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Don Diablo Presents: Hexagon Radio 005

Join producer/DJ Don Diablo for his weekly journey in to the unknown. From the best new house to the whole spectrum of electronic music, Hexagon Radio is a hour long adventure full of exclusive tracks, flashback classics and a showcase for new talent. 10 more words


Free Speech Protected and Rejected --- One Man's Tweet is Another Man's Trash

OpenWordNews.com Saturday – February 28, 2015 — WE’VE MOVED: We now air OpenWordNews.com on 93.9FM from 7PM to 8PM, MONDAY-FRIDAY!

Free Speech can still be free but, considered disgusting…  Glenn Beck tries to hi-jack the libertarian party and discredit it’s most vocal proponent, Ron Paul.   65 more words


I'm a Fan of...

The snows are finally melting, the sun is wearily peaking out from behind the thick grey clouds that have choked this dreary peninsula for more than three weeks. 280 more words

The Dollars to Donuts podcast

We’ve just wrapped up Series 1 of Dollars to Donuts, the podcast where I speak with people who lead user research inside their organization. You can find all the episodes of the podcast on… 171 more words


Murray Duty #67 - Eliza 5 and Jesse from Growing

(Grubbs and I look more asian than Eliza here)
One of our favorite guests Eliza comes on for the 5th time, setting a record for any female guest. 89 more words


Time outs and deserts

Even psychologists need advice now and then. When Professor Jacqueline Keller’s friends and colleagues suggested she quit an academia job at which she was clearly miserable, she listened. 58 more words


What if You Could Remember Everything?

The consumer market for memory is enormous. Analog and digital planners to jot down upcoming commitments, push notifications from social media sites to remind you of what’s going on, entire companies trying to sell you drugs to enhance your memory, and, of course, writing something down on your hand that smudges and you’re forced to decipher it several hours later. 118 more words