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Poems from the Vault - You are Adventure.

Just a little poetic wordplay here…read on if you wish. Best of days and lots of sunshine (or rain, if that’s your thing) to you all.

How things change

they were my
most valuable
those letters
are now not worth the paper
they’re written on

Daily Prompt – Paper


______ At First Sight

Love spiked-dream
That transforms a meaningless moment
To a needle of oxytocin
Piercing your breast

Oh how vulnerable is the pantomime
Of lust, that fictions love… 9 more words



It feels like
the water is up to your nose
and you’re trying really hard
to just keep breathing
and treading water
to reach the shore… 104 more words


Nobody Remembers...


Nobody remembers

Just a date on the calendar

Another day

Nobody remembers

Nobody remembers

Not your family

Not even your father

Nobody remembers… 32 more words


De-hoarding de poems

This is a picture of the jam jars in my pantry. I count thirteen and that doesn’t include the outpost colony of orange marmalade and apricot preserves that live in the back of my refrigerator. 351 more words



Trapped by choice inside the four walls, I gaze out the window.
Ah, such a beautiful night!
Grace me with a different life and I will use night to bask in the moonlight. 213 more words