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Friend or Foe?

I spread my arms to reach you,

But you turn away so you did not see.

I open my door for you to come in, 140 more words

Snail Mail - A Haiku.

I posted your mail,
seems like so long ago now…
you’re so far away.

Original Poetry

Birth Canal

Birth Canal

(for Steven Buffington)

Deep, dark, damp,

Muddy Waters

And a headlamp

Treks and adventures

To Earth’s Center

A mile or two down

To twist and turn in life, 60 more words


Propulsion Swing

Propulsion Swing

(for Tiffany Brand)

Back and Forth,

Back and Forth

Again and again

Up, down, all around

The Ride to launch

Into newness of Truth… 44 more words


Blended Melodies

Blended Melodies

(for Darren Shaw)

New Waves, Vibrations

Flash through the Skies

A Myriad of lines, words

For offloaded Dreams

Purpose their Way

To provide Fresh Revelation… 56 more words


Down the Path

Down the Path

(for Sally Hanan)

In Orange the ink drips, 

A receptacle of Beauty~

The sunrise, sunset of Eves

Present moments Linger

Down the Path,  126 more words


Gray Lines

Gray Lines

(for Princess Amy)

No sorrow

No frowns

Debt clouds loom

Yet Hope Blooms!

Ride along His Love

Always Faithful

Always Good

Dark Light Mix… 54 more words