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Dreams of Hope and Fret

From days of cribs
And bottled dining
We are told about our dreams
Hold them tight
Pursue them fast
Let them fly among the clouds… 119 more words


Once Upon a Princess- #poetry #JanuaryWriting

She donned her pretty tutu

Forgot about her shoes

Grabbed a yellow sunflower

Held on tight, as not to lose

Golden tresses fell

In waves, she didn’t lack… 51 more words

Night Owl Poetry

Beta Male

I’m just a beta male, far from an alpha,

A submissive type who like to be,


Taken advantage of. The type for, feminists,

And those women who love to wear the pants at home. 152 more words


Taj Mahal


That little boy with an arrow,

Sharper than William Tell,


Who takes apples of the ogling eye,

Making them simple stooges.


How arrows find their woundless targets, 249 more words


Self-Portrait at 41

Fat and tall, fat more than tall,

Elephantine in some ways,


How I hear the conscience louder than ever,

And the needs diminishing slowly. 


Like how my wife is not the vixen in bed anymore, 133 more words


Driving me crazy

sounded quite
as harsh as does this
total unbearable silence

In response to #JusJoJan Daily Prompt – January 21st, 2018


Raping Your Way To High-End Poetry Journals


A poem should only be beautiful.

Captivating, prospering in a yet unforeseen angle.

It is like a rapist’s opus, whose words

Penetrate over and over, after the first read, … 234 more words