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Move On

So you’ve made a mistake…
don’t beat yourself up about it!
There is a way of learning
from your own choices
and moving forward with your… 45 more words


Poem for 11/17

I told you I would forget so easily. i’m remembering now!

Morning Joy

Claude McKay
At night the wide and level stretch of wold,

Which at high noon had basked in quiet gold, 120 more words


This Unpredictable Moment

Dropping specific hopes
for a specific world
I see how curious I can become,
how open,
madly in love with this
unpredictable moment.


Somewhere Between

Somewhere between
your ideal vision
of life as it should be
and the actual experience
of life as it is now,
there is this very fertile place… 58 more words


poem a day: 23/11

i am made up of so many words.

my body:


spoken by others

midnight musings over my beauty

by boys with whiskey tongues

curl down my back and… 128 more words


An Open, Healing Way

Very often
what we judge in another
is something that we refuse
to see and to own within ourselves.
If you want to be
a courageous spiritual warrior… 60 more words


Know Space

In every moment
where things start to feel stuck
heavy, uncomfortable,
where your own discomfort
threatens to take you back
into that same old pattern of reactivity, 80 more words