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Meta Physics

I couldn’t date any Buddhist girls, there was
No clause on fornication saying it was a sin.
And I knew sex would be on the table at some point. 476 more words


Improvised Reeds

Improvised Reeds

It was my mother who taught me to cradle a

Blade of grass between my thumbs

Cuticles aligned and haunches pressed together

Creating the reed chamber… 92 more words


BLINK, Robert Beveridge


four hands on the table, eyes locked
like lovers new to the dance. The slightest
twitch of finger is enough to be heard
as we feint, gamble, wonder if the other… 13 more words


Me, Me, Me

In between strums of my guitar
Playing Taylor Swift to Mike Posner
In between cracking voice, to falsettos
Let us find the man who I am… 170 more words



Everyone is a little deaf
To some other person
A little blind
To some very important lesson
A little dumb
And someone’s fool
And a little numb… 9 more words


Circus 2

I look at the caterpillars and millipedes
Industrious and graceful, in perfect synchrony

Like a ballet with 100 people and all
The little ballerinas are flawless in execution. 176 more words



Life’s all about moments
big and small
and someone to share them with
or not…

I hiked
through the rain forest
to this beach
with gorgeous views… 234 more words