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Listening about now

Chino sings about “Drive”
“I don’t care where Just far”
I look up, to an empty jar
old times, past feelings, flaws strive
to appears… 76 more words


Madre de Dios

One more poet
points the finger
at blooming flowers
that jiggle and shake
inside green boxes
resting on window sills.

They outrank
the birds who caw… 114 more words



Look at him;

He is so wild and free.

His demeanour is ever so calm and steadfast

His obsidian gaze creates a clash of excitement and ease within my heart, 61 more words

The knife that spoke with a buzz

This is a funny little piece I worked up after I heard an interesting story about the first use of forensic entomology — yes, using insects to solve a crime. 218 more words


Homeless Benediction

Thoughts sharp like the talons of the rare red-shouldered hawk
Having dropped the remains of lunch,
Bones and the little bit left of flesh of the small rodent crunched… 80 more words


The Light Non-Fantastic

Morning blues and evening news plague the mind that lies
The cadavers of the unified front wane in egotism
and only a judge can judge inspiration by its size… 201 more words