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Take a Stand


There’s a boy that I noticed, he lives out on the street
There’s a woman at the store, you can see she’s been beat… 129 more words




She took to the streets the day she turned sixteen
She didn’t really know much, Lord she was still green
Along came a man, he promised her the world… 172 more words


Because it's time to empty some garbage

By: T.T. Arwin

Those nights with dead eyes
Forced with invisible chains
To lock lips with no heart
Till mouth’s completely parched.

Years of wrongful guilt pushed upon… 341 more words

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To be me again

By: T.T. Arwin

Truth has a funny way of never being accepted.
Much easier to believe in lies, like you and me are alright.
You are so focused on you, 143 more words

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Why Winter Brings me Closer to You

By: T.T. Arwin

I love Winter best of all seasons.

But I can’t appreciate the comfort of fluffy blankets

wed tightly to my chest far enough… 253 more words

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When it feels good to say goodbye

I wasn’t always a person of words,

of verses that transverse

the weekly bore of hi and bye.

Sometimes it felt so good to blend, 60 more words

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Today, I am not going to smile

By: T.T. Arwin

Flipping through radio channels

What connect’s not the body poppin tunes

But the heart robbing headlines, mouth’s tart

Of yet another terrorist group playing human monopoly. 359 more words

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