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My favorite choosen book

My favorite chosen book
A book narrating the wonderful stupefying stories, a book narrating the sagas of vast variety,
It is the book of my choice, of your choice, 309 more words


Speaking in undertones.

Five years did not prepare you for his leaving.

He was a romantic. The kind
to take your time, hold it and read
3,000 lines of his own poetry… 263 more words

This year, the fiftieth since May '68

This year, the fiftieth since May ’68,
but I demur.

There’s no history but local history,
my May ’68.

Someone said this:
“I wouldn’t want to miss 1968— 63 more words


When we were young

When we were young …
Your youth …
Unbearable now …

Sideswiped by memories …
I see your smile …
Know your touch …

So cruel … 13 more words



Cool night
Bobbing limbs
Dancing shadows

Cool night
Gusting winds
Dancing shadows

Empty night
Bobbing limbs
Dancing shadows


Deep, deep black clear night

Deep, deep black clear night.
Sparks, stars shimmer,
bare branches clatter.
Mounded, dirty snow,
seeping rivulets of water,
wet tracks dark across the flagstone.

I pause: 18 more words



Impossible is not in my vocabulary….it is my adversary…just be the best version of myself and never worry….be patient and never hurry…what’s yours will be yours and what’s not will not be…a failure I will not be…Impossible is not in my vocabulary…and yet there it is…