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We meet in a Bulls Red garden,

I present him my crimson whole,

He takes it happily and put it aside,

We talk for few hours heartily. 65 more words


Nancy and the Mud Man

Out on the fens, one mornin’ chilled,
Where fog trailed fingers low,
Upon wood walkways men did build
A young maid she did go.

She tripped along, ta berries seek, 415 more words



Peaceful thoughts
Peaceful heart
This moment
A tranquil sea
I sit in observance
Grace is an island
Today, I am a castaway

■ photo credit: commons.wikipedia.org

Wine and whine

I want to run,

Catching starlets and dancing on the milky way,

Meteor shower, and have a quick shag with a Martian,

Green, blue, purple, mixed! 39 more words


Anorexia Nervosa

Rust grew slowly,
consuming a shiny blade.
It was shaped in excellence,
to achieve greatness it was made.

But it lay dormant for so long, 85 more words


Unknown Flower: a haiku 

unknown flower blooms
lovely regardless of name
perfuming the air

Inspired by CDHK episode #739.


i don't want to like you anymore

because i know you’ve moved on and
i am clearly still stuck here. i want to ask
you how you did it, but i also know that… 132 more words