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As I wandered round the garden,

A sun ray caught my eye,

Suddenly I beamed a smile,

And here’s the reason why

I’ve been hidden in a darkness, 19 more words


Deep Under The Ocean 1 & 2

Deep Under The Ocean

Written by Tan Nguyen

Drowning, sinking underneath,
Drowning without even knowing,
Absorbed in being with the world,
Which wasn’t my own, 214 more words


Matured Love

Morning Word
When your love matures, what you need from love matures with it as well. The person you are looking for at 25 will not be the same person you are looking for at 35. 123 more words


The Last prayer of the Nonbeliever

I think it’s too late to fall to my knees
Now that I’ve fallen to despair and to disease
A leper wandering round the bombed out ruins… 255 more words



I think it’s important to

never fully give yourself

to a person.

Keep something behind,

something they can’t take

for granted

and walk away with.


44 – HarsH ReaLiTy

I could sing a song, a lullaby, a whisper in the wind. No time like now. There is no beginning without an end. And so I sit and swirl my thoughts as they begin again. 10 more words


notes on dreams

42. notes on dreams

disembodied voices at the edge of the platform
wonder where they’re going, where they’re from.

don’t, please don’t vanish and disappear… 42 more words