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I’m sorry,
please forgive me,
thank you,
I love you.
These phrases sound so lovely
when repeated sincerely in your mind.
Now can you repeat them… 11 more words

Poem A Day

Spring to Summer

Behold this new growth
Green leaves bursting forth each day –
Spring turns to summer.

Contemplative Photography

Soon to vanish...

Petals in the wind
Quiver with each gentle gust –
Soon they will vanish.

Contemplative Photography


Leaving on a journey of initiation.
I took a purifying bath
of lavender and epsom salts,
lit four candles,
called on four archangels
and prayed for guidance. 98 more words



Sweeping up the extra shards
of heart splinters
and gathering them up
sanding off the sharp edges.

With a bit of crazy glue,
and careful arrangement, 19 more words


When Will I Feel Whole?

And so the dark night passed,
and I awoke with new hope…
and then this morning at breakfast
my daughter was unkind.
Eight years old and… 124 more words


Depression Sucks

I thought it would get better by morning.
It didn’t.
If anything it was worse.
After getting the kids on the bus,
I got back in bed, 73 more words