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Human beings are weird...

Human beings are weird, sentient creatures;
Paradoxical in nature.

They love inducing poison in their bodies,
But complain about getting sick afterwards.

They fall in love with disconnection, 217 more words

Call and Answer

We stand on the precipice
Of Destiny’s calling
And We become One with it
The Earth beckons us
Calling us to lie and rest
The firmament awaits… 128 more words



I went to pick blackberries
and found a covey of quail
a mama and her little ones
looking quite feathery frail

A question mark crest dangled… 79 more words



Catching up my breath,

exhaling what’s underneath,

feeling myself a little lighter,

marching to my own beat.

Music comes and goes,

but silence is never feared, 37 more words


Deep End

I stood at the edge of the world, screaming wild. There I was, lost in a constellation of stars that were far too dim for my revival. 105 more words

Poetry And Prose.


Wired on Wireless

Close is the new far

Vacation is a click away

What use is a car?

Tablets and laptops

Keyboard, new phones

Things meant to keep us connected… 115 more words


Nelson Mandela International Day

Let’s paint a picture
of life’s scheme laced with kindness
of spirits buoyed by
patience and humility
Picture this utopia

Let’s take it further
Imagine one who forgives…

32 more words