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you cut open the pomegranate

the way you do anything

slowly, meticulously

yet the juice still spills

still hits the wall

dripping on your fingers as you hover over the sink… 236 more words


Energy has arisen, whilst unbuckling the belt, loosely hanging my beer belly.

Full of  toxins my body will use to break a way. A way from it’s disease. 10 more words

Poem by Brian Glaser


As Winter
          —26 November, 2018

Why winter?
Season of the cyclamen,

the burn
the fire walks on.

From dark to dark
the sun
shines through a glass. 225 more words


r.h. Sin Speaks the Truth About Social Media

I’m only starting to open the pages of the book about me. Something else that none of you know is that I love to read and I particularly enjoy reading poetry. 560 more words


A Mountain Man in a Mountainless Land

Once there was a mountain babe
who climbed from mother’s womb.
He was born into a mountainless land
while the flowers were in bloom.

Once there was a mountain boy… 94 more words


The Route

The Route

By Kenya Garrick

Copyright 2019

I look around…

What do I see….

Beautiful women from every nationality.

Snatched away from their family,

leaving their children behind. 201 more words


A Cuckoos Jaw is Vacancy for Jigsaw Plasma

My corpuscle skeletal tetris –
   courts a sticky used manipulating
             word break.

Buccal cuckoos cheap globule.

Monogamous century flock yells; Trilithon!
      And the mixed-species
          therapy the plasma Jaw. 139 more words

Nano X