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Hop Fresheners and The Alabama Beer Shakes: Perfect Pour #86


We get into what the Full Pint recommends for alternatives to Pliny The Younger (of course there’s an issue), more musician beer is coming out, Stone is changing up their pale and Tioga is changing up THEIR’S. 75 more words

Craft Beer

Are you a podcast person?

I’m pretty curious about this subject. Do you listen to podcasts?

A few months ago the Podcast “Serial” absolutely blew up and the world of podcasting had suddenly became mainstream. 465 more words

Random Thoughts

"Video" Podcast of HBO's Game of Thrones, Season 2, Episode 3, "What Is Dead May Never Die"

And….we’re back!

In our ongoing attempt to get fully caught up with Game of Thrones in advance of Season 5’s premiere, we’re coming back for a second episode this week, which you can listen to here.

Race For The Iron Throne

How Does One Change Paths? How About Running on Both?

Sometimes a person needs to be in business on two different tracks. You find that many freelancers are looking to create a work structure that is more permanent than the catch-as catch-can, dog-eat-dog world of competing for gigs and/or smiling at all the jokes that don’t work (not really) in order to impress a potential boss. 239 more words

Media Relations


Inspired from some at-home conversations, Justin, Pat, and Pete join together to attempt to create Hollywood’s Modern Day Mount Rushmore. Movie stars become legendary because of more than just box office receipts… 130 more words


Rum City Rum or: A Fine Beer of the Week


I’m very excited about the Beer of the Week, sponsored by City Beverage Company, of The Less Desirables.  I know we usually keep the spoilers to a minimum, for one, we want you to listen.   255 more words

The Less Desirables