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The Wilds - Episode 32 - Pathfinder RPG


So, You Shoot the Baby


After last week’s discovery of the identity of the Mysterious Strange-HER, the guys do the only logical thing.  Try and kill the baby.  89 more words


Episode 1: Star Whores

In our first, of many, homage to Kevin Smith’s influence C.J. & Rico travel to a far far away galaxy and go deep cuts with our own saga on the Star Wars Saga. 10 more words


Talk Colony Podcast #37: Discuss Colony episode 3.04 'Hospitium'

Talk Colony Podcast discusses Colony episode 3.04 ‘Hospitium’. Plus, Jay is back to talk about Snyder and more Snyder.

Colony episode 3.04 again takes along the continued journey of Amy and Broussard as well as keeping us current on the Bowmans’ activities at the Resistance camp. 128 more words


Mystery 226: The Were-Doo Of Doo Manor

Mystery 226 of Scooby Dos or Scooby Don’ts introduces some new members of Scooby’s family, brings back a few others, and revolves around the possibility that Scooby is turning into his cursed relative Nasty-Doo. 107 more words

What's PodAskew?

Inspired by @thatkevinsmith, @M_Blade & @RantsRico sit around a-la Dante & Randal to discuss all things life & pop-culture… They ARE supposed to be here today!

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Five simple ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle

Looking after the environment shouldn’t feel like a chore.

What can you do to live a greener life?