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Throat Chakra

Smooth talker, speak all your wisdom to me. They welcome you with open arms, you have us all listening. Blue vibrational energies bounce off of your tongue as you speak. 23 more words


Heart Chakra

Green radiant energy, connected straight to the earth. You can feel mothers earth hurt. A healer, in-tuned with all hearts. Empathic, constantly feeling. Hearing with the heart, feeling with ones soul, there’s nothing source doesn’t know.


Solar Plexus

Freakishly beautiful, so different from the others. A personal power, a self understood internal connection to source, your god self is your real self, you knew this before the others. 18 more words


Sacral Chakra

Creative, and playful in every way. Paint runs through your veins, stars shine through your eyes. A walking masterpiece, the moon in peoples night life skies. 17 more words


Root Chakra

Centered in the survival and material worlds. Devoted to personal well being, a comfortable home and security. Fighting to survive, all you want is to be comfortable, all you ask for is security. 55 more words


Right is Left

What is success?
Is it when we are always out trying our best?
Striving to be better than the rest?
We should just be blessed that we are all still living and breathing. 17 more words


Five - Seven - Five

It takes discipline

to write the 5 – 7 – 5;

syllabic structure.

@StevieStreets | Five – Seven – Five