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Eagle Creek, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon, November 2015


Here we sit,
huddled side by side
halfway up the sky
watching the darkness of the dawn
fade into day
with nothing to say-

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Time has caught up with me, laughing in my face. All the quotes of “never” and “always” paving my way to the future, have now elapsed into the past. 174 more words


& whose place is it exactly / to disagree

Draw: 3 of Vessels, reversed / The Star, reversed

Messages: Share touch, song, laughter, tenderness. Recognize one another. Relax in being known. / Still feeling shaken.

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I am getting old

The oddness of it was not the shock of it
but the well of it I fell into—
that scent was all I could recall. 213 more words



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my newest {L A I T Y… 1,032 more words