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Don't Panic: What to Do in Tough Situtations

Can you think of a situation where you panicked? Or, maybe someone you know or were depending on panicked. What was the result?

We go through unexpected circumstances in our lives at times that give us reason to lose our cool. 69 more words

Fifi Buchanan

Episode 21: Fever Pitch (2005)

With the baseball playoffs in full swing, Brendan and Shiran take you out to the ballgame with Fever Pitch! Come listen to our latest episode and find out if Jimmy Fallon will choose Drew Barrymore over his beloved Red Sox, or whether they (and the movie) strike out. 21 more words

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PW294: The Death of a Fariy Tale Pt1 (Sansa - TV Only Friendly)

Spoiler Alert! This podcast includes discussion of the most recent events in HBO’s Game of Thrones. If you are not current with the series and don’t wish to be spoiled, come back and listen when you are current. 125 more words

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Episode 6: City Hall


Dan sits down with Asher to discuss how his increased political involvement created a closer relationship between himself and City Hall, leading ultimately to his participation in the Urban Fellowship program. 86 more words


The Amazing Nerdiverse - Episode 06: Supergirl, Superman & The Legends of Tomorrow

Episode 06: Supergirl, Superman & The Legends of Tomorrow

Jeff and Steven discuss the latest “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” trailer, celebrate the anniversary of a beloved show, and review the season premieres of “Supergirl” and “The Legends of Tomorrow.” Warning: Spoiler Alerts for DC/CW Shows. 43 more words

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Ep 20 - Lazy Changing Daydreamers

This week Tony and Bernard create the perfect formula for a killer fun time party. Tony realises some alarming driving habits and relives some past drinking escapades he would rather forget.  196 more words

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Episode Eleven: Brain Games


Howdy Race Invaders, today we’ll be talking about mental health and how it intersects with both the Asian community and how it’s impacted our own lives. 146 more words

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