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On rejected poetry (1)



Desire knows no gender, or age, whichever you think carries greater weight. Punishment is farthest from the mind during the climax of sin. What matters is experimentation, what should be considered is the taste of the other in your mouth. 149 more words


The Paradox of What Makes Something Go Viral (1 min read)

So what’s the secret to making something go viral? It starts with making something that people have no choice but to care about.

Something both so personal, but simultaneously so universal and human that not sharing it would seem selfish or “out of whack.” 85 more words


RWB Workshop Poem of the Week - July 18

Poem of the Week 7/18/2017

Arthur Russell


I love my guitar, but I haven’t learned
to improvise.
However you conceive
of boundaries on the other side… 283 more words


No man

” No man is an island

Entire of itself

Everyman is a piece of the continent

A part of the main

…                                           And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls ;

14 more words

(Philosophy/Poem) Well Child, Which Will It Be

Well Child, Which Will It Be

From the earliest of our days we all know it will come

There will be a day that none of us can escape from… 223 more words


It's Never too Late to Live Your Dreams. Here are 5 ways to do it! (2 min read)

1. Forget New Year’s resolutions.

While they may have their time and place, this isn’t about what you can do better. We aren’t talking about exercising more or being more organized. 337 more words



Written by Jacob Ibrag

You’re not supposed to know. Yet you dig deeper.

Layers. Concrete under concrete. Boundless. More of the

same. You forget why you started in the first place. 59 more words