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Ephemeral happiness, Poetry by Asdfghjkl Qwertyuiop

Genre: Love, Relationship, Sad, Death

Ephemeral happiness
by Asdfghjkl Qwertyuiop

Tears falling, heart broken
Left in a lurch, loud scream
But nobody can hear
Heart crushed into peices… 264 more words


Look at me, Poetry by Alexis Davis

Genre: Relationship, Love, Society

Look at me.
by Alexis Davis

No, I want to see “the you”,
The one “you” that you kept away.
Hidden in barracks of the mind prison… 208 more words


The War Between Tops & Bottoms, Poetry by Jessica Holter

Genre: Sexy, Relationship, Romance, Erotic

The War Between Tops & Bottoms
by Jessica Holter

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her hips pressed
against my ass

Hot. 1,639 more words


Two Poems by Joseph Robert

Mirabile Dictu!

Fossilized tongues clatter and rattle
On a warehouse floor
Spilling from their crate
As it’s carelessly lifted from a high shelf

Clouds of dust rise as the rock tongues settles… 317 more words


My Beloved, Poetry by Sushant kr.Pandey

Genre- Hope, Inspirational, Love

My Beloved
by Sushant kr.Pandey

The sins of my past
have gone on a pilgrimage
far far away in the
dusty lands of mirage… 116 more words


I Am A Somali Woman, Poetry by Sahro Ahmed Koshin

Genre: war, women, SGBV, leadership, culture, Somalia

I Am A Somali Woman
by Sahro Ahmed Koshin

I am the sister of the martyr.

I am the aunt of the potato seller at the local market. 368 more words


The Breakup, Poetry by ELEANOR HEALY

Genre: tongue in cheek, spiritual

The Breakup

Vodka shots, cookie dough and sad tissues
don’t hold shit for this situation.

This is spiritual. 160 more words