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Obsidian Lovers

The world fell asleep,
As we did awake;
To the moon,
To the night,
How we dreamt
For dawn’s break.

Two lovers alone
In onyx despair; 198 more words


Rose of Change: poetry challenge


Poetry Challenge: Trinet Poem

Force unknown

Source forlorn

The edge of the blade glistens

Turmoil eased with a cruel cut

Marked wound

Loveless blues

Harsh resolve 43 more words


One Of A Kind!

Drowning myself in cuploads of hot tea

shiver and shudder by the cold vibes sent by thee,

baffled and clueless, ask why …why? 

 Unaware of the upheavals in your life, 59 more words


Feasting Demons

I dry my eyes on the built up scar tissue of my past

Letting the absorbing nature take effect as the saltiest of my tears seep in deep curing this hide of mine… 98 more words


Let me feel Alive

Let me live amongst the stars for that is where I truly belong
Let me wash off the scars and indulge in the things I’ve been afraid of for so long… 20 more words



Lust for power drives a
ruler especially a dictator
leads to the ditch of disaster.
Greed for wealth pushes a
ruler especially a dictator… 95 more words

11:00 am

Wet pavement

Rain on lips

Soggy sneakers

Damp eye lashes

Slippery streets

Umbrellas raised high