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Two Poems: "Puzzles" And " 1896"

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s poetry week here this week. And, for today, I thought that I’d dig up some old poems that I originally wrote in late 2009. 338 more words



How do you deal with your breakfast meal?
Does it come from the back of a pig?
Do you crack a joke
To the vitellus yoke? 46 more words



She loved me from the distance,

Of about an arms length,

Elbow extended,

Growing slowly tired,

Of its balanced position.

She worshipped me from a distance, 422 more words


The Moles Down Below

A family of moles
Lived down below
Digging their tunnels
And taking life slow

One day a rabbit
Poked his head down
Calling after the moles… 302 more words


Never the Same Story

All the while he was trying to follow her strides
Hoping that someday they’d be on the same page.
Lately he realized
they were not even on the same book. 31 more words

Creative Writing


This poem is a response to Miss Aminah Tasleem’s melancholic words in poem: 7:49 AM

Lately, I’ve been tracing,
footsteps on the shore,
before wave comes sweeping. 230 more words


Elemental Man - A Poem

You are the sun to me,

bright like Fire.

Every time I look into your eyes,

my world is brighter and

filled with light.

You are the wind to me… 68 more words