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Act on Your Ideas | the Wonderfully Made Podcast

What will you do with all of your ideas?

I love creative people. Especially the ones with big ideas. They’re able to turn a seemingly simple question into an interesting, hours-long discussion. 70 more words

Podcast Episode

Episode 18 - Glass Half Podcast


In which Morgan likes her sketchers but loves her prada backpack, and Karla wants to see Rosie O’Donnell get thee to a nunnery. 


Rate: Glass (movie) 6 more words

Podcast Episode

19 - Skulduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy - The Art of Naming

In this episode, I look at how Derek uses names to craft compelling, fleshed-out, interesting characters. Enjoy!

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Podcast Episode

036: Christina Cleveland

On this week’s episode we got to sit down and chat (via FaceTime) with Christena Cleveland! If you don’t know who she is, she is E P I C and someone we have been dreaming of interviewing since the start of the pod! 226 more words

Podcast Episode

Episode 170 - Spotlight on Barbara Crampton

In this episode, we look at the varied and vast career of actress Barbara Crampton. From soaps to slashers, we cover a lot of ground in this one!

Episode 170 – Spotlight on Barbara Crampton

Podcast Episode

041 - An Unearthly Child


The newest episode is up!


Our First Classic Who episode! After much waiting we are covering the episode An Unearthly Child. It’s a great episode and is the first ever one. 48 more words


Rogue Podron Mission 12-3: There Is Another Skywalker

Part 2/2) In this episode, we continue our speculation and discussion about Star Wars: Episode IX: The Dagobah Bodega. We chat about our hopes for Luke, Leia, Phasma, BB-8, the new cast, and an explicit, yet ground-breaking, sex scene. 40 more words