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B.A.M. Radio

By: Clyde Tatum

On Thursday,  February 16th, B.A.M. Radio we covered a group called “The Year of the Ox”. This group consist of two Asian rappers (LYRICKS and JL) from New York with the lyrics and the beats to be considered one of the best new rappers. 117 more words

In Repair

My first attempt at a post explaining my absence came off as embarrassingly whiny. My second attempt was curt. Third time’s the charm?

So, things have not been going As Planned. 604 more words

Podcast Episode 12

U.S. Soccer, Bring Back The Denim


In The Hopper: Podcasts

This is a hopper:

It’s basically a funnel type thing where you add stuff to other stuff. It’s also my term for putting stuff into my writing brain. 634 more words

In The Hopper

Podcasts for Writers (and Other Creative Types)

I decided to throw together a short list of podcasts I think are worth listening to for all you writers and creatives out there. It’s another wonderful way to discover information and see what others are doing. 491 more words