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I let you so far in that you’ve made a home of the darkest corners of my mind

you feed on my misery and invite yourself to the pity parties that I throw… 33 more words



By Mark Olague

a wordthat darkly
severswith one letter
the pardonable;Boss modifier denier
who refuses to stamp the papersof the possible. Who never wavers,
never errson the bright side of


Exponential Expectation

Bigger may be better,
but we need even bigger still,
we won’t stop wanting mountains
when all we need are hills.

As far as size applies… 65 more words


Jagged Thought #96: The World Pretends to Know Me

I am not a nobody.

I was a never be.
I was the usual suspect
I was Keyser Söze
I was a wooden crate
packed away in a vault. 221 more words


of this i am sure

I used to be such a lady of love

the long inhale, eyes cast down

inner peace from outer prospects

its much harder when you have to look inside… 88 more words

dirty laundry

i slept nearly two
decades on the scales.
weighed in the balance,
oft times, hell! most times
i was found wanting.
my love was a laved sheet hung to… 61 more words

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You Know She Wants You

Surround yourself with beauty

Nothing will be spoiled.

Surround yourself with indignant pride

Everything suddenly becomes soiled.

Lift a ladder to a roof sometime

Gain access to the top… 89 more words