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I wish I could tell...

I wish I could tell him,
That he was like the warm sunshine,
To my perennial winters..
Like the soothing dew drops,
To my gloomy mornings.. 32 more words


Forbaren Soul and Love not Lost, but Changed.

Forbaren soul,

lost again insight unseen,

yet not,

merely changed,


The stars tell me nothing but my date of birth,

and the direction slaves did walk. 88 more words


A Penny for My Thoughts...

What I’ve Seen…

I’ve seen hearts as hard as stones,

I’ve seen strong men who could crush bones,

I’ve seen families torn apart by the raining of drones, 70 more words


Mozambique: To the Children.

I was in Mozambique for the past eleven days and I’ve decided to do a Poem series based on what I’ve seen.

To the children, 17 more words


Poem of the Day --Sodden Day

IT’s been a while sometimes you just can’t get rid of a bomb

Sodden Day

Closet wilting flower opens grieving heart spoken

Gushing with torrents pouring… 77 more words

Creative Writing

The Pharisee's

Lo, Behold.

Mightier than He.

Bow before the Holy,

Favored Pharisees.

Wipe your tears,

Be ye worthy,

To stand steadfast

Before holier things.

Be ye sinner… 397 more words


Home School

A tribute to the past. This may be an entry to a poem book I am attempting to accumulate. Not entirely sure yet. I still need a lot of help. 464 more words