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Basset hound

My grandfather’s soul is a shape shifter.
It knows where to go –
the chasm between two sleeping bodies
huddled in their own respective corners… 372 more words


The face of nature

I walk along a beach under a brooding sky,

rain drenched hair beading down my neck,

a cool finger tracing patterns in the oppressive heat. 135 more words


We Are

We are fire. We are ice.
We are the gale which blows the waves high, and we’re the whispers in the breeze.
We have been cut and torn, some would say spoiled, But they are wrong. 39 more words



Striking the silence His word. The light to the farthest corner of darkness.



When I was five swift Joe kicked the ball high upp in the sky.
I still wait for its return.


Poems in audio

Poems “We” and “The Appraisal” that appeared in the Summer 2015 issue of Olentangy Review are now available in the audio format, in the journal’s… 13 more words


I Call Destruction Upon This World

Upon a moonless throne
I call desecration,

A sacrosanct night was crushed under a vile separation.

Submitting to the will of the cacodemonic kinds,
Relishing the come of their specious prime. 51 more words