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Love of the Prairie #5

Grass Land

short-grass prairie
close-cropped by herds of buffalo
broken by the plough


Stop it now, tell me how.

Stop the thoughts.
Stop the negativity.
Stop the self-hate.

I need to leave
I need to run
I need to get out of my head. 272 more words

बूंद-बूंद तुम | Drops of You

Winters are being mixed into Summers, this defines February. Now I’m starting to Stream a series of Love Poems, After Glass world & You & I Fused. 86 more words

Siddharth Tripathi


The sound of thunder

Is the beating of a heart,

A tempest of love

©2016 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
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Night Owl Poetry


Fast DisOrder
by Heather Kamp

sound and time
together the same
yet in the brain
nets and weaves
electric spiderwebs
catch, snap to order
and set to parallel
now calmed chaos
34 more words


Frail beginnings

When you hold me

I feel at peace with myself,

My arms lie restful

In my lap,

My breath is rhythmic,

My heart beats steadily. 57 more words


The Lazy poem- a poem

Too tired
Forgive me
If I behave weird

But its so boring I have no energy
I think dementors came the previous night
If they come back ask them to go away… 85 more words