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Say hello to my favourite movie

I love to sing along

And make believe

That I am the princess

The story is no suprise

For I know the ending… 41 more words


Scary moment

My dad has an Alzheimer’s disease, as you may know.
Doctor said it is hard to cure and make it go.
So I wish my dad to be very happy. 293 more words


stormtroopers on the run

rains followed along streams of light
attracted to the illumination of the city

raindrops splattered atop thin ice
triggering flashbacks of fluorescent flying insects

though the winds behaved peacefully… 55 more words


Half of Infinity

You feel like a cloud,
Beautiful, free, and ever changing
Majestic and cool
But untouchable
Colorful and infinite
But untraceable
Elementary and composed
Yet unbreakable… 83 more words



If I could find the words

To tell you how I feel,

I’d put things right, and with luck I might

Reveal how you make me feel. 146 more words


Changing Times

Were you aware
The ordinary moments
Your life changed?
Or is it only in the wisdom
Of hindsight
You see the magic
Spilling out of those
Seemingly everyday


broken bottles

Broken bottles

In the rain.

Washed clean,

Removed of the stain.

Shattered pieces

Made new again.

Shards of glass,

A fractured pain.

Soaked in love, 35 more words