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6 cigarettes 

Photographs frozen in time, I fucked up

If we break up, I’ll build another you

I lie, I can’t.

My soul is tired from crying… 24 more words

You Don't Get Me Yet

You don’t get me yet
the words echo into the mist of the green jungle ferns
heavy with almost rain
I feel a lightness as they escape my brain… 97 more words

Poem#38 - Intensity

I want to drown in you
Swim through every emotion
Feel tears fall on my shoulder

I want to suffocate in your lips
Taste every fear that held you back… 12 more words



Detonate her smile

Avalaches created amidst rain

Turn her love to mush


We are otivated by oney and aterialism the same way dogs are otivated by food, indless ovement, no control

Sky Falls

A journal, written on 14th March 2017.

“Sky falls,
no, it is not a song tittle,
no, it is not a movie title.

Sky does fall, 141 more words


white lilacs

white lilacs smell so sweet in the evening

on a long walk home in the dark all alone

and I live for these nights that slowly expand… 197 more words