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Podcast Review: The Goalmouth

My Early Exposure

I hopped onto this bandwagon from the very launch of the show. It’s a joint endeavor, which I’ll discuss below, and it’s only a handful of months old, so listening to every episode from the beginning isn’t THAT big of a pride thing yet, but it will be in future, I expect. 527 more words


Love True Crime Stories? This Podcast Is for You!

I think I can speak for a lot of us when I say at the end of the day, I’m done. Completely, 100% finished with the very notion of doing things. 604 more words

University Of Toronto

Cryptid Creatures & The Others - Podcast Reviews

Holy buckets, 2 reviews in 2 days?!

Yep, looks like it!

While we’re on the subject of podcasts, I’d like to direct your attention to the Cryptid Creatures podcast, which is written, produced, and recorded by the multi-talented Jesse Haynes. 335 more words


The Alexandria Archives - Podcast Review

Pop in your earbuds and crank it up to 11, readers, because today we’re reviewing our first podcast – The Alexandria Archives, written & produced by Nicole Jorge, Aaron Redacted, and Uri Sacharow. 233 more words


Podcast Highlight: Spanish Obsessed

I don’t listen to podcasts very often. One time I tried teaching myself Italian by just listening to a very bland language learning podcast. The only thing that stuck with me was how to say “I speak a little bit of Italian,” in Italian. 410 more words


In the Car After (Ep. 31) Sunday Beauty Queen

For our first episode of 2017, we’re gonna be talking about the local Philippine movie: Sunday Beauty Queen!

It’s a film about the filipino domestic helpers in Hongkong who work tirelessly, caring for other people’s houses and homes from Monday to Saturday. 220 more words

The Art and Science of Story Telling for Business

The art of storytelling always puzzles the people in business. This is predominantly because of what we perceived story-telling to be vs what it means in business. 800 more words

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