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Under October's Sun

It carries the voices

Of souls cast aside

Spirits, now fallen

In a timely suicide

We watch as they spiral

Then die, one by one… 40 more words

Night Owl Poetry

Someone Please Tell Her That Her Beloved Son Has Died As A Martyr In The War

Since you’ve been gone, my blood has turned black, I’ve cut my nails to my point where my fingers bleed.
I’ve been talking to flowers that have withered away. 200 more words


The Tinker

“those who suffer know the struggle”

I am a broken tinker crying inside,
tending  to other people’s wounds
and letting mine open wide.
I cram my woes into  crowded mounds… 210 more words


Dying love

You planted the seeds

My heart began to blossom

Then the petals fell


Prompt Words: Heart & Petals


I Speak From The Mouth Of The God That Doesn't Exist

A candle March in to the dark, a flame that burns the city.
Human being, a hideous thing to walk around this earth and bind it will the spell of his curse. 365 more words



Staring into you

Blank eyes reveal silent screams

As she disappears

©2016 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay

Night Owl Poetry

Decision Point

Standing at the point of decision.
Rail and car cross in time.
The road bends into the unknown.
Two rails held apart by strong ties. 68 more words