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Positive criticism

You say that you like the way I write,
You say I am like Bukowski?
I read his stuff and realised,
He is a drunken, womanising monkey… 102 more words



knotted thoughts
too heavy for words
a blur of jumbled everything
and overwhelming disruption –
I can’t speak



I can see it
It was captured
Beautifully pictured
When rays of sunshine
Glisten to these pieces
It glows like its soul is dancing… 219 more words


Limerick / Valentine's Countdown - 7

This week’s limerick prompt from Mind and Life Matters is “feral”…

A cartoon character called Beryl
Was always but one step from peril
She claimed to be brave… 78 more words


It was You

The skies that day was too clear with fascinating shades of blue and white, puffy clouds.
And oh how the ocean captivated me with its dark, blue waters and dancing waves ever alluring the attention of the crowd. 166 more words


Beauty Distraught

Amid the shade of the coconut glade

When the sun sets in yonder sky

The rosy lips of sassy dips

Sings the numinous sweet lullaby. 143 more words


What Is Not To Love

The storm is later than was forecast.
The wind hasn’t yet begun to shift
the dunes on the Cape, there’s no snow yet
in the Worcester hills. 247 more words