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In which I speculate over whether a thing is speculation fodder.

No, no, seriously, my post is not so meta. I just see a little shiny thing that I must bat. And I’m not batting it entirely in a consistent direction. 2,397 more words

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So Many Unanswered Questions: They Make Me Ask and Ask

It’s that time of year when the good people at HBO are getting ready to start filming a new season of Game of Thrones, and those of us who are weirdly obsessed with the noble families of Westeros get plenty of speculation fodder. 4,730 more words

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ASoIaF vs. GoT, Thirteenth: Lady Stoneheart and the Kingslayer Parallel

Let’s just assume this one will be my last book/show comparison post at least until Season 6. I’m also hoping for this one to be my last substantial Game of Thrones-related post until either Season 6 or The Winds of Winter, whichever arrives first.* This won’t really be a compare & contrast so much as a big contrast. 5,217 more words

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Return of I Enjoy This Too Much: "Is that Estermont?"

Okay, you guys, I lied. Seems I haven’t quite gotten the bug out of my system. I recently started following a certain Facebook page which will remain nameless, and they said something about Cersei’s reference (S4:E4) to “that great cow” and now I just have to do something with that dialogue. 474 more words

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Season 5 Finale: How Many People Died?

No, seriously: how many people died in the finale? How many people are staying dead?

I made a list of possible deaths before the season began, when I heard GRRMartin talking about how Benioff and Weiss are even bloodier than he is. 1,033 more words

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ASoIaF & GoT, Sixth: "Do you think she's safe with Littlefinger?"

As much as I’ve been writing about the GoT crew like the Lannisters are my own family, I must now confess to you all that my true favorite is Brienne. 2,383 more words

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