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- bad man? -

In town I done ran out…

of standard charity.

What is this tale about?

Here’s standard clarity.

See the homeless each five corners,

looking known less for the foreigners. 86 more words


The Ego

Emtions cry out
Screaming for an outlet

My fear, my ego
An ugly monster
Feeds on fears
Thrives from tears

Terrifed of death
It repeats a program… 80 more words



a night of static reeling and

feelings without meaning

I’m seeing and all seemingly

tearing up the ceiling

so stream me pick me up and… 197 more words

I set my Ebenezer

I wrap myself in silence.

In this moment

it is good

To be,



I see myself for who I am.



A bit dangerous in the best way. 65 more words

La Curandera

An Ode To Mental Health Professionals By A. Davida Jane

An Ode To Mental Health Professionals

We live with our chests open, 
letting the world put its hands 
all over our hearts.

Our heartstrings sound  251 more words

Literary Magazine

Growing Up: spoken word

The hardest part of growing up is finding yourself.
But why should you spend half of your life trying to find yourself?
What if, you, yourself doesn’t want to be found? 259 more words


Time Off

When the tie is here for all to bear witness upon

And to see that it is without the necessary whim to whit to do things with… 81 more words