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Yes I Can

I came to realize that so much of my life energy
was being poured into thinly disguised attempts to be seen,
heard, held, cherished, loved… 65 more words


Essence #17

cat striped, sunlight streaming
a blissful sight, dreaming


Day 17’s Essence for Jane Dougherty’s Challenge. A bit late to the party but it took the late afternoon sun to capture the magic. Meet my fluffy grey, Sebastian. ❤️


No More Waiting

I was waiting for an apology from him,
an expression of guilt and remorse;
it hasn’t come yet,
and it probably never will.
I was waiting for him to do the right thing, 107 more words


Red Light, Green Light

Three more lights to go.
The baby isn’t sleeping.
Simply screaming out,

the energy of a hurricane.

The toddler nods off.
The one I don’t want to find sleep… 81 more words


Essence #16

crystalline, cool stillness
blue serene, sweet greenness


Day 16 for Jane Dougherty’s daily Essence poem challenge. After yesterday’s bluster, today is a beautiful day. 16 more words


Yearning for Spring

Falling snow swirling
Settling on the window ledge –
Yearning so for spring!

Contemplative Photography

Golden Saving Grace

At the end of the day
and I am spent,
still wondering
what life could be like
if there were more hours in the day. 40 more words