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Buddies of Westeros: Bronn and Podrick

As I sometimes do, I have a new Game of Thrones post on the Watchers on the Wall site. Happy Westeros Wednesday!

I’d realized that among all of the lords, ladies, wildlings, wizards, and wights that I’d written about, I’d never gotten around to writing anything about that stalwart squire Podrick Payne. 210 more words


Daniel Portman a.k.a. Podrick Payne weighs in on that 'Game of Thrones' reunion

One thing we forget is how when Pod and Tyrion don’t see each other for a while, that also means Daniel Portman and Peter Dinklage also don’t see each other on set. 408 more words


Reconnecting parties

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Official Synopsis: Bronn arrives with Brienne and Podrick to escort Daenerys’ assembly to the meeting site, the abandoned Targaryen dragonpit. Pod, Tyrion and Bronn use the walk to reconnect. 256 more words

Season 7

Well deserved recognition

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Official Synopsis: The three surviving Stark children pass through the Winterfell courtyard. Looking on, Podrick tells Brienne she should be proud: She kept her vow. 260 more words

Season 7

Sansa Dismisses Littlefinger

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Official Synopsis – Brienne of Tarth trains Podrick Payne in the Winterfell courtyard as the wildlings prepare to depart for Eastwatch-by-the-Sea. 535 more words

Season 7