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Captive clouds inspired da Vinci,
myriad hues; opaque shadow light
on a ceiling of time frozen skies
in crushed crystal constellations
luminescent angel wings; ethereal… 17 more words


Midnight Delirium 6

Perhaps the irony behind your fabricated feelings for someone else is the very irony that keeps us so devoted to stabbing one another in the same wounds. 96 more words


The Poetry Corner featuring At a Loss by JadeRowan Restrepo

Good morning everyone! I don’t know about you all, but it’s a blast starting the week off with soe poetry. Let’s give a warm welcome to a returning poet, JadeRowan Restrepo and her poem, At A Loss. 83 more words


I Drink The First Kiss

Cor Non Mentitur from maxima on Vimeo.

Written: © Maxima 

I know, my sweetie,
The smell of the wind
In the crowns of plum trees… 39 more words

Can't Wait Till June

I can’t wait till June.

For the flowers to bloom.

& the sun to appear.

Long summer nights with nothing to fear.

I’ll leave my heart in the USA. 184 more words


Pissed Off Americans

We live in a world

With an

Extraordinarily high level

Of structure

Made by

Corrupt machines

In a system run by

Financial institution

I’ll have you know… 125 more words


I. Will. Revolt.

I will be a better person
I will help out where I can
I will commit to listen
I will not demand

I will be attentive… 112 more words