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What do you do when panic creeps in? Not much…as it usually overtakes your logic and reasoning and even if you KNOW the truth, you cannot apply it. 185 more words


An Inauspicious Foe

Of late I battle

With an inauspicious foe

To abjure the set

Mannerisms of my past

And reap a candid valor



{recent: returning}


god’s brain in a small hat


from surgeries
and gardens

a crownless mouth


my angel is a scarecrow in a sleeping bag. 768 more words

Lost without you (1)

There’s an old clock in my room,

whose hands are static in protest .

It has been months, I know,

But it hasn’t ticked since you left… 60 more words


I walk the path of primroses

                                        I walk the path of the primrose

Where daffodils move

To the whisper



In this gray room
I lie every night to sleep
Before I drift off to slumber
I try my best not to think
There’s a lot going on inside me… 64 more words


As You Lay Dying

How many dark spots do you have,

Lizards and crocodile scream

to see you knitting lips on lips.

Papers mock your hubris hands

Ruffles and hibernation… 77 more words