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What do you listen to when you’re sewing? Do you go for the smooth sounds of Magic Radio or do you rock out to your favourite power ballads? 973 more words


Jordskott: Nordic Noir Returns to its Roots

With series such as The Killing and The Bridge, Nordic noir has become a popular genre in our TV schedules. Speaking on BBC Front Row,   201 more words


Steve and Kevin Watch Anime Ep 03

American football meets Japanese anime when Steve and Kevin watch Eyeshield 21 so you don’t have to! The goon level escalates so quickly!

Our intro/outro theme is Al Bhed Ec Faent remixed by Theory of N! 8 more words


Episode 162

As you’ll hear, sometimes the music tells you exactly where to take a break on these shows. The first set is short, but it’s good and deep, and the long second set is even more so. 103 more words


What Was Civic Humanism?

One of my strategies to better engage students is through the use of video. In a short time, I can get across a great deal of information, provide visual support, and, quite frankly, keep on topic without veering of on tangents. 72 more words