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We are vow creatures
Seemingly kept in line
By a pledge, or the remembrance
Of one done long ago and we keep our
Piece of the bargain, to love, to cherish… 163 more words


Just You and I

​You can’t find any boat without sea

you can’t find any love without me

I am bringing the light, I am the bee

I show you someday, just wait and see… 204 more words


Shortcuts - POEM

I ASKED HER if she would be my shortcut,

She nodded, on my eyeline,

A shortcut, in itself,

So, I knew we could be,

Another short term couple, 72 more words



Waiting for the lightning to rend
These troubled skies and send
A bolt to tear apart
This artificial heart.


Haiku - Saturday August 27th at 8:22 A.M.

Light and fluffy clouds

Covering the morning sky

Starting to burn off


All were found in her eyes.~The silent warrior~

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Red-Rose Tree

A poem by Robert Browning (1812-1889) dedicated to women and roses.

The dream of a red-rose tree.

And which of its roses three

Is the dearest rose to me? 155 more words