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17-30 Segment 1: Consolidating 9-1-1: Where do we draw the line?


The 911 system started in 1968 and while it may have efficiently done its job in its early years, today is a different story. Many argue that the problem lies in cell phones. 432 more words

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17-30 Segment 2: Healing Children: Not Just Little Adults


Children are not small adults; their biology differs from that of adults and therefore they have different medicine to treat the same illnesses that adults suffer from. 250 more words

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F**K you Buck Mulligan - Red Pill #006

Woke yeah? What even is a Red pill? Buck tries his best not virtue signal himself to death. I say how dare someone hold a complex set of opinion based on evidence and reflection. 22 more words


#175 - Conceptual Penis Paper

Oh boy… A fake paper does not make an entire field fake. There’s no need to use fake papers to criticize any field. Any field of research has holes and tings that look ridiculous from the outside. 60 more words