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Running against daily life

Life is an ordinary circle,

Live one day,

Die the next,

That circle falls smaller,

By the day,

And its value decreases by night,

What makes it liveable?


Free Verse Poem



I wish I could have told you not to worry. That it wasn’t necessary. To trust in the moon and count the stars until you fall asleep, because on the other side there is safety and warmth. 55 more words


Human (nature)

The quiet of the storm has passed. Rushing gales twist into tumultuous waves, whispering beautiful lies
The trees that danced in evening breeze now hail the violent night as they beseech, whispering beautiful lies. 327 more words



I’ve been fighting a war for ages
and I’m so damned tired.

For once, all I want is a little peace.

© Sarah Doughty

Sarah Doughty

In your eyes

The definition of love is so wide,

But I’m so thankful,

That I could see 

All of it

In your eyes.



she is light
which comes through a window
on winter morning
far off from where the sun, perhaps