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The world is an astounding place.

The awareness of wonder is often lost living in the modern world. i think this is one of the things that is so compelling about time spent with young children, puppies, kittens, etc. 116 more words

Beauty I Have Witnessed

WOWS Podcast to Return

After a 4 year hiatus (that’s what it was, we didn’t split up like INSERT BOY/GIRL BAND HERE) the WOWS Podcast presented by myself (Jimbo) and Fisher (not myself) will be back wasting more webspace and more of your time (should you choose to listen) very soon. 638 more words

WOWS (blog)

The All New Podcast Review

For the last two weeks, I have been working on a short review of newer podcasts for ENWorld. This basically grew out of the fact I was looking for a new RPG podcast to listen to and was overwhelmed by how many of them there were to choose from. 191 more words

Dungeons And Dragons

Guest Appearances

Every now and then we send Raymond off to play games with other Actual Play podcasts. So we thought we’d make a place for you to find all of those. 128 more words

Actual Play

Xbox One Party Chat Podcast: Episode 76

/r/XboxOne the official podcast of the Subreddit is released.

Episode 76 – Final countdown to the X



046: Friendlytown Needs an Anthem!


Before he left Friendlytown for greener pastures (Ft. Collins, specifically, because they have hella legal weed there; his words, not ours), local troubadour and performing regular Alex Linton decided he wanted to leave our community with an anthem we could call our own. 99 more words

Friendlytown Radio