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Endurance, 1946

Endurance, 1946

Unaware of the day’s movements, she paints her
reply to the bracelet of light flaring above

the horizon. Tomorrow’s edict is gather, 127 more words


Familiarity Principle

You and I have met before
a different face,
another name,
but this familiarity
I cannot ignore

And even though we ended badly
the love I felt… 33 more words


Sold On The Dream

It’s on sale, it’s on sale!
You’ve been sold on the dream
That life will treat you fairly.
That it’ll come to you easy,
And that you’ll have all the money. 103 more words


When man decided to fly,

He turned his head up towards the sky,

Watching the birds fly;

Flocking together many,

Patterns in unknown way

Of nature and quest play… 34 more words


The Haiku You'll Never Read

Lying to my heart,

I forced you not to love me,

my sine qua non.

~Carefully Random~



You are a masterpiece

I chose not to finish

I’m afraid I’ll ruin your beauty


we brought home the wrong dying baby (vi)

the darkness has many stomachs and we’ve no one to tell my son he’s lonely.

seller of the disappearing stone, the mouth names everything and is born after eating a blindfold.