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Holy Wind

The prompt for today is to write a poem that uses a line from a poem I wrote earlier in the month.

This spiritwind, this holy breeze blows through… 171 more words


The Awakening Eyes

Awakening unto your own eyes, you see your inner self;

released into the endless eyes that are your own, spiraling upward into your downward spirals- 96 more words


Sorry Salespeople...

No, I don’t want to be famous,

Don’t want to have power or wealth.

I don’t even want to be happy

Or have peace of mind or my health. 31 more words


In The Image

My eyes are shaped like Thirst-for-Knowledge ,

My lips crafted in the image of a smirk, Formed to arch like a bow.

These lips are weapons. 102 more words


NaPoWriMo - Day 20

The NaPoWriMo.net prompt today called for a “rebellion” poem. At Poetic Asides, the prompt suggested taking a line from one of our poems written earlier this month, and using it as a first line for a new poem. 163 more words


Current Velocity : Zero



You are a leaf caught in an eddy

All motion and no progression

Spun around in a sickening swirl that leads to

Nowhere… 301 more words


Pocket Poem #4.

Today’s Pocket Poem  is the first of several examples of concrete verse:

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