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Featuring: Dennis Frisch. Excerpts from The Thomas & Philip Show

Podcast with Dennis Frisch HERE

The insights from this podcast could fundamentally alter your understanding of exercise and pain. Thus it could alter you life. … 850 more words


secular parenting


I almost said no to this podcast interview. I am not very far down the road of parenting in a post-Christian belief system. I said yes, and I am so glad I did. 68 more words

Loss Of Faith

Breaking Par Podcast - Bernard Sheridan Interview with Jason Sutton

Its always fun to do podcasts and get to share my story. In this interview with Bernard Sheridan we discuss how i got into the game and a little background about my career as well as some tidbits on my personal life and teaching philosophy. 27 more words

women beyond belief podcast


Deconversion has been such an ugly beast of an experience for me. I never chose this place for myself, and if I had a magic wand I would wave it and make a good and loving God real. 241 more words

Loss Of Faith