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I miss the beauty in your eyes
– though I’ve never seen them
Cruelty says it’s for the best, I assure all that it is not… 130 more words


white noise mornings

I’m a bi-racial unicorn

just living life and going strong.

I got my non-fat-mocha-latte

a pick me up from last nights party.

Morning time is always buzzin’ 87 more words


Herman Melville

Herman Melville was born on this day in 1819(-1891).  He was an American novelist, poet, and short story writer.


Nature of Rest - Interactive Poetry

Alisha gave me the words red, I, laugh, and tree for my interactive poetry. This isn’t at all what I started with or where I planned to take it, but- it happens, right? 154 more words


Giveaway Contest DEADLINE!

I have decided the deadline for my giveaway will be AUGUST 15, 2015. I realize some of us are in differing time zones, so I will be lenient with this date. 119 more words


Haiku #212

These elevators 

of emotions have great sights

until you go down.


Reviled bodyparts

You’re mocking me with your thighs
I see you, everyone of you walking round here
Thighs a normal size
Svelte thighs, slim thighs
Thighs my eyes can’t tear away from… 155 more words