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Change of schedule! 💯

Hey lovelies! 💗💗💋 so it’s that time of the year again! Back to school!! 🏫🎒👋🔙

So tomorrow I leave again for my sophomore year year of college in Buffalo! 179 more words


Episode Lucky 13: Misty "Killer" Snow

Welcome! Welcome!

Lucky Episode 13 indeed!

Fun stuff going on in Utah this weekend!

Utah Beer Fest 2016 is finally here!

The Utah Renaissance Festival… 559 more words


The Ultimate Podcast Resource

Podcasting is a relatively new medium to distribute audio content. Podcasts are a lot like radio programs, but listeners can listen to them at any time. 857 more words


Dorking Out Episode 9: Fall Movie Preview and Thoughts About Fandom

Yeah, so, in this week’s episode of Dorking Out, Smith and I share our picks for the fall movie season.

Our original lists were very similar, so I mixed my list up a bit so that you wouldn’t hear about a variety of movies and wouldn’t hear a lot of “That’s on my list, too.” Although, you still hear that a few times. 112 more words

How To Create And Host A Podcast For Free

Love podcasts? Ever wanted to start one of  your own? Everyone from top content marketers to Pro Wrestlers host podcasts.  With the rise of iTunes, Soundcloud and apps like Stitcher, it’s a great time to start a podcast to promote your product or share your thoughts on a particular subject. 345 more words

Will the Podcasts You Follow Start Following You?

Podcasting has been one of the last corners of digital media that one can consume pretty much anonymously. Not only are publishers unsure about who you are, they haven’t even known when or if you’ve listened to their shows. 1,302 more words