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I have found one ripple in the ocean that
catches my focus, and
something stays in my eye
like a whirlpool in the tea cup… 103 more words

Douglas Gilbert

Billy Collins: The Rain in Portugal and Ballistics

I rather like Billy Collins. His poetry is fresh, simple, easy to understand, and usually a little understated. He takes a moment in time, and expands it just enough for you to take a few breaths and enjoy it. 182 more words

Book Nook

I've Got Your Back

The stats page says I have 840 followers, but there no clicks on outside links. I need 800 people to go to Amazon and buy and review a book. Some are free or 99 cents.

Douglas Gilbert

Bulldozers, Telling Us Where To Stand


by Natasha Trethewey (1966- )

In the dream, I am with the Fugitive
Poets. We’re gathered for a photograph.
Behind us, the skyline of Atlanta… 297 more words


Benjamin Zephaniah on Windrush, anarchism and his time in North Korea

6 November 2018 — Youtube

A Must See!

Zephaniah turns down the post of poet laureate. This is a wonderful interview with Zephaniah from May 2018. 31 more words