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Success is different for everyone

For some it’s earning name and fame

For some it’s enabling other’s to succeed

For some it’s having all the wealth in the world… 77 more words


Too much

Too much of attractions. 

Causing connections. 

Bringing together people. 

without realising. 

Connections strengthening. 

Causing expectations. 

A kind of bond forming. 

There was indeed no promise. 

68 more words


All the bells moved,

and the clangs ceased to matter,

clinging to a world that had long since scattered,

all our lullabies,

dreams and springs, 214 more words


It's raining and ...


There is a scent of rain.

It’s the scent of earth

Having drunk its fill of the evening rain,

The shy fragrance of wet pollen… 80 more words



When the river dries
And no more tears flow freely
We drown in sand dunes

© Brandewulf 2018


The wolves are losing their bite

The wolves are losing their bite

It’s their next try, the cry, sending howls ripping through the woods of your heart
You freeze, cracks booming across the frozen lakes of your eyes… 367 more words


Mindful, a poem

I oughta give you a piece of my
Of the same
Back of my
Presence of
Take a load off my
Bored out of my… 50 more words