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What Would Happen?

I start to wonder
why I’m so tired all of the time
so I take a step back
and look into my life.
Working so hard, 82 more words


Sunday Poem ~

Sunsets, on the top three favorite things list :)


E. E. Cummings
Great carnal mountains crouching in the cloud 120 more words

The Deeper Truth

Longing for understanding…
this tenderness in my heart
turns heavy and grieves,
wanting connection,
seeking loving reflection,
the tears fall on the inside.
And yet… 163 more words


A Deeper Joy

There is no enlightenment switch.
We weren’t meant to be happy all of the time.
There is nothing wrong with you–
you are not broken, 83 more words


Trying to Get Home

I take a deep breath
I’ve been holding it again
I can feel the tightness in my belly again.
Thoughts racing too fast
the way I was driving too fast… 60 more words


Check Your Vision

Acknowledging what is working
instead of fixating on what is broken,
Seeing and appreciating what is there
instead of feeding the desire for more,
There is great magic in simplicity, 38 more words


Let Your Heart Break Open

Let your heart break open
Let the sadness and the joy wash through you
don’t hold back,
be who you really are.
Whatever blocks your sadness… 18 more words