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Saboteur or Muse?

Just create.
Just do it.
Make something.
It doesn’t have to be perfect.
It doesn’t even have to be any good.
It’s the act of creating that matters, 144 more words


The Wisdom of Change

Surrender and know true strength
Let go and know freedom
Holding on causes suffering–
because truly,
what can be called permanent in this life?
Everything is changing, 79 more words


Do Not Overlook the Small Things

I beg you
do not overlook the small things
do not take them for granted
rather ask yourself constantly
What would I really miss
if all of this were suddenly gone? 111 more words


When the Bottom Drops Out

When the bottom drops out
you will fall
you might sprout wings
and fly yourself somewhere
then again, you might not
you might go splat… 71 more words


No Turning Back

Giving isn’t pouring something precious
out of a bag that will soon be empty–
it is opening the door of your infinite heart space
and stepping into a wide open vista… 95 more words


I Will Create

If I don’t create
I’ll go crazy
I will create
while I still have breath
left in me.



all the way
all the time
whispers left unsaid
in the wind of dreams
and a clock
tick tick ticks
awaiting recognition
allowing for time
to be detrimental