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ITS012: The Geography of Sex Work

Hey, it’s the last episode of Season 1 of Isn’t That Spatial! Awwwwww! Thanks for sticking with me through this first season – I hope it was good for you, because it was really fun for me. 231 more words

Podcast Episode

Ep.16 Amazon and the Future of Shopping

Amazon buys Whole Foods. Should other retailers be afraid, or is there enough room for everyone?

Podcast Episode

Episode 29: Lane Change


A discussion of staying in your lane, why it’s important and maybe why it’s not important. We’ll talk it out and come to some super satisfying conclusion, I’m sure. 35 more words

Podcast Episode

Ep.15 Films Vs TV Shows

In a time where television shows are taking it to the next level, is there really much of a difference anymore? Which do you prefer?

Podcast Episode

Where is the Silver Lining? | The Wonderfully Made Podcast

In their episode I explore feelings of despair and negativity and how I regain perspective and change my attitude for the better.

I hope you enjoy!



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Ep.14 Nine Months with the Surface Pro 4

Switching from a Mac to a PC is an interesting thing to do.  When I made the jump it was to a Surface Pro 4.  Listen to my thoughts on making the switch, and comparison to previous Macs from the past.

Podcast Episode

Episode 21: Got Your 6 on Bandstand's portrayal of veterans

If you saw Bandstand‘s performance at the Tony Awards, then you know about the relationship between Got Your 6 and Bandstand.

When I read about Got Your 6 in Playbill, I wanted to know more. 106 more words

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