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Thespian Talk #227 (Internet Karma)

Among the things we discuss is a game of golf that went wrong for one poor dude, a cop that has karma bite his ass hard, and we see how many Caddyshack jokes Rosen can fit into an episode! 192 more words


AIOWiki Podcast #24

No nonsense this time on the AIOWiki Podcast as Lee and Arista fully unpack the episode “Further from the Truth.” Coming from an objective standpoint, the two reviewers discuss whether the episode was a worthy successor to “A Sacrificial Escape.” Emily’s emotions and maturity, Whit’s inside knowledge, Morrie’s portrayal, and Suzu’s possible guilt all factor in to the discussion in this review.


Episode 153 - MOON WALK: Frenchie is Bad Ass

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It’s time for something a little different!

You can either whip out your issue which is the focus of this episode, or you can be lulled by the audio book which unfolds before your very ears! 396 more words


I Made Another Thing!

I listen to podcasts. They’ve been keeping me informed and entertained during these long weeks and some of them stream their recordings live. While most of what is said live goes into the final show, the pre and post show can also be quite entertaining. 293 more words

Things I've Made