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Creativity manifesting

Consciously I sit and dream

Realms of fantasy and reality

Existentially seeking roots in me

Abundantly sowing seeds

Taking time to eek out the weeds… 79 more words


True Love

I walk upon the beach, wearing nothing on my feet.

While the breeze blows thru, and the sunset begins.  

My longing for your love, is strong once again. 74 more words

Poetry And Quotes

"Indomitable Riddle" by Kelly Miller [A Question Framed]

The following is a poem called “Indomitable Riddle” from my book, “The Riddle And The Dedication”:

I am what you’ve never heard of
I have many invisible powers… 150 more words

Naked Light

in naked light
a dressed soul
tries to unravel
what is hidden
behind the words
burning her body



...by a thread

Life ring
Towed behind a battleship
Someone inside
They trail behind

Thought bubbles without thoughts
Brain resolves to stay in bed
Thinking hurts

Speech balloons… 100 more words


Haunting me

I think I ate too many bubbles at bathtime.

I’ve dreamed my way into a haunted spacecraft.

I astrally projected, like nana use to do. 74 more words