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Leucis, who intended a Grand Passion,
Ends with a willingness-to-oblige

Ezra Pound


Tomorrow's Glasses

Tomorrow’s glasses.

Perspective, perspective introspective,

And when I look, the light swims through the narrow reeds,

Stalks through the grass, ready to rise,

Ready to pounce, attack. 295 more words



Don’t interrupt me,

Let my heart break,

Give me time 


Angels and Devils

Angels are no better than us,
And Devils no worse.
With our sermons and invocations we manufactured them.
We brought them into being.

We are both order and chaos incarnate. 20 more words


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Angels and Devils

31 IN 31

My 31 in 31 section is now up if you would like 2 follow that… Its only snippets of the poems as I will not post them all fully and links to the ones that are..   52 more words


Why do tigers have stripes?

Why do tigers have stripes?
Why does rain fall?
Why do I have to make my bed?
Why are you so tall?

Why does Mary laugh at me? 92 more words