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Song of the Ocean - Author Demitri Tyler

My woman is the ocean, her waves are divine,

She rocks me like no other, my heart a vessel sailing

Upon the fresh waters of her mind, her beauty from… 208 more words


day 122 . failing

to understand self

a quest doomed

the unexplained voids

fits of flamboyant rage

an abundance of blur

broken sand clocks

missing grains forgotten

gone in the midst of… 36 more words


Measureless And Infinite

That which I could not find;
In the extent of the skies,
In the petals of a rose,
In the depths of an ocean,
In the envy of a star, 62 more words


Sad Songs

In the subway listening to Hindi song,

thoughts of you accompany me all along.

Contemplating new ways to write my composition,

so I can get your undivided attention! 284 more words


Fate - Author Damon E. Johnson

Into my life she blew

like a breeze against my skin

I yearned for the warmth of her soul

but she couldn’t pencil me in… 186 more words



I feel I am noone

Do I feel what am I

Something miss I could

something get I from world

Something forget I learnt

but satisfication I paid to get success… 209 more words


"Being an artist means...standing confidently in storms, not afraid that ..."

“Being an artist means not numbering or counting, but ripening like a tree, which doesn’t force its sap, standing confidently in storms, not afraid that summer may not come.”

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