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On the Surface

Your eyes are like the sea;
Bright fish bobble and play,
Manatees swim in mangrove trees,
And dolphins play with leaves.

But I can see what lies beyond, 45 more words


You Alone ~ #RomanticTuesday #poetry

Speak to me
in muted tones
like fragrant flowers
to my soaring heart
Intimate thoughts
take over,
For you,
my love, 33 more words

Night Owl Poetry


Our relationship is
An aching phantom limb
We yearn to run but
I step out and stumble
There is only air
I want to feel it more… 96 more words


Nomenclature of Goodness

Do you ravage what is surprisingly left
Out of your dignity, like blowing out the last leaves of autumn,
And then you think, what is it, that makes me, me. 211 more words


‪Heat of Venus,

red dust of Mars.‬

Sky full of metal,

I unhook the stars.‬

Breath passes close,

lips kiss the cold.

Arms fold over heart, 7 more words


Past Her Prime ~ #poetry

They were right on the tip of her tongue

Things she needed to say to him

Perhaps she left them, where they were young

Back in the days when life was a whim… 68 more words

Night Owl Poetry

Lost And Found

And so, why did I return?
To look for something I remembered,
or at least recalled.
Buried beneath effervescent memories,
of these familiar halls.
A school, still buzzing with tiny feet, 103 more words