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Game of Thrones: Brienne's perfect sense of timing

Game of Thrones Season 6 – Episode The Red Woman

Sansa and Theon flee through the nearby forests. Upon being cornered by a squad of Bolton soldiers, they are rescued by Brienne and Podrick, who attack and kill the soldiers. 10 more words
Game Of Thrones

I'd much rather talk about Team Sansa, though.

Okay! Since I’m still awake, let’s see how much more I can say about Season 6 before I fall over!

There were some cliffhangers last season, yes? 337 more words

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Have I embarrassed myself? Will I die on this hill?

In case anyone’s seen the latest interview with Daniel Portman aka Podrick Payne, and wondering how I feel about his answers: I’ve seen it. I have ideas. 187 more words

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Game of Anticipation: Winterfell!

I’m gonna put this pic of Sam and Gilly here because I can’t fit it anywhere else.

Sam looks like he’s about to blow chunks. Gilly looks unamused. 1,588 more words

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The lion, the wolf, and the dragon, or: how I spent my Saturday morning.

In response to the new teaser vids we got last Friday afternoon, just as the world was about to end out here in the mid-Atlantic region, I wrote up a new piece for Fansided! 822 more words

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I am so willing to die on this hill.

This morning on the Metro, I was running some further analysis on Brienne & Podrick, as I am given to do, and this time the question was: plot significance. 331 more words

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Game of Cliffhangers: Now We Answer Some Questions

I have a new book! It’s so shiny and pretty, and it’s a genuine, official, HBO-sanctioned product!

“Game of Thrones: The Noble Houses of Westeros, Seasons 1-5” by Running Press… 820 more words

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