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Blackout #6 (Devdas)

I spend idle hours

in empty places

i’m lost

in a long night

of whiskey

❤️ Yusra Gulab Jamman

*Devdas = the name of a famous fictional character in Bollywood, whose descent into alcoholism was sparked by the loss of his childhood sweetheart.

Creative Writing

Watching the sunset tonight
I realized
so many other people
were doing the same thing.
Stopped, standing
on our little planet
in this city of 8 million people… 9 more words


31 in 31/Collab Section

Day 6  snippet of my 31 in 31 is now up and also the title of my day 5 is there but no snippet as I am editing that one and my Day 2 poem as well. 93 more words



see me, timid and meek
loudly shy with wide eyes
downturned on fidgeting hands
I don’t exist

rejection is imminant… 70 more words


Life's Cold Cubicle Must Melt By Noon On Friday

As silent snowflakes drifted down from blunted tips of skyscrapers, all was quiet inside 860 Broadway.

The brick-lined building contained a handful of heads bent toward glowing screens, crooked necks testament to their owners’ devotion in this collective ennui as muted minds drifted away to the grey sky. 179 more words

work week wind-down thoughts

I prefer to take

Scenic routes when possible.

Life philosophy.



Prick me with a pin

A balloon being let down

I feel deflated