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My Dad Wrote A Porno (Podcast)

5/5 Stars

Summary:  “Imagine if your Dad wrote a dirty book.  Most people would try to ignore it and pretend it had never happened – but not Jamie Morton.  

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Five Stars

Fat Mascara

I’m currently working in a research lab this summer and the majority of the work I do is in a dark room by myself so I’ve taken up listening to podcasts to pass the time. 293 more words

Superhero Podcast Review: Superheroes, Movies, and Superhero Movies

I’m back with another edition of my Superhero Podcast Review series where I take a listen to a superhero-centric podcast, or at least a few episodes of it, break down their format, share my thoughts, and hopefully introduce them to at least one new listener. 514 more words


The Questions Left By Serial

I recently listened to the first episode of the podcast Serial. I’ll admit that it’s a departure from the type of podcast I usually listen to, which can be categorized as “People talk about their week and also video games” and is probably put out by someone affiliated with Rooster Teeth. 288 more words

Eng4u Post

Podcast Review: Limit Break Radio

So I thought I’d help people get an idea on which FFXIV podcasts are worth looking into. First up is the hotly discussed Limit Break Radio: it’s one of the few long-running FFXIV podcasts with over 71 episodes at the time of writing. 463 more words

Limit Break Radio

Serial Podcast Review

The podcast, Serial is about a man named Adnan Syed who was convicted of first degree murder. He is suspected to murder his girlfriend, while they are both in high school. 293 more words

Dragonfly In Amber S2 E13 Podcast Review Discussion

A wake, a sightseeing tour, memories and revelations, a death, reluctantly to safety she goes, a battle looming, a determination toward death, and a barbecue to pass through the stones. 146 more words