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Cool and Sunglasses: #30folds30days, Rising Peak Fold, Day 25

Some days, I walk out the door, and I know that I have it. Whatever it is, I got it. The sun shining, a fresh pair of shoes, and a well fitting suit. 606 more words

Day 204 - New suit

I look quite dapper,

Jacket, waistcoat tie and all,

In my brand new suit.

365 Days - 365 Haikus

What you like, Red Flags, and Shirts that Fit: #30folds30days, Double Winged Puff, Day 24

There comes a point in life when you start to know what you like in someone that you date. Sure, some people can come along and surprise you, but for the most part, by your mid- to late 20’s you have certain traits you look for. 829 more words

Complexity and Collars: #30folds30days, Valley Fold, Day 23

I remember the first time I talked to someone who actually knew football. Not in the way that they could name every player on their favorite football team, or knew all the fantasy scores. 753 more words