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an unforgettable haiku

a beguiled kiss lands
upon the collard blue babe
an elephants curse


Week 12 - The Collector

I wanted to catch a magpie
but yet she
eluded me

I wanted to catch a magpie
but she stayed
just out of reach

She hopped quite close… 51 more words




You staring at me

with a need

to quench a thirst

and satisfy a craving

cause me to melt

from the inside out

and wish I am a cone of ice cream… 14 more words


Love was

Love was a scribble

Every stroke so glumly done

So haphazard — that one

could ever be oblivious of

What the lines and curves… 67 more words


Spring in the City


I saw a crocus blooming in the park,

I felt a hint of magic in the air,

I heard faint music sighing everywhere,

And so, as all the world, grew softly dark— 36 more words


The River and the Tree

“You are white and tall and swaying,” sang the river to the tree,

“And your leaves are touched with silver—but you never smile on me; 129 more words


Sea Shadows

The sea is a shadow washing the shoreline,
filling in dents and scavenging sand,
drowning dunes in beach foam and brine.

The sea is a shadow chasing along the strand, 51 more words