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A Journey Into S-town

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. What about a name though? Can the name of a book foreshadow its quality? For instance, if a book was named S-town would you be intrigued enough to pick it up? 689 more words

Wil's Rating System for Podcasts

As my “This Week In Podcasts” posts move into a rating system, I feel like a rubric would be handy so that listeners and creators alike can get a better grasp on why I rate episodes the way I do. 1,187 more words

Changes Coming to "This Week in Podcasts"

This Week in Podcasts a weekly* roundup of mini-reviews of all of the podcasts I’ve listened to in a week.

*Except, as you might have noticed, it hasn’t really been weekly at all lately. 237 more words

Mazie Meadows Morning Show - Podcast Review

Do you hear that, readers? It’s the sound of our next review – the creator of which will seem familiar from hit audio drama The Others… 443 more words


"Serial" - the founding of true crime podcasts ?

As I’ve always been interested in the field of true crime for a while though after watching many documentaries, visiting crime feed regularly and avidly reading news articles, so I decided podcasts should be the next format I should try. 605 more words

True Crime

Dirty Jobs can bring you more opportunities

Caught this podcast on Dirty Jobs. It talks about the skill gap that US is facing. This skill gap that It is addressing is about dirty jobs, like cleaning oil tanks, sweeping the floor, fixing the lifts, plumbing etc etc. 244 more words


The Fermi Paradox and Why You Should Talk to Your Kids

Are you listening to This American Life? If you aren’t, you should. Every week, they take a topic, and bring you stories about and around that topic. 783 more words