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Lusting for Love

Lusting after a love that is not real
to be healed is what I would like to feel
but alas my heart is worn
and from this, sadness is born… 146 more words


Oyster Heart

Oyster Heart

Inside the oyster shell –

is loneliness at heart; the gold-breathing

space, within the guarded vault.

The comfort zone. The fear

of the unfamiliar. 79 more words


Poetry Blog Day 2

Giving & Receiving

More Blessed

G         gracefully bestowed
I           infinitely gentle
V          very heart of a gift
E          ever a pleasing feeling.

R          reaching out… 28 more words



All I hear

is the silent scream

of the girl next door

whose heart is roaring in pain

as her voice fades

into the neverending. 12 more words


A Field

Rumi said there was a field where I should meet him
Far beyond wrongdoing and the right
I had told myself that I should seek him there… 102 more words




On the edge

She did

Blot out the light

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Your Love To Me....

Y our tender gift of love to me makes my heart combust into heated waves;
O ver the years you unfurl and surprise me some more; 99 more words

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