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The Number One Tip for Getting Started as a Fiction Writer (1 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Yawatta Hosby

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Life is about creating memories. Don’t you agree? 209 more words



A new haiku.

Our fast-paced lives leave little time to contemplate. These Micro Moments are designed to entertain in a few words, read them slowly and savour the essence. 131 more words

PwrPuffGzr Writes

17 syllables to success

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290. Soon day

Again, just a little more play with a writing prompt called “unrequited love“

I know it hurts. It feels like you’ve lost the score, walked right into the door, when your heart is treated like its a bore. 95 more words


289. unrequited love

Just a little play with a writing prompt called “unrequited love“

There was a love that I felt from above, like fractals of light on the wings of a dove. 103 more words



calling out
to clear silence
captured on the wing
of a solitary songbird
carrying me wayward
relinquishing me
right above a deep

269/366… 486 more words


The Gravitational Wave: A Romance

We are two black holes; gigantic mass of nothingness; two people with gigantic mess. For as long as the human race could remember, we are not expected to meet and be together but somehow, someone believed that someday we will. 253 more words