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Porch Sunrise

The sky is still dark,

A cool breeze blows in.

Turning it colors,

Black to blue, orange and red.

Birds call across the forest,

Crickets sing their last songs, 33 more words


Full Brain Function

This morning I read
80% of people don’t breathe deeply enough
to enable full functioning of their brains.
And I thought to myself,
I want my brain to function fully. 87 more words


Learning // A Month of Poetry // Day 4

I am learning
to follow
like a child
still learning
to lace fingers,
folding them like leaves
around a vine
I am learning
to listen,
still learning


Pleading for Fall

The sunset has shifted,

There a little crisp in the air.

Could it be? No, not yet.

Fall isn’t still quite here.

I’m so tired of sweating, … 47 more words


Unknowing // A Month of Poetry // Day 3

This constant unknowing
weighs like wet towels on a line, the layer
of skin scraped from milk’s surface.

Certainty is a
I do not… 31 more words


Trust the Darkness

For so long the darkness
was suppressed;
it was shameful, ugly,
a sign that something was wrong,
a sign that I had failed.
And I kept pushing the darkness down. 288 more words



“Rest, rest, rest!” They say,

So you can work and hopefully play,

But nothing works, I’m always dragging,

The pain, fatigue, disappointment nagging.

They love me so, regardless of my state, 49 more words