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A Simple Answer

What practice generates positive emotions
and helps you to feel alert, energetic,
enthused and attentive?
What leads you to want to exercise more,
what helps you to sleep better, 115 more words



Composed 5/4/16
Description: For the next several days, I’ll be doing WordPress’ blogging course Writing 101: A Poem a Day. Today’s theme is water and the (suggested) form is haiku. 30 more words


More Garden Talk

Just to continue the conversation from yesterday…
Strawberry and
joined the crew.
They looked pretty as flowers do
and grateful even… 90 more words


Packed into my chest

I found an even better resource for regular inspiration-via-verse than the Poetry app: the poem-a-day email newsletter. Today’s edition delivered this timely piece, given my travels last week to see Mom safely through her heart surgery: 82 more words


Born Again Hyacinth

Old Lady Hyacinth is past her prime
but she is wise and didn’t mind
Little Miss Sweet Baby Alyssum stepping in
and putting on airs with all her outrageous friends: 129 more words


If You Can't Sleep

A few things I’m learning about the gratitude practice:

It improves your relationships
It boosts your immune system
It lengthens your life
It increases your optimism… 17 more words


PAD 30: Dead End

Today is the last day of the poem a day challenge for April 2016. What a month it’s been! The prompt today is to write a dead end poem. 98 more words