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Mark Zuckerberg’s mentor handed the feds an argument that could be used to break up Facebook

Over the weekend, The Social Network director Aaron Sorkin teased that he’d like to direct a sequel to his much-praised movie about the origins of Facebook. 11 more words


Fender’s new Acoustasonic guitars let you easily switch from Dylan to Hendrix

Like about 99% of the population, I’m a failed wannabe rock star. Buying my first Yamaha acoustic guitar when I was 14, I took lessons, seldom practiced, but somehow expected to blossom into the next Randy Rhoads or Eddie Van Halen. 11 more words


Citizens Reserve is building a supply chain platform on the blockchain

Citizens Reserve, a Bay Area startup, has a broad goal of digitizing the supply chain. Last fall, the company launched the Alpha version of Suku, a Supply Chain as a Service platform built on the blockchain. 10 more words


UPS and Latch are expanding in-building deliveries to 10 more cities

After launching apparently successful pilot runs in San Francisco and New York, UPS announced today plans to expand its in-building delivery service to 10 additional U.S. 29 more words


Donald Trump defends students over confrontation with Native American

Donald Trump has defended the high school students who were filmed apparently confronting a Native American activist and military veteran. In a tweet on Tuesday, the president said the students “have become symbols of fake news”. 13 more words


Ease Up on Your Morning Routine

Until about a few months ago, I was that person who rushes around in the morning, trying to get ready as quickly as possible to ensure I arrived to work early. 10 more words


DNA study debunks Rudolf Hess imposter theory

For years rumours swirled that the prisoner known as Spandau #7 at the Berlin jail was an imposter substituted in to take the place of the deputy führer of the third reich. 36 more words