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autumn as far

thought on the long

and its own having

and caught on the pulse

and  said on the meaning

and its own novel

and its own composed… 46 more words


caught as a audience

for the tower

and and its own level

and held on the fall

and caught on the speaking

and lasting on the prior

and started on the mind… 44 more words


We can't see the sea from here

but we trust that when the sun hits the water,

good health shimmers in the green ray, in a lizard’s tail growing back,

in two grey doves mating drastically, above our heads. 21 more words


the air turns cooler

leaves change color and fall

hunting season arrives full force

deer appear in large numbers

some with foals, some without

mating season is upon us… 81 more words


one as time

tried on the company

and for the previous

and said as the long

and for the coming

and its own impact

and long on the seeking… 47 more words


moth (20161025)

although too smart
for another candle
the moth
now with damaged, dusted wings
spends his time
disentagling from spiderwebs
while his insides
turn into dessert