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long ago

through all the words

thrown against the wind,

i would leave my crackling firehole

and fade into the woods.

here upon spotted rock, i sit and am alone. 54 more words

Trickle Down

From my thoughts
These words, I write
Trying to, selfishly, find insight

I haven’t a rhythm
To my endless rhymes
Many I don’t post; at any, time… 154 more words

caterpillars become butterflies (9/72)

(working as part of a ‘Japanese 72 season mirco-climate’ artist collaborative initiative within Treesisters)

Japanese season called ‘Kelchitsu’/Insects awaken 6th March until 20th March . 572 more words

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Tied with a short string,
High in the sky,
He’s lifted up to perform,
Upper body strength,
Stylish swinging,
Strong dismount,
For a competitor,
He’s doing well.


Know Me, Notice Me

I’m a glass, little smudged with people’s touch
you’d think you can see through, but there are layers
so many that you wouldn’t be able to see what’s inside… 143 more words


Vengence will be hers ...

The leaves preened in the morning light,

“It is us who put the food on the table, without us you would shrivel and die”

The branches looked down on them in disdain, … 175 more words


False Judgement - a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Identity – Word of the Day

Photo: pixabay.com

False Judgement

There she sits
her beautiful eyes betrayed by
the frowning accusations of others
her headscarf a crime… 48 more words