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Sermon - Final Prayer of David

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David’s Final Prayer

1 Chronicles 29:10-20


Tonight, we delve into the book of 1 Chronicles and this great and perhaps last public prayer of the great King David! 3,097 more words


Racist Zombie Supports Donald Trump and is a Misogynistic Fat Shamer!


Undead Greg of Zombie Times takes over and talks about the zombie life, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and drools over fat pride. Undead Greg reveals his racist opinions, lean towards Donald Trump, hatred toward Clinton, and gets off on fat people.

Zombie Times Takes Over Deadman's Tome Tonight 

Mr. Deadman is apparently too lazy to do a podcast tonight. He asked me to fill in for him again.

Join me, Undead Greg, tonight around 10PM (CST) to hangout with the chillest zombie you’ll ever meet. 43 more words


Gems in the Gospel of John - Part 44

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Gems in the Gospel of John

Part 44 – John 10:16–18

Other flocks – the Gentiles.

Jesus goes on from talking about himself as a Shepherd to give a very clear, if not very long, indication that he knew that his word would go out through all the world. 588 more words


Is BoJack Horseman's Third Season Its Best?

Has BoJack Horseman reached its peak in its third season or is Netflix beating a dead horse?


DTNS 2842 Headlines

Tom Merritt and Jenn Cutter discuss today’s tech headlines.

Recorded August 26, 2016
To read the show notes in a separate page click here. 43 more words


Episode 104 - 08/25/2016

Chris Crofton and I just had a close encounter of the PJ Harvey kind and  I was star struck for the first time in my life. 22 more words