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Phantom Petunia

Maybe not so peculiar
this phantom petunia
in purple dark moods, ’cause

a yellow star emerges well
like the sun tells blossoms to shine

Douglas Gilbert

Linguistic Clues from Mamihlapinatapai For Construction of a New Language

In discussing the poem Mamihlapinatapai, the point I wanted to make about the word Mamihlapinatapai is that words that encompass whole concepts are occasionally used in some languages, but it is not the majority in the extant vocabulary. 102 more words

Douglas Gilbert

Linguistics and Mamihlapinatapai


We shared a Mamihlapinatapai*,
and then I went to war
thinking of you, when
the slaughter harangued me
with guilt and sorrow for
my dead comrades, but… 159 more words

Douglas Gilbert

Selections For Neda Agha-Soltan, 2009 Iran

Poems from 2009 about Iran
by Douglas Gilbert

Beyond The Dust Storm

Tear gas in the haze
canisters and batons,
oh hail freedom —
it stayed with us, all, for… 233 more words

Douglas Gilbert

laureate lore

If you visit the Washington Poet Laureate website, you’ll find a profile of the current PL, Claudia Castro Luna, and a list of the state’s previous poets laureate: Samuel Green (2007 – 2009), Kathleen Flenniken (2012 – 2014), Elizabeth Austen (2014 – 2016), and Tod Marshall (2016-2018). 70 more words


Funerals May Be Cant

After the funeral,
everyone lined up to
make a pre-emptive strike

some by phone
some by horse
(not really but
it sounds more poetic)

one-by-one, they said… 124 more words

Douglas Gilbert

Donald Hall (1928-2018): A Tribute

At times we are deeply touched by something that seems to sneak up on us catching us off guard. The ordinary, the mundane, or the story of another person’s journey. 586 more words