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Episode 195: Rick Connor of Rassle Rock Radio


Lets get ready to rumble! We have Rick Connor on the show. Rick was a wrestler and is now the host of Rassle Rock Radio. 42 more words

# 49 Richard Keller


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There’s no need to think about Richard Keller. You just need to look him up on Google. However, he is not the dentist, doctor, accountant, or the pallbearer at someone’s funeral. 188 more words


Episode 194: Pegwarmers


We have two guests this week as Ian and Cheri Cyborg join us. They are the hosts of Pegwarmers, a toy colelcting podcast. This week we talk about our favorite toys, Blood Drive and D&D. 32 more words

Episode 193: Brandon T. Gorin


Things are funn again as Brandon T. Gorin joins us on the show. Brandon is a stand up comic and the host of Taling Chopped, a Chopped podcast. 53 more words


Check out a sample from the upcoming INTRODUCTION EPISODE to the podcast. Enjoy!
Also be sure to FOLLOW the podcast on soundcloud. – 29 more words

Episode Three! Shadow River Can't Shake this Problem

Episode three is live!  This is the first episode to come out after our initial launch and it is a good one.  Shadow River’s zombie plague is still a problem.   61 more words


Audio Editing Means Hurt Ear Drums

Thanks to the wonders of Audacity, editing the podcast is actually pretty easy.  Not a lot of editing happens, but our half hour tangents on politics, people who like cinnamon, and the use of Oxford commas are basically only amusing to those in the room.   287 more words