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Flowing Rivers

River flowing far and wide
Taking everyday in stride
But many secrets it likes to hide
While keeping everything locked inside

River flowing far and long… 66 more words


Tell me lies 

Tell me

One day it won’t

Be like this forever

And that I’ll finally be free

From pain


The Bird and the Cloud and the Too-Small Girl

The bird who turned white from trying to love a cloud

so hard she almost misted him into dust

How one day the bird flew to the cloud and said, 34 more words

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Pangaea Poetry Slam & Workshops

On Monday, the Pangaea Poetry Slam begins. It’s an online poetry slam held across the globe via the wonder of the internet and it is going to be… 665 more words


Who are you?

I see fog

I see haze

My eyes

Gather no waves

I’m me

Then I’m Not.

I can see

Then it’s blocked.

Consciousness lifted

Then restored… 39 more words


Folie à deux

you claim to hold
in me
a reverence
even as you
waylay my foot path
with trifling expectation

what more is there
to feed you, that… 67 more words

Emerys Watchel

The Wrecked

Those who truly care
are locked out of sight.
The rest are emotionless, bare-
Only faking polite.

Their manners have diminished,
their compassion is frayed. 40 more words