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Forum on Poverty 3.23.17

Thank you to all of our panelists for taking the time to share with us their knowledge and experience about this issue.  For those that were not able to attend and for those who would like to hear our conversation again, we’ve included a digital recording of the evening here as well as on our podcast (search “Canton Church of the Brethren” on iTunes or wherever you subscribe to podcasts). 23 more words


What would Eddie do in Nashville? (Podcast)

What would my friend Eddie do if he were to visit Nashville? Find out by listening to my most recent podcast!


Second Decade Podcast Episode 17: The War of 1812, Part III.

A new Second Decade episode went up at the end of the weekend! It’s hard to believe I’m already so far in, but I’m now on Episode 17, and this is the conclusion of my mini-series on the War of 1812. 295 more words
American History

Nicolas Cage, Nice Drinking Sombrero

Some of us watched The Wicker Man. We deeply regret it. This week we talked about our favorite grocery stores, summer activities, the benefits of telling people you’re poor, and why bag policies at sporting events are terrible. 8 more words


Spring View

I’m often attracted to Chinese poetry, and I’m not sure why. Perhaps it’s the deceptive simplicity to the images, that hardly seem like images at all if one expects the showy metaphors used by many western poets. 415 more words


iZombie Rewatch - S2E15-16

Two weeks to Season 3! In the meantime, we are on our second-to-last episode of our rewatch! This week, we talk about Liv’s Rose McIver disguise in He Blinded Me…With Science! 149 more words


Episode 7: The Microphones (Phil Elvrum Pt. 1)



a.k.a. It Was Pod, We Cast in the Water


Ravaged by tour strife and the rigors of funemployment, your beleaguered hosts call upon their deepest inner resources (and the magic healing powers of whisky) to steady themselves for another epic two parter—an exploration of the wild and ranging works of Phil Elvrum/Elverum. 128 more words