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Wolf 359- Podcast Review

Hey guys! Some of you might remember a post from a few weeks ago about podcast recommendations. I wanted to go through and give at least a few of those podcasts a longer review because I didn’t say much about them. 274 more words

First Impressions: High-Energy, Surprising Storytelling in "The Gray Area"

The Gray Area is an independent audio drama by creator Edward Champion in which each episode is a different story entirely, a la Black Mirror,  379 more words

Adnan Syed: The Menacing Manipulator

After you hear the podcast “Serial”, the first things that come to mind when you hear the name Adnan Syed are: star-athlete, great friend and family member, valued part of society, and wrongfully accused of murder. 1,222 more words

Books And T.V.

Can we say for sure if Adnan Syed is guilty or innocent?

Raven Hopper, Ms. Orr, ENG4UV-02, 28 July 2017

Welcome back, friends!

Today we will be discussing the Adnan Syed case on whether he is guilty or innocent of murdering his high school girlfriend, Hae Min Lee. 1,101 more words

"Serial" Episode 1: A Review of an Introduction

I always love a good crime story.

Maybe it was something about the intense, life-like situation at hand, gripping me and bringing me into the life of the victim. 744 more words

Books And T.V.

Guilty or Innocent?

Today’s justice system does a phenomenal job at keeping our society safe. Our justice system works to ensure that criminals all over our country are locked away so that they do not continue to hurt people. 1,070 more words

An Unexpected Reaction - Review of Serial Podcast

By Raven Hopper, Ms. Orr, ENG4UV-02, 21 July 2017

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog site!
Today’s topic is a review about Serial Podcast narrated by Sarah Koenig about Episode 1: … 952 more words