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Episode 0 - Introduction & Meet the Hosts

Find out what the Cerulean City Podcast is all about, and meet the hosts of the show. We also answer some common questions to help you get to know our background as Pokemon fans. 7 more words


Episode 1 - Spearow Us The Details

In our first episode, we discuss the mysterious truth of Arcanine, the upcoming Dragonite event at Gamestop stores, and the first three episodes of the original anime series. 14 more words


D&D Wants to Catch 'em All...

After a short delay the guys are back to watch more lame movies. This time, the films get animated as Derek and Denis try and be the very best like no one ever was…by making fun of the first two Pokemon films. 10 more words


Three Idiots Play: Pokemon Blue

Over fifty Video Games. Six generations. Seven consoles. Eighteen Anime seasons. Seventeen movies. Countless Figurines. Trading Cards. Clothing Items. Stickers. Backpacks. Lunchboxes. “Pokemon” is the juggernaut franchise that will live on for the rest of eternity. 148 more words


Pokken Tournament Live Stream Video Released

When was the last time anyone heard anything new about the upcoming “Pokemon” fighting title “Pokken Tournament”? It’s been ages since any new information on the new game has been released but that’s all changed today thanks to the release of a live stream video that not only shows the game in action but also gives the world a glimpse at some of the other characters that will be playable upon release. 131 more words


Pokemon Fan Art - Charmander as Different Types

WATER – Water Charmander has a water spout in place of his flame tail. He whips it around to splash his opponents.

I drew him with gills and I made his belly segmented so it would look like scales.  208 more words


Would your 14 year old self be proud of you?

I think Mine would be… because, 14 years later, I am STILL drawing Pokemon. (Wait, is that a good thing? should I be proud of that? 185 more words