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The Milkmaid

Centuries have past
Lives have changed
But the strokes you made
Still strike a chord
Unknowing we stare
Try to understand
What she is thinking… 35 more words


Poetry In Motion Chair "Amy"

Alright Peeps,

There’s still a lot of blank space on poor Amy, our collaborative poArtry chair, here. Let’s see if we can fill her up with words, artwork, whatever so we can start a new project and send her out into the world, wherever that may be. 207 more words



Danger follows me, the nemesis, but it’s offense can’t beat my defense, streak untouched.

Jixi Fox


“Rival Many, Praise Few”

Follow: www.jixifox.me¬†| www.jixifox.com… 15 more words


Call me "Me"

Call me Romeo
And let me climb up
Just to see ur face once
For my day will be incomplete
If I dont kiss you night away… 85 more words


Connecticut teacher resigns over Ginsberg poem - CNN.com

Connecticut teacher resigns over Ginsberg poem – CNN.com.

How can we teach our children to think when we do not give them all the knowledge ,tools and choices ?How can they grow into loving, caring creatures when they see us censoring their teachers.Declaring a mans love for a man dirty but a man killing a man righteous if done in their leaders name?All ¬†LOVE is divine.I have given birth to 3 sons and 2 daughters.I want them to live in a world where everyone is cherished ,nobody excluded and left alone in despair.Where mothers see their sons grow and live long and happy lives,where their daughters are free and strong,where the words war,enemy,other,mine,yours,borders,ugly……..are long forgotten. 10 more words

Looking For Marbels

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I belong to no one

I turn my back every time I become their liking
Unlike blood, oil refuses the water
I dare to be touched but never to belong or exist for someone else… 132 more words

Spilled Ink