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Yadier Molina for MVP

If Yadier Molina doesn’t at least place in the top 10 in baseball. I have completely lost faith in the baseball gods and their abilities this won’t be the first time either. 93 more words



Written by Jacob Ibrag

So you had to go, and I promised to

wait. That I’d make the distance a part of

our story. ‘I’ll write everyday.’ And I did, until… 25 more words


garden diversity is my wild

garden diversity is my wild
young dwarf fruit trees among flowers
marigolds nasturtiums are everywhere
cornflower borage blue and the fennel has gone to flower I eat them… 106 more words


Life has many blessings

Life has many blessings
Most of them are invisible
Like the love you feel
The love you receive

Happiness is in the small things
Beauty is all around us… 54 more words

Annelies Wetzelaer


White blue morning sky

Strong reflection

Off Ocean

I’m not catching any fish, but already have a nice tan.


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Walks like talks like end times... 

We have moved away from the inate beauty of practical existence The stained glass windows crafted with perfect spirit now floor to ceiling windows peering from behind infinitely expanding screens into destructed humanity – We are such things that nightmares are constructed around and our little existence is rounded with – perpetual affectations of destruction Sustenance no longer an issue all the ideas of human existence must be assumed validity fought against with light and fervour flat bottomed and hopelessly fighting against the man – Pointless hovering opinions of inaction words sent out without engaged in arrowed sharp discussions that end with remote – TV channel changed insensitive objectivity Subjective selfishness is evil – something you are or is it something that you say skirting through the gaps in your teeth smacking the face of constructive Why am I here questions left to ponder with crack pipe and repeatedly reconstructive reform I am here where is the way forward to something that existence for something else – I want to become conqueror dominant but constructive societal productivity implies earth and life and something — something so akin to loyalty –


Night: a poem

Star-studded sky, stretching vast over me.

Far and wide it reaches.


Shades of purple, blue, gray, black.

All swirling together.

A shooting star whizzes by. 25 more words