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I can’t see the screen
For the blur has transcended
From a slight mist
To a most barricading fog
Its hazy gray makes no room… 21 more words


Breaking Horses

Their equine grace and strength,
the beauty of a hundred wild horses,
galloping over grassy meadows,
blowing plumes of dust in their wake.

Their manes like rivers down their neck, 51 more words


Mother's Day

I’m not a lover of cards. In fact I loathe them. Little demanders of time and obligation. They sit there demanding to be bought and written and sent as tokens of love. 269 more words


A new question in the New Forest

The tree stands on its own,

branches high and wide,

with a broad twisted trunk

slightly leaning to the side.

The tree has no friends around, 132 more words


Looks beautiful but she is not

Hanging out
In a bar

Pouring me
Her new war

Looks beautiful
But she is not

Untiring wars
Always fought



The tears that roll
down your cheeks now
are fake, are forced.
I know; recall:
Did you not laugh
at my demise?
© Ali Qureshi