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Let’s look together, in the tight, dark corners.
Look in the tough, raw twilight–
Once, I thought I found a bed, under a dome of stars. 135 more words

Dive into her soul and you will know,

How on Earth wildflowers grow…

Inside the garb, the world’s echo,

Outside just a smile to show…

26 more words

Work For Me

Don’t “call it in”.
Lunar wind,
lunar wind.
Do it yourself, babe,
make everything yourself, babe,
the way you want it made.

A Maypole in Winter (a limerick)

Let’s dance ’round the Maypole in winter
Let’s follow The Lord of the Dance
Let’s keep our chins up
With a full-brimming cup
And not take our eyes off His glance!

Florry Rich ©2017


Haiku of the day

Sleek fur glistens in

The sparkling winter stream

Sinuous Otter


her heart remembers (Poem)

The market was crowded
people from far and near
some are old
some young in years

She stood next to the flowers
thinking about desire… 49 more words

Steven S. Walsky

Abandoned Nests

I have seen enough abandoned Nests

To believe in

Evanescence of life

Blearing swiftness of time

Chameleonic love

Of the creatures

Milled with the mud… 11 more words