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Retreat Reflections

I leave home to come back appreciative
for everything that I have in my life,
I seek stillness and quiet on my own
to more deeply enjoy the movement… 41 more words


Lacquer Prints [By Messenger]

One night
When there was a clear moon,
I sat down
To write a poem
About maple trees.
But the dazzle of moonlight
In the ink… 28 more words

Words Written

Happy, Complete, Rested, Refreshed, and Ready

Just who do you think you are,
taking time for yourself,
doing things you love?
Well, if I don’t make time for this,
no one will hand this time to me. 183 more words


Learning Every Day

To set down the burden
of needing to know
of needing to prove what I know
of needing the approval of others
and to stand… 78 more words


Happy Student of Life

Flip-flops on my feet in February
Sun shines and warms my heart
Learning a new skill
Wholeness within myself
Excited about what I can
make, think and do. 65 more words


Relax, Create, Savor...Repeat.

I realized I had been waiting for more time
more confidence
a better mood
a more restful night of sleep
more quiet…
and nothing was getting done. 180 more words


Innocent Creativity

Creativity without a goal–
without pressure
without judgment
without hesitation
without expectation…
the freedom of this.
To be a child again
able to easily tap into… 49 more words