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Episode 6 - Round Table with Tyler and Anton


I caught up with Tyler in Edmonton and Anton in Tampa for a round table trash talk session about recent developments on “The Jim Rome Show” sports and human etiquette”.

Anton – Twitter
Tyler – Twitter


Creative Confidential Ep. 49: Lee Rudnicki Returns!

Terrific interview from Bryan’s podcast, Creative Confidential, featuring Attorney/Writer/Director Lee Rudnicki on the birth of his latest short film, Fleur.


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We are very new to Wyoming. We moved here really overnight, We saw a small perfect house and bought it right up. We came for the schools, but are staying for a home. 337 more words


An Interview With Two Alien Abductees - Episode 58

by Alex Reiman and Jason Duncan

How do you reconcile your faith with aliens? If there are aliens, what do they want with us? We have those same questions, that’s why we asked Jaime and Bri from the podcast “That One Time I Was Abducted By Aliens” to come our  show to talk about… well… that one time they were abducted by aliens! 144 more words


Episode #24: Booked All 2018


LATE UPDATE: Sorry for the late update! Maggie and Jess were away at school and experienced a hectic couple of days.

It’s officially 2018! That means you need more books to read, right? 33 more words