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When anger turns into sadness

There he stood by the sea shore, seeing the setting sun.

He forgot that the moon rises as the sun sets;

He wept for the sunlight went away. 189 more words

Lifes Struggles

heat - dverse

Within heat’s sultry dress
Shade and rustling leaves sigh
Life is moving on


Life and Beer

Pass the dark amber ale. I will have a sip as well. It like myself has a purpose. Through the brown lens a bitter sweet nectar connecting us with the very fiber of our being. 102 more words


The light

Die for me sweet dying light. Folding forever into the night. Sing for me forgotten song. Disappearing words, how I long. Cry for me, inner self. 18 more words


Prayer Of A Soldier In France

1 My shoulders ache beneath my pack
2 (Lie easier, Cross, upon His back).

3 I march with feet that burn and smart
4 (Tread, Holy Feet, upon my heart). 90 more words

Stained Glass

I was broken once,

pieces of me falling to the floor,

and shattering like glass.

But then you found me.

You collected up my pieces, 79 more words



An infinite number of ways to die but only one way to live. Carpe Diem.