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Stalking via selfies.

How much of yourself are you really sharing when you share a selfie? If your location isn’t on, then not much right? Wrong. Note to Self’s… 57 more words


(3/3) Pete

“So that’s when I thought, ‘Far out I can learn how to make a podcast, I just have to record myself talking.’ I can’t even remember the starting point of Aussie English but the first couple of episodes were just me talking about Australian slang and people like Paul Hogan from Crocodile Dundee. 117 more words

TRLS Top Ten Countdown

Tonight, I hosted the very first countdown on my podcast show. Unlike the radio, I will be playing great music in no particular order based on popularity or sales. 43 more words


Executive Order 9066, 75 years later

During World War II, over 110,000 Japanese Americans and Japanese immigrants were sent to internment camps across the west. Almost two thirds of them were American citizens. 197 more words


Dear Tree...

Did you know that in Melbourne, Australia, you can email a tree? The city of Melbourne has cataloged its trees and has set up a… 229 more words


You are unique, just like everybody else

I love storytelling podcasts. Normal people telling stories from their lives that are often completely different than my own life. The Moth and StoryCorps are examples of longer standing storytelling podcasts that have allowed people to tell stories for years. 235 more words


Made in America

I have always been fascinated by the messages and stories that can be conveyed through songs. Many musicians have used their talent and considerable influence to create messages regarding politics, social justice, even regional pride. 351 more words