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The Binge-Worthy Podcast: Serial

Serial is a podcast that was first premiered in 2014 (photo from https://www.nme.com/news/tv/serial-podcast-release-season-one-update-episodes-884927)

Sometimes during my free time, I can’t choose whether to read a book or watch a movie. 851 more words

Listening Strategies Help Understand Better

There are different types of media that are in the form of audio or video. People have to listen to them to figure out what topic they are talking about. 760 more words


Personal Thoughts About 'Serial' Podcast

A picture of Hae Mm Lee(left) and Adnan Syed(Right)

I listened to and enjoyed a lot the episode 1 of the podcast ‘Series.’

At first, I was kind of worried due to the fact that my listening to English is not as great as native people, but after I heard the introduction of Sarah and she started the story, I just fell into the story with forgetting everything, even including the anxiety about English. 1,070 more words

Serious Serial Scrutiny

3pm January 13, 1999 Hae Min Lee, an 18-year-old was murdered through manual strangulation and buried in Leakin park. The convicted murder is her former boyfriend, Adnan Syed. 1,017 more words

Morning = Psalm 34, An Invitation to Feast!


Psalm 34 is an invitation to feast.[1]

A happy and exuberant invitation from David to us. You see, he was rescued by God in the past and now he wants us to look, to taste, to see, to enjoy, to fear, and to know this God who rescues too. 3,415 more words


Guilty Until Proven Innocent: "Serial" the Podcast

Murder | Mystery |Investigation | Crime | Podcast | Solve

A Podcast Worth Listening to

Recently, I listened to the first episode of a podcast called “Serial,” a podcast in which the narrator, Sarah Koenig, investigates the murder of Hae Min Lee to see if her ex-boyfriend Adnan Syed was responsible for this crime. 651 more words

Formule Kev - 8 Juillet 2020 - Lando Atterrit Sur Le Podium

Bonjour, bonsoir et bienvenue à Formule Kev!

Dans ce premier épisode, Kevin Laramée vous présente le Grand Prix d’Autriche sous la formule Kev, c’est à dire la course en 3 actes, le sujet de la semaine (Chronique Mode: les nouvelles couleurs et peintures des équipes pour 2020) et le survol des Québécois en Formule 1, qui représentent 10% de la grille de départ quand même. 22 more words