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humor me + my favorite game to play.

it always seems like you can’t talk

when i text you

after a few lines

i’m awaiting the

‘sorry i have to go. talk later’ 86 more words

thoughts on a blank sheet


thoughts on a blank sheet  (  teehs knalb a no sthguoht  )

ink is a weapon, a pen is a gun

life is a lottery under the sun

salad's a ballad & rhyme is the glue

tangles in brambles & shite on y' shoe

prose is a coma & noses are red

roses are roses & river are beds

death is the greenest of peas in a pod

breath is the bringer - a wink & a nod

lizards in palaces, judges in wigs

sport is for goldfish & war is for pigs

dawn is a chorus & spring is the beat

vegetables further & murder is meat




can you drown
on dry land
plummet to the earth
from underground

soar with your feet
remaining grounded
run while paralyzed
with inner turmoil

anxiety tells me… 44 more words


Finding Love... In a different place

Moving was one of the biggest decision I ever made.
Was I excited… Mixed feelings,
Did I sometimes regret it…. I doubt it,
Did blame I myself for moving… oh yes i did (but not for too long). 382 more words

Words UnCut

Editor's Pick Week #3

Do not go Gentle into that good night

~Dylan Thomas.

Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day; … 150 more words