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Life sucks!

This is a poem I wrote when I was having a really bad day… sometimes writing it down can be a huge help.

Life sucks… 88 more words


اِک گلاب سے نفرت

اِک گلاب سے نفرت کیسے؟
پر اگر اُس گلاب کی خار۔۔۔

اِک دِل سے ڈَر کیسے؟
پر اگر میرے دِل کی زخم۔۔۔

اِک ہیر کو انکار کیسے؟


The Gift

You gave me a gift
It came as a seed
planted by your eyes
when we first met
and you looked
full of love at me… 36 more words


#45) Nameless Salvation

I am the sickness you feel in your heart;
the melodic sorrow which sings in the dark


To paint just my soul, you’d have to… 143 more words

contrast saturated images of me seconds apart
i am not constant
how could i be
fluid humans
flowing bubbling
gurgling spilling
good morning
i’m hell in a hand basket… 43 more words

#44) The Spot

You are the spot I can’t wash away;
the vigilant stain which streaks my day

With colors of warmth to vanquish the
gray, that seeps from the shadows, and clouds up my way…
133 more words

no more like this

where your breath is my bread
where my back is your
riverbed constant
my fingers your ribcage
my teeth your lucky
and i am immured in silent debt… 57 more words