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4 Ways to Brainstorm 100 Blog Post Ideas in less than 1 Hour (1 min read)

1. Take notice of blog comments.

If you have an active blog that gets even a few comments, don’t just leave them to go by unnoticed — draw every little bit of ammunition you can from them by taking every single comment and turning it into a question or topic to write about on your blog.  326 more words


Anonymous Me

Don’t get to know me.

Let’s just smile across the room.

It’s safer this way.

(Photo by Michael Khozyaikin of freeimages.com)



One raindrop

caught on a leaf

poised at the edge

not daring to fall

not wanting to stay.

One teardrop

rolling down the face

witness to silence… 58 more words

Disappeared Spider

Silhouette moved down
curtain. I hear tapping
now of feet close by.
I see you there,
you scare me.
It’s comforting.


Open Doors

Open doors
I have never been here before
I hit the floor which leaves me sore
And, then the rain pours
I absorb the appending tidal bore… 85 more words


Late night drives

We went on a drive tonight.
I did most of the talking.

Gosh I would not shut up.

To a normal person I just seem to be talkative. 233 more words


Big Calm

Seldom did the big calm
appear in our city

Among museums
of world war history
was the peculiar presence
of peace

A machine rendered free… 90 more words