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Pretend Memories

There’s snow outside, the children say

Eternal spell of pretend play

Sweet memories of yesterday

Swept into the frenzied fray

Amidst bland sights held oversway… 43 more words


Form and Emptiness

The world of form is always changing…
holding on to anything
becomes holding on to nothing,
because nothing can be held for long–
it all must change. 87 more words


Life Song

Have you penned

Your life’s song?

How sweet is the sound?

Close and measured

Distant sweeping

Vast, melodic


Have you found

Your life’s rhyme… 48 more words


Fearlessness: The Ultimate Freedom

Holding on to anything
plants seeds of fear
deep in our consciousness
because on a deep level
we know that everything
we now see
will one day be gone. 174 more words


Poem A Day #9 - August 26

What do you want me to sing?

Will it dry your crying eyes?

Would word or song or prayer

Bring you

To a place of peace… 57 more words


Finding Coherence

We don’t need to be saved.
We don’t need a huge hand
descending from the sky
and plucking us from
our current predicament.
We don’t need a babysitter, 122 more words


Poem A Day #8 - August 25

If there was one thing

I could do

To change my mind or yours

Would I let it be

Would I let it go

Or would I step… 24 more words

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