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the moon strikes
and beaded with fallen stars,
clambering through the dusk.

he fills his cheeks with the bright lights.
they shine magenta:
two sunsets plastered on thin skin. 54 more words


Immortals (April 30 Day challenge Day 3)

Indifferent to our ails,
You sit on thrones
Built on our bones
And call yourselves

Apathetic to our struggles,
Silent to our prayers.
Crying on our knees… 108 more words


Agency, Structure and One Asunder

Professor: Align Left                Student: Align Center                Gadfly: Align Right

  1. A graduate student gently raps,

  2. On the professor’s ajar door.

  3. She peeks inside and smiles wide,

  4. 1,002 more words
Comparative Comparativist

Politics and Snowflakes

We expect too much from government
Too much from politicians–
those we elect to lead us
Those to whom we entrust the public interest

Elected officials should be accountable… 161 more words

Poem About Politics