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The Devil's Brigade ~ #poetry

Corridors once marked the time

Where mortals held their stance

Are now just empty, barren halls

Arranged or happenstance?

Where once the ladies danced about… 48 more words

Night Owl Poetry


we both lost something
in the last hand of poker
we both look ugly
you, without your innocence
I, sans my self confidence


Life Lessons From A Coca Cola Bottle

She stands august and tall in front of me, as pure
And refined as her dark effervescent body

She tells me, be like a kola nut, large in heart’s body… 282 more words


Having sought shelter, now in need of a shield.



She saw a hunter resting in the forest
His manly shoulders
Caused the trees to heave
In expectation –

She ruffled the leaves of his hair… 77 more words


Natural selection

needed me awhile
she has a temperament
of changing nature


Failed date

could not sleep a wink
had a date with her last night
she, who said “dream on”
when I asked her out with me
I dreamed, but she was not there