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She only laughs
when it’s raining.”
her laughter
is all you notice
because her tears
roll down her face
in the guise of


#BestFandomCA2015 best fandom is #supernatural family! i made this funny #speeddrawing video for you all! <3 https://t.co/bK5dANqVB1 plz see

— Zuhra Askhakova (@ZuhaLoveMusic) April 26, 2015


The Well to Far

I don’t like you, you black man, sings he to his cohort

I don’t like you at all though will you come to my birthday… 96 more words


you aren't even a painter

i pull up the dark cotton of my shirt,
pushed past all play-pretend, fake bravado, unwavering confidence
and let you put your hands on this canvas. 63 more words


Weekly Poem #111

Junkyard Lioness

The haunting stillness of a deserted train,

Bundled away in some rotting scrap desert.

It speaks as an apocalyptic preview,

A fold of silence once scored with bustle. 161 more words


New Nature

New Nature

Growth all around
Vegetation flows to nourishment
A precise mixture to sustain life’s breath
Hours move forward giving birth to moments
that will reach toward the future… 176 more words

Creative Talents Unleashed

I've Got a Proof

I’ve got a proof. I’ve got a proof, hey, hey, hey, HEY!

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