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my name is
t- t- t- never
mind, swallow
the hesitation…
clenching the p- p-
paper. deep breath.
tightly a little red
ball of n- n- n- 156 more words


The Morning Tour

My mind races to the beat of my radar ears

Thrump thrump thrump
Ambushed within cylindrical inclusion
“Good morning! Please take a seat.”
Tired raspy waaas by the babe since two a.m. 146 more words


Poems - Failure is OK.

Hey, we’ve all been there, right? We’ve all failed at something…me, you, and everybody else…and we will most certainly fail at something yet to come. It happens; that’s just life. 75 more words


How can that be?
All this intimacy
And still not happy

All these people
All these hearts
And still so lonely

All these words
All these conversations… 30 more words


The Dark and Me ~ #poetry

And so fades the night, the dimming skies

Renewing my sight, hearing my sighs

For there is nowhere else, I would rather be

Then alone in the dark, tis my own apogee… 10 more words

Night Owl Poetry


If this,
were enough to
make you stop
a moment
steal your gaze
and still your eye,
resuscitate a soft
twinge that you
haven’t felt… 79 more words