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The Spirituality of the Poet: "Interrupt", a Poem by Tom McCubbin

Posted by Rafael.

There are perhaps as many spiritualities of poets as there are poets. So what justifies taking this one poem, by one poet, and introducing it with the title “The Spirituality of the Poet”? 163 more words


Birds Make Holes in Heaven

Birds make holes in Heaven
Through which our souls may fly.
This morning mine fluttered and flapped,
Struggled to gain altitude against
The anchors of memory and attitude. 62 more words


Shed your light

I am the star and you were the moon,

guess I’ll never shine without you.

'The Friend In My Garden' © Joe Canning 2016. All Rights Reserved.

‘The Friend In My Garden’
© Joe Canning 2016. All Rights Reserved.

My friend’s a little robin that sits and watches me.
Never from a rooftop and never from a tree. 266 more words


(Poem) 'La Lingvo de Amo'

There’s a
universal language:
unconditional love;
and the beauty’s
that you don’t
need to study books
It’s a built-in,
simple language:
learn to love;
and people… 47 more words


Boob to b-

Boob to boo and boo to bo

Bo to b- and b- to b-b-b-b

I want to kiss your b-b-b and

Then I will feel sane… 29 more words