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A clockwork flesh
That grows like a sapling
Dreaming of dreamy moments
Of mastering a kite or balancing a bicycle
When the heart is full… 51 more words


A Loaded Gun: Emily Dickinson for the 21st Century

I make an effort when reviewing books to not be too negative. However there are times when I am so opposed to an author’s point of view that I am compelled to speak out about it. 782 more words



Ever see a random stranger and wonder about them

What their life is like

What makes them stick

How they respond to situation

And what it’ll be like to walk in their shoes… 86 more words


Long Distance Love

We made promises to each other, breath escaping lips, fast type on mobile devices connected by signals like we didn’t know any better. We were young, unrealistic we pictured the length of time couldn’t hold against what we felt, because it was like blood pumping through our internal system, arteries and veins connecting, it was like inhale 1,2, exhale 1,2, inhale-ing filled our whole being and not just one organ, it wasn’t just a note in a musical piece but the whole soundtrack of a play and it seemed like no one could disrupt the music we made. 79 more words


The Things We Do Not Say

Your words I may not follow,
but your gestures, I can see.
Your mouth may tell your story
but your mind propels your voice–
your eyes reveal to me… 77 more words


Tranquility Lingers

Sun lit rays that dance above

Create a shimmering view

Clouds become lakes, reflective of

The beauty enfolded for you

Serenity dances amongst the folds… 26 more words

Night Owl Poetry

Confessions of an Experiential Vagabond

If travels weren’t merely an exploration
Not just an addition to our repertoires.
Could they be a splintering of our souls?
We, who wander places lush with greenery… 83 more words