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Written by Jacob Ibrag

You feast off my energy thinking that I’m

an ideal source for nutrition, and I am. Drink from

me, sleep comfortably. Your attention is the source from… 30 more words



Summer 2017

Make of this what you will, but I’m in my room.

I’m alone. I’m waiting for a thunderstorm.

I wait for the reassuring rumble of thunder, sip tea, 137 more words


Sorry. A poem.

Sorry is all I can say, but it’s not enough
Ordinary words seem out of place, and no
Remedy to everything you think and feel…
23 more words



We walked on down the

long road out of Clovelly,

past the cat lady,

me dragging behind,

looking at all the plants, birds and animals, 186 more words

Charles Elffers

Genesis 18

In this dream I was off to boot-camp
again. And I thought to myself,
“How…, at this age?”
And, suddenly, I was twenty years younger, 95 more words


Darling, I remember when we weren’t sabbatical
And if I didn’t know if heartbeats were mathematical
When really you can’t count something that’s so infrequent… 246 more words


The Opinion Of Others

Does it ever really matter what they say?
After all, you do not know them anyway
Their pronouncements are mostly arbitrary
Forgotten quickly, totally unnecessary… 100 more words