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Beneath Heaven's Skies

Clouds cover light

Red with the glow

Of eternal night

Shadowing moon beams

And blanketing stars

Hiding the brilliance

Sent from afar

Chasing the wonder… 22 more words



Ask me what I dream about

And I’ll tell you what keeps me awake at night.

My mind wanders not in the land of victory or joy; 411 more words


Anxiety Buzzes

The buzzes from my phone
sends me into a frenzy
this feeling it hits, anxiety
but it’s not you and I feel alone
I close my eyes hoping hoping once more… 115 more words



I’m caressed inside the womb of ignorance. Still-born to the flash of media parades, I sleepwalk through mazes of slightly varying products.

A ‘zombie to reality’ frets and struts, attempting solace in times of celebration. 116 more words


That Singing Bird

Her head is racing and the voices are loud but she sees a little peaceful bird singing between the trees and walks towards that bird. The sound becomes louder the sun hits the tree and the voices become clearer but in her head she wants a little more than just a song from an innocent bird… 178 more words


Sanostee (Ordinary World) 1973

Lately I’ve been dreaming of strange autumn days, a car, with my parents inside. Missions of the heart, and Jesus in the way, the sand on the rez its painted, painted art. 526 more words



Didn’t we start there?

Didn’t we stop?

Did the music envelop our thoughts?

Didn’t we hold back?

Didn’t we accelerate?

How we feel is how we quietly stared. 79 more words