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A Podcaster's Journey Part 1-Doggy Paddling About an Ocean

Kyle – I listen to a lot of podcasts, like a lot. Between a 45 minute commute to and from work each day and exercising I have a lot of time to kill. 607 more words


Episode 10 - "He's a Bitch, He's a Father..." featuring Phil Marsalona and Michael Deagler

Phil Marsalona, aka Nestled Like Spoons, joins me to talk religion, fatherhood and poop. With special guests Michael Deagler and Penny Marsalona.

Nestled Like Spoons: 7 more words

Interview with Ryan Attard!

Hello everyone! Today with us, we have Ryan Attard, the author of The Legacy Series, and The Pandora Chronicles! (Find the links by the end of this interview.) 1,498 more words


Episode 8 Part 1 - Mr. Unloved featuring Scout Tafoya

Film critic/Filmmaker Scout Tafoya joins me for part 1 of his two part episode to talk movies, movies and lots more about movies!

Check back next week for the rest of our conversation and “I don’t fux with…” 17 more words

Podcasting Is A Community

We are all searching for that one thing we’re good at. Some of us go to school get a degree, get another degree and even another degree only to graduate and not even pursue the dream we had in mind. 198 more words

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Episode 2 - Joseph, the boy. Llamas, the animals featuring Joseph Lomas

Joseph Lomas, one of the host of the new podcast “How Many Fingers Am I Holding Up?”, talk about scary paper masks, internet fame, andhow Joseph isn’t tough enough to ride roller coasters. 22 more words