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Episode 26 - An Apartment Duet


What a day we have when friendly neighbors Andrew, Erik and Josh praise Tommy Wiseau’s The Neighbors, eviscerate the Billy Wilder classic The Apartment, brainstorm remakes, and throw down with some freestyle rapping. 7 more words


145. Daddy



by Jason Tomlinson

Put a big ole daddy right in the middle

of two great kids who are fairly little

and it doesn’t matter where we go… 43 more words


The Batcave Podcast, Episode 39!

Because I know you were thinking, “Hey! Isn’t it time for another episode of The Batcave Podcast?”

Yes. Yes, it is.

Host John S. Drew continues with his ongoing review of the classic 1960s  191 more words


The Untenable Podcast, Episode 38: Of 3D Printer Bodies and 2D Minds

“Have you seen it?”

In this week’s episode, Mike and Jay talk games with Box Boy 3DS, and then debate for Jay’s gaming console soul. 104 more words

Untenable Podcast

GRIDS: Relationship to Ascension Dynamics

Lynn McCallum’s words of wisdom – a topic very related to the OSIRIS RISING Project!

Want to know more about the grids – how they relate to  ascension dynamics & affect our bodies? 

104 more words
Crystal Skulls

Pilot Season: The Justice League of America


Imagine if Friends was about Superheroes and instead of jokes they had documentary style in character interviews. If you can picture that you’ve got an idea about what this is. 66 more words


April 30, May 1 and 2, 2015 Podcast

On Thursday, April 30, at 8:00p, and Saturday, May 2, at 7:30p at Atlanta Symphony Hall, Music Director Robert Spano leads a concert that opens with the world premiere of… 94 more words