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It’s a super-sized Episode 6 of The DCAU Review! Cal & Liam discuss a pair of Batman:The Animated Series episodes on opposite ends of the scale when it comes to their scorecards. 213 more words

DCAU Review

Talking Pictures: Episode 8 - The Films of Guillermo Del Toro

Late posting this to the site, but a couple weeks ago, to mark the release of director Guillermo Del Toro’s 10th film, The Shape of Water… 34 more words


Episode 54: Do you want to talk about TriangleCast? (Corey Jeffreys Part 2)

Jason interviews TriangleCast Co-Founder Corey Jeffreys, author and owner of Castles Float. Corey is blending new B-to-B (Business to Business) marketing and and sales with traditional B-to-C (Business to Consumer). 102 more words


The KU View Podcast: BONUS - FBI Special

The college basketball world received another huge shock with the release of some documents naming over 25 players and 20 different schools as part of the FBI probe into bribery and paying athletes. 83 more words


Introducing The Media & Religion Podcast

Over the past few months, the Center has been working on a new project to enact the public outreach we so often talk about. We value expanding public understandings of media, religion, and how they intersect. 188 more words


Episode 49 - The Four Dimensions of Honeydew Melons


What’s in Our Cup

Diana had a Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha, now she has water. Jocelyn has a Starbucks Vanilla Latte with extra vanilla and coconut milk. 419 more words