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Hush my love never say a word for I shall paint the wonder of your soul that I truely adore.

no one can imitate the beauty of your heart when time comes and you shall pass through my art you shall be restore, then forever you’ll live and treasured. 6 more words

My Autumn

I’ll crawl from beneath these sheets and blankets

when the ballots are cast,

and the TV quits blaring.

When the leaves have turned over on the sidewalk, 58 more words


A Subliminal Message

-Have you ever heard of a tale?

-Everyone have heard of one, whether they know it or not.

-Let me provide one tale for example. 27 more words


For the Love That Fell Yesterday... 

For the love that fell yesterday.

We remember you every day.
Out of sight isn’t out of mind

Your memories is in our hearts sound… 72 more words


day 103 . blood, sweat, tears. part VI.

a very particular lust enters my mind.

scotch. single malt.

fuck the pretentious ice cubes.

i miss the days when i was a full on alcoholic. 25 more words


I'll Miss You For Now

I’ll miss you while you’re not here

I’ll miss our small talks and conversations

I’ll miss our laughters and our tears

I’ll miss your silly expressions. 57 more words


High Flight

Poet and aviator

Since the theme of Airship is aviation, I thought I’d share High Flight, the sonnet that made poet and aviator John Gillespie Magee, Jr. 222 more words