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Das Leben

Oh, life.
Das Leben

Das Leben

Fiction fragments

Collaged together

In unruly triumph

Glorious mess

Sloth out.



I wish our feelings will slowly gone..

But that’s not mean I hate you,

Then because I know we will no longer stay forever.


Health, Fun, Happiness vs. Keeping tabs

Αιτώ δ’ υγείαν πρώτον, είτ’ ευπραξίαν. Τρίτον δε χαίρειν, είτ’ οφείλειν μηδενί.


“Firstly I want health, second to have fun, third to be happy, fourth to owe to no one ” , ancient Greek comedy poet Philemon said.

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Haiku 7:23:17

drugs and wine and fine
it’s fine it’s fine i am fine
i’m fine i promise


A faded star

Ventilation bursts my shout outside the hole

the frontal lobe of pain puts the pain on

the clamour  my dark pink lipstick

the soil declining to wake me up

Tug of war. 80 more words

Once Upon A Leaf

Soiled, decomposing, and barely skeletal
It might as well have been the dirt
The same dirt that the crying preschoolers uproot
The same dirt that swamps down their throats, engulfed by their mucus, until distracted parents scold them for bizarre appetites… 38 more words