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One Day in Heaven

Azure sky
blue-green water
soft white sand
gentle surf
sunshine warming
to the point of wanting the shade
of trees growing right on the beach… 92 more words


Day 1679

…Let us then

Dance in the streets

Let us sing

And realize in harmony

That freedom is no word

It is a summer breeze passing through your toes… 124 more words


As I Am

I am thankful for grace
for your love that never fades
my mind can’t comprehend
why you take me back.
The pain you must feel… 49 more words


Poem a Day: My Poem of the Day

Now I sit to write,
My poem of the day,
Writing it at night,
So the lantern makes it pay.

My pen scratches against the page, 51 more words


This Universe

I awoke at 5:30,
sat in quiet.
As I rose from my seat
I noticed the sun was rising too.
I got to wondering…
Does the sun meditate… 126 more words


Day 1678

…They come for thought first

And when there are no more questions

When small minds are no longer confused

Then the screaming

Can truly begin… 21 more words


{Poetry} Day Twenty: This Month

Chilling winds,
a glaze of ice,
freezing rains.
(I think I’d rather
stay inside.)