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Episode 45: Beauty From Ashes (Part 3)

Surely, if the Savior has divine power, as the text declares to proclaim liberty to the captive, and if He can break open prison doors, and set free those convicted and condemned, He is just the one who can comfort your soul and mine, though we are mourning in Zion!

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Podcast Review: LUCYD.

So far Liam Cuthbert and Emmet O’Brien’s podcast LUCYD has been structured rather like an entertainingly long-winded joke. There is a girl, Lucy Dillon (Marie O’Donovan), who keeps waking up to find that an item from her dreams has physically materialised in the room where she was sleeping. 367 more words


Driving with DID

Before I found out that I wasn’t having seizures, I was warned about driving because (by law) I was not allowed to drive for 12 months after losing consciousness. 574 more words


Knight Writer Podcast #1 - Conceptualizing “Forget Me Not, Father”

In the very first episode of the Knight Writer Podcast, Sean D Knight talks about how he came up with the idea for his work-in-progress “Forget Me Not, Father.” Listen as he talks about how he developed the idea that would be the cornerstone for this medieval fantasy novel centered around a young warrior-in-training who must cure her father as his memories fade away over time from the curse of a Dark Wizard. 70 more words

Sean D Knight

Episode 26: Fly Robin Fly (A Conversation with JJ Gonson)


Episode 26 is a conversation with JJ Gonson. JJ is a photographer from the Boston area who has shot everyone from Youth of Today and the Descendents to Janes Addiction, Nirvana and everyone in between. 105 more words


What Makes Terry Gross So Darned Good?

No doubt you’re familiar with the NPR podcast series, Fresh Air.  Terry Gross, the host of Fresh Air, has been on the radio with the show since 1975. 692 more words


Introducing a New Form of Media: Podcasting

After listening to my first podcast ever, Serial, I was able to introduce a new form of media to my knowledge. One of the first things that I noticed was that it was extremely easy to follow and stay focused on. 1,430 more words