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I’m always losing things. A hairbrush, black base with a tinge of blue. Did it get tired of having to untangle the black blotch of scented strands hanging from my head? 143 more words


Betel Leaves and Areca Nuts

You get the peppery betel leaves
And the areca nuts, a seemingly innocuous practice
Embellished with slaked lime, and the mouth
Instantly turns to crimson tides… 149 more words


It lingers,

echo of the voice

with sensual shading.

The gentle swells,

that lift.


we are fat and unhappy

we are fat and unhappy

but we don’t do much to change it.

we are fat and unhappy

but life is a cheat day

but the portions are a good size… 30 more words


Gypsy girl....

Gypsy girl

dressed in red and black,

Auburn curls

fall down your back,

In the garden

bare feet you sway,

The music transports you

so far away, 140 more words


Nothing but you....

I want to tell you that I think of you

when the sun goes down,

And I think of those eyes such a depth

and I drown, 69 more words


Morning Peace

Sitting on a chair made of wicker
outside on the patio observing
the crowning of dawn

The warmth evaporates my formless
spirit raising it up to the clouds… 126 more words