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Indecisive slumber.

As confusing as it is, I keep on walking.
As painful as it is, I keep on hoping.
To the bright sky, I sing
I long for sweeter days… 48 more words

Haiku #20

I want you to know
I See you in no other
version, purely you


सत्रुले सिमा त्यो सक्कनै लाग्यो बारम्बार स्वर्ग बनाउनु छ बचेको जे जति शेषलाई

मुक्तक *****

१ *****

अाजभाेली सुनसान भेटेकोछु समाजमा

त्यसैलेत केहि कुरा लेखेकोछु समाजमा

यहाँ सम्पूर्ण ईस्ट मित्र लाई संम्झना गर्दै

बिकृती र बिसंङ्गती छेकेकोछु समाजमा

मुक्तक ******२******

युवा हरु जुटे मात्र हाम्रो देश बन्नेछ

बल्ल मात्र गाउँ समाजले वा भन्नेछ

पारस्परिक सम्बंध सुमधुर बनाउदा

तब मात्र नेपाल लाई राम्रो मा गन्नेछ


भुकम्प ले तहसनहस बनाएकाे देशलाई

युवा मिली जगेर्ना गराै भाशा र भेषलाई

सत्रुले सिमा त्यो सक्कनै लाग्यो बारम्बार स्वर्ग

बनाउनु छ बचेको जे जति शेषलाई

तारस घिमिरे `चिन्तन´ बेलवास ७ ,प्युठान अहिले :रुकुम



Written by Jacob Ibrag

No you won’t get everything you want, that isn’t our purpose.

Every now and again, the Achilles tendon will fail and lend a necessary… 67 more words



angel: I know

my son’s
is lower
than pork, that suicide

means god
has a say
in how
we’re prepared…

also, that above
the lake… 13 more words

Pieces of the Puzzle

I can’t be who you want,

I can’t be who you need,

I can’t even be me.

With all the expectations

And disappointments

I am prone to failure… 88 more words



The words come leaping out of us quicker than we realized that we’d even had the thoughts, tho the thoughts, themselves– decades-old bitches and grayed-beard bastards, rioting against everything and everyone who’d ever meant us injury or who’d ever passed us by, each sentence– a bloody-stick beating which’d waited a long time for its due, punctuated at the end– with a single word, like a bullet to the temple, or a blade slipping between the ribs, finding its way home. 50 more words