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Life and Death at the Beach

Life and Death at the Beach

With babies, every day is an education. This little story was acted out when we went to Tenacatita beach for the day. 239 more words


I have always found the below poem comforting and so, after quoting a line of it to Marilyn Armstrong just now, decided to share it with you all, as well. 130 more words



What lost sensations do our nightly slumbers bring?
Do colors fade out when we dream? Are scents a former thing?
Does flavor tremble on our tongues in that dreaming land? 185 more words

Carrying On

Carrying On

Were they carrying? That’s the buzz.
Was she carrying? Likely was.
In nine months we’ll know for sure,
but we’ll never know if the brothers were. 116 more words

DVerse Poets: Spill

This one word prompt was “Spill” and called for just 44 words to be used. If you are a word-counter, oh ye of little faith, you will find there are just 43 words in the body of the poem because, after reducing the first draft from 96 words, I didn’t realize until after I’d posted that the 44 wasn’t supposed to include the title.   128 more words

Ashes and Dust and : NaPoWriMo 2016, Day 25 and "Whisper," WordPress Daily Prompt

“After all our years have settled like dust . . .”
                                           ––okc forgottenman

Ashes and Dust

When that cruel wind
blows against memories
that have settled like dust… 205 more words