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Mimicry a bridge to Hybridity?

After reading Walcott, I realized that everything he states is similar to what so many people are trying to express. In literature, a novelist like Tsitsi Dangarembga express a similar idea but through his characters. 761 more words

TC - 4 - Buffalo Springfield / Neil Young / Poco

Tape Chronicles

Tape four was a major disappointment as the tape was unplayable.

Side A was Buffalo Springfield Retrospective one of my favorite 60 bands. So much great stuff, Mr. 506 more words

Too Proper to be Improper? (PoCoWeek 3)

I never noticed how much language has played a significant part in shaping who I am as a person and where I stand in this world (America). 645 more words

Tini Stoessel - Hablemos de lo poco que falta....#GotMeStartedTOUR Let's ta... #CYGNSS

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Say What? Issues of Language: Week Three

I am especially impressed by the posts I have read so far about nationalism.  It sounds like a lot of you are working on defining your subject positions using the theory we are reading.   714 more words

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The Struggle to Understand Identity

What does it mean to be a nation and to have a national identity? Before, I would simply use the word ‘nation’ to describe the United States, without really giving it much thought. 1,409 more words

Week Two: "National" Identity

What is national identity?  Does such a thing exist?  Who defines whom?  How do these questions inform the study of literature?  These are questions that are at the forefront of my mind these days as the nation talks about building walls and testing who can and cannot enter the country.   308 more words

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