

Spending Power

My son seems to be enjoying the power to spend.. We give him $2 a day which I think is sufficient since lunch is provided in Nascans and he only needs to spend during recess.. 300 more words



My sister came back from shopping with these for me.

If you know me, you’d know I was absolutely bonkers about jelly beans and when I was like 14-17 i used to spend so much money buying them, putting them in jars and even had a bracelet saying queen jelly bean. 72 more words