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The dreamy moment of Worlds and Worldsworth
The daffodils, the narcissists, a mirror’s birth
How proud the child who drills a poem’s nail
How the earliest dawn, is a wishing well pail… 176 more words



Mary Magdalene, who in Jesus’s times,
Became the biblical one,
The one who followed the chosen one, 
To his destined death.
The oldest profession, practiced by throngs… 54 more words


America, America

The acquisitions,

Louisiana, Alaska, Texas and so forth,

The stripes that are like the Tigers,

Ferocious when hungry and no pussy cat,

In international affairs. … 70 more words



Courtship is falling like an avalanche,

Engagement is a devil’s advocate,

Always questioning the impending canonization,

Of two people, man and woman,

In a saintly union, an institution of its own. 123 more words


Was There Ever A President Hank? 'Cause That Window's Probably Closing...

Today’s the day we celebrate

The presidents half of us hate,

The two or three good ones we got

And the fifty-some we all forgot. 32 more words


I Let You Throw Daggers ~ #dark #poetry

I let you throw daggers at me, from afar

You watched, as my heart slowly bled

Piercing my chest, this imminent pain

I wondered if you wished I was dead… 65 more words

Night Owl Poetry

Steadfast Turmoil - #poetry #FebruaryWriting

She was ever so faithful to trouble

Seems chaos was her middle name

Always pointing the finger

Never once would she take the blame

Devoted to causing confusion… 56 more words

Night Owl Poetry