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Poem of the Day -- Flick of the Eye

Flick of the Eye

Spread between sea and glue: blades a running

Through soft white meadows burnt in chilled winds sorrow.

Tomorrow a word, maybe remembered, for gritted teeth are crumbling. 133 more words

Creative Writing

Reverse scars

The needle pierces the flesh,
emotions remain fresh.

the ink bleeds in,
stained with memories.

A living, breathing story,
strong words and images frozen.

Fused in the skin, 7 more words


Friday Fantasy ~ Visions

Visions in the waters, flow

Sunlight bathes the undertow

Settling, in sweet serenity

Channeling its identity

Carrying shadows in the light

Gathering, and holding tight… 20 more words

Night Owl Poetry


She took the stage,
Nervous… shaking… pondering.
Will they see?
Is it obvious?
Can they notice it’s all a sham?

I’m nothing they think I am. 99 more words


Murdered Dreams

Dreams of a better me

All I am is what I believe

Projects initiated, plans complete

Excited both about hands and feet

In love with words and harmony… 178 more words



Behind this helmet of polycarbonate,
each breath warms my face,
the condensation bubbles like droplets,
and I remember;
I miss the rain.

Beyond this helmet of polycarbonate, 68 more words


You Don’t Need A Hero In Your Fairytale, You Can Save Yourself

Flickr, Joana CeccarelliWhen I have a daughter, I will tell her that fairytales are nice, but misleading. A beast is usually just that – few turn out to be princes. 31 more words