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Estuary - Girl you are a woman now !

Pure-bred heart

Was darkened by the umbra of temptation

To yield to a moist fantasy

Time-ensued, sin-imbued, and out-lasting bliss

Where girl and woman met a… 100 more words


Out of Orbit

that loony moon! — here
in the middle of our day
like snow in July

ordered by some love-lorn saps—
or just so lost?


Poem 26 for 2015

On certain
Rough days
I really see
Carrie Nation
Was coming from


The Hell

How unlike me you grew, upon those years
adrift in adolescent seas
How unlike me! Upon the sea
the waves of wet uncertainty
How unlike me! 261 more words


X is for Xenarthra - Armadillos

Xenarthra is a superorder of animals, the word literally means ‘strange joints’ or joints that have unusual articulation, and animals this includes are Folivra (sloths etc.), Pilosa (anteaters etc.) and Angulata (armadillos etc.). 659 more words


Poem 27 for 2015

Exuding pollen
Forecast: hazy brain

Today’s prompt was to write a hay(na)ku (1 word, 2 words, 3 word on the respective lines). Erin’s poems are here.


Escape Plan

The greatest

Escape plan?

Make it so

You never have

The need

For one.