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Choose you

A river of tears consumed her grieving face

Wherever she stood she felt out of place

Her boyfriend left her she felt a disgrace

Packing her bags no time to waste… 131 more words


Late summer storm

Insistent sun

bleaching hope

into fossils and fables,

our balled-up thunder

rolls over tender valleys

and we stop trying

to see the ideal

in someone else; 35 more words

Almost Developed Thoughts


I have
a troubled mind.
No cure
I can find.
Medication and talking,
I should start walking.
I have
tried them all
and nothing… 32 more words


A Thing They Call a House

I came back to this box

where we I almost said live.

That’s what they are, of course,

just boxes, really, but

sometimes what gives? 248 more words



“Each scar tells a story, and each story leaves a scar”


Brexit - stepping into the unknown.

Trying to persuade 32 million people (the British electorate) into leaving Europe was easy. It was also easy to project one liners about immigration, extra cash back et al. 1,189 more words

I Am The Mountainy Singer - Poem By Joseph Campbell

From the well regarded Irish poet, sadly deceased, who was an active Irish Republican.

I Am The Mountainy Singer

I am the mountainy singer-
The voice of the peasant’s dream, 148 more words