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Launching out of yesterday

redemption is the soft embrace

for those that return

folded and meek

hoping against all previous hopes

that this will be sufficient, finally

to make a place of rest… 18 more words

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Take this morning

A crow, darkly black, sits

on the red, rigid beam

of a child’s playground ride

A herald to rise

on a spell

mixing colour in the air… 34 more words

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Make my day

you’re going to see sense

going to break

like a favourite flavour

on your face

you’re going to crease

and show some teeth

that serious side you’ve got… 36 more words

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The Bridge

a chasm exists between us

that spans so many lost years

so much neglect and all of it mirrored in his dark eyes

My first son, long lost, not yet found… 95 more words

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After Mother's Day

in the quiet familiar room

fat, wet jewels sit on the glass above

like buddha’s  through which I see a grey monotony

this augurs ill for progress… 62 more words

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A common neighbour

I would be better served

to play a simple part

and forget any notions that

stretch to gravity, wit or pomp

it would also serve me well… 58 more words

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there is a melting sadness in this process

of time slipping away

unberthing me

and slowly, inexorably, bleeding me of life

by small instants, lost moments and


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