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Bristly kisses and toast, ties tie,
leaving toastcrumb trail out of the door.
A son, (once, a bun in the oven), relies
ritually. A little of you, left in utter awe. 35 more words

Moon Song

I hear the sounds of summer songs,
The birds in season singing.
It’s that time of year of endless cheer,
And only happy thoughts belong. 77 more words



A word. An inanimate term that’s used to eradicate injustice, expose sinister actions and place genocide under the telescope for the masses to challenge. A vintage delivery that left timeless effects, overdrawn victories, and unanimous respect but… sometimes iniquitous genocide. 20 more words


As the days progressed,
With each passing
Their visits
Lost rhythm and rhyme-
Shorter- less frequent-
Impatient in tone-
I learned I was alone.


The Passionate One

Sometimes you may think How trivial your passion is. How insignificant it is In the realm of a harsh reality. But my dear, you must go on. 36 more words


Oh son, after all shores will be eaten
After the gods’ll drown in fire and fury
The foretold will, despite the effort, happen
while mother demands her daughter’s dowry… 169 more words


There was a sound  

I used to love the sound of bellsThe crackly sound of autumn belt,

The things that sound of Sunday church

The sound that wakes , the things in grace… 118 more words