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I wish I may - 100 Word Wednesday : Week 49

Photo by John Luke Laube

I wish I may, hope I can make a wish
Be able to fly like a bird, see the world… 86 more words


when love makes you an artist 13-12-2017

listen to my dreams, my love, and they will recite you a beautiful poem, a beautiful poem of how once upon a time a broken art was touched by an artist and she recreated it in wonder.


The Show Must Go On

They saved us.
They saved us when no one could, they gave us the will to
carry on and on, giving up was never an option. 134 more words



After everything between us,
I have realized
that we will never
cross each other’s paths

We never had the chance
to be another choice
we only had to watch… 22 more words


Flashy Lights

Turn your gaze
From the night
Look at all the sparkly lights
Your name could be in them
All you have to do is feed him… 569 more words

Syndrome of the Clean Home

tidying up is worth hours
in time and health
for rabbits and mice
like us.

shoulders of shrugs
can turn away
from evil twins
in our shoes. 21 more words

Don't Leave Me Behind

I’ve been helping people with their thoughts of suicide
But now all they want to do is to inhale cyanide.
I’ve been through more stuff then you can ever think possible, 292 more words

High School