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The Darkius Rising- Part 5 (The Take-Over Queen)

Cauldron teleported out of the college, he kept getting a strange feeling in him, telling him to teleport into town, instead of just back to the sanctuary…The farther into the town he came,The more the ominous feeling he had in him, telling him that there was something terrible about to happen…Until suddenly, Cauldron stopped where he stood..!“Something…Isn’t right.” Cauldron said aloud.He stopped and stood, staring out into the distance…When his ears suddenly began to pick up the sound of shouting..!He suddenly found himself sprinting with all haste toward the center of town! 1,085 more words


The Wild Dance

The sky was dimly lit that night,
A crescent of the moon.
Just enough to see the sight
Of shadows who danced on the dunes. 223 more words


Into the Sunset

let me slip off gently
avoiding the rivers of
lingering goodbyes


Two Rows by the Sea

When I signed up for Writing 201: Poetry course, I had every intention of writing a poem everyday according to the daily prompt. I figured it would be a crash course on creative writing, something I’ve been wanting lately to explore. 1,039 more words


Two Girls

A fox and a rabbit
Met in the forest
Dipped in the water
The rabbit was bathing
Lost among the waves
There was a sigh at the top… 139 more words


We are the Wingless

We watch them grow and gain much speed and strength

Trying to use the skills we passed along

They leap and jump and run many great lengths… 97 more words


[Guest Author] Unscheduled Meeting

If I ever met you again
And I hope I won’t,
I’d apologize for our unfinished future fantasies.
If the road led you to me or me to you… 230 more words