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a momentĀ 

My hands are freezingĀ I said,

feel how cold they are.

As you reached out your hands,

I held my fingers against your face,

And as I did… 31 more words



and just when you think

it couldn’t happen


he takes

your breath




Times running with the wind:

is it today or tomorrow,

is anybody out there,

under the sliver of moon

with clouds scurrying,

blotting out the stars; 86 more words

Charles Elffers


‘Our lives are measured

in kindness.’

— poem by Logan Pollard


Alderdeen lands: Dark Clover

Alderdeen lands: Dark Clover

Land name: Dark Clover

Unofficially called: The Shadowlands

The Shadowlands are in the Southern most part of the planet, Alderdeen.

In the Shadowlands the Vampires rule over all the night dwelling creatures. 722 more words


Mini poetry project; Making poems from my favourite songs - Alien Ant Farm 'Attitude'

I’ve been trying to find inspiration for new poems since I started this blog, and its been frustrating to only be able to post old poems from my past…Mainly because I’m desperate to see how (or maybe if) my skills have developed over the years, and to not be able to find the stimulation to put the metaphorical pen to the metaphorical paper is mildly infuriating. 425 more words

Feelings of Night

You’ve got to love the feeling that

when left alone

when left in black

when feeling nothing but walls and walls

when everything feels like something small. 44 more words

William Coad