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Skype with Capt. Yannick

If you have seen our Atlantic-crossing movie, I know you want to meet this man.

We’ve had so many followers and Patrons ask me so many questions after watching the movie: “Why non-stop?”  “Why did you have so much trouble with the engines?”  “What other spares would you have brought?”  All valid questions that Phillip and I are happy to answer, but who better to ask than the Captain?   300 more words

Atlantic Crossing

Podcast Interview with Andy Schell from 59-North

“What follows was one of the more fun-loving and honest interviews I’ve done in a while.”  Those are Andy’s words and they mean the world to me.   665 more words

Atlantic Crossing

Q&A about the Atlantic-Crossing

Hey there HaveWind followers!  As you may have seen on Patreon on Facebook, Phillip and I recently hosted a Skype Q&A session with Patrons who had watched the movie from our Atlantic-crossing and had some questions about the boat, maintenance, provisioning, things that frightened us, things we learned, etc.   64 more words

Atlantic Crossing

Myexperience making guest appearances on internet radio shows

Hello everyone,

I have some exciting news to share with you today. Today marks the second internet radio show that I have appeared on as a guest author! 194 more words

Written Interview on SailNator.com!

This was pretty cool.  I had a fellow sailing blogger reach out to me and ask me to do a written interview for his blog — … 132 more words

2016 Re-Rig

Exclusive with Andy Schell from 59-North!

Wow, this is REALLY exciting news!  I reached out to Andy Schell a while back, mostly to say how much Phillip and I appreciate what he does and the stories and lessons learned that he shares through his podcasts at… 330 more words

Atlantic Crossing

Podcast Interview with Kathy from Discussing Dissociation

Hello Everyone,  

I recently had the privilege of being interviewed by Brigid Fitzgerald from BeInspiredLiving.com .

Brigid has an exciting online business offering encouragement and support for women breaking free from the misery of midlife madness — particularly for women 40+ years of age looking to do something new, different, courageous, inspiring.   924 more words

Dissociative Identity Disorder