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Afternoon Tea

2 light-hearted acrostic poems on the theme of Afternoon Tea for Weekend Writing Prompt #40

A Holiday Indulgence

All my

Favourite cakes, alongside a pot of… 99 more words

Creative Writing

I'm Sorry that I Loved You

We didn’t know how sick we were, living on foundations of rotting wood

Lost children growing into the skin of adults

We kept up appearances with smiles fooling no one… 99 more words


Jagged Thought #242: I Need To


I need to
Change my negative

Like a remote control
On a television

Like a pair of pants
Or a flat tire.

One foot in front of the other… 18 more words


-: Behind a smile :-

A new day, a new smile,
But lemme think for a while,
Is it just a smile,
That has put you through this isle?

No, it’s your inner strength, 87 more words

Creative Writing

09.18.18 [TINDER]

ang sarap balikan ng mga una nating usapan
kung paano tayo nagsimula hanggang sa ngayong kasalukuyan
noong una’y tila nahihiya pa at nagkakailangan
di nagtagal ay parang dekada na kung magmurahan… 190 more words



Clueless I stood

The crumbles of a broken world around me

A rotten dream, it’s smelly trails

Countless valleys of sweat down my cheek.

The tears I shed, the friendships I blowed… 51 more words