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Haiku #706

I sit in places 
where moondust misses wind and 
stars mourn explosions. 


Poem: Introvert?

I am an introvert.


I can’t be anything else.

I’ve clung to that one word for a lifeline,

An explanation,

A coping mechanism.

But why do I see a difference in myself, 472 more words


The New School

The halls that were loud with the merry tread of young and careless feet
Are still with a stillness that is too drear to seem like holiday, 324 more words

This is your warning sign:

Get out from the walls the tables the floors the electrical outlets. Get out from the continuity of paintings, no beginning and belonging. No middle or returning and no end, rather half finished projects arranged slightly differently every time. 31 more words


The Garden

In the garden of life,
with its flowers and wonders aplenty –
Some days you just pull out weeds.

Tyler Strittmatter

The ever Elusive Envy


This is something we all feel or have felt yet no one ever talks about. Everyone talks about jealousy, which is your fear of someone or something taking something from you. 421 more words

A Verse to Apathy

They call me grey like the colour; stoic,

unmoved by joy nor passion, lethargic.

Prostrated, monochrome emotions flat

line. I am stagnated, tasteless boredom.

These words sing most irrevocably dull…

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