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sensual effort

touch  in the air

and feel what the desire

and the eyes of the mind

and how it all connects

and paints its own illusion… 50 more words


Don't marry before you are 30

1. The author says keep atleast 3 dates per week.

2. She interviews nearly 1000 candidates before she chooses one for a CEO post.

3. Delayed marriage is a sign of a greater wisdom. 24 more words


only for

moments sat so silent

and the lies are even more blinding

and all of the attention

and extreme

and what it called

and mood on the fire… 45 more words


turn heard

making heads turn

and spin

the emotion

and it called onto

and knew of it all

and where it was the leaning

and its own push… 46 more words



Written by Jacob Ibrag

‘Don’t want to close my eyes,’

I whisper. This could all be my

imagination, and I’d forever

regret it. Redbull and coffee… 67 more words