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An Old Poem, I've Since Lost My Expectations

Lie to me

And I’ll believe
Rotten carrots and cat puke
That’s how my night’s gone
Why did you lie
I watch movies
I listen to love songs… 57 more words


After Death

Invariably we are ashes
And then dust, which when sprinkled
In the ocean, become bioluminescent
Dinoflagellates and blown in the air
Becomes starry constellations
And when kept in an urn on a fireplace, 35 more words



This Summer the pear tree bears no fruit
The lemons seem not to be wiling to ripe
And the lakes are all dried up

You told me the things I want to hear… 35 more words


The Story of the French Fries

A little potato man,
The blight of innocence,
And the plight of Mchappiness,
Squeezing out the succulence
Of oil and flavor.

While Omaha,
Stretches from Nebraska to Normandy, 48 more words


Suicide Watch

You dance
The waltz of living
Circling around the same perimeter,
Work and back,
The same Chinese restaurant,
Hoping to god, that you’re don’t
Have a lengthy span in this… 271 more words



This Saturday we are having a day
Of clearing the surroundings at the workplace.
To clear the front and backyards
To make the zone dengue-free. 63 more words



What am I afraid of; Hmmm
A spider, heights, spiral staircases
And strangers entering my home.
Yet what I fear the most is the my obituary, 69 more words