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Poet's Lament

Black is to the night
as pain is to the poet
like wisps of smoke
solidified on paper,
heartache carried home
on pathways of ink, 17 more words


Too Busy...

                              You should sit in meditation for
                         twenty minutes every
                 day – unless you’re too busy;
                          then you should sit for an hour.
                                                          ~ ` ~  Zen


You Left Me Bland

You left me bland;
The tea without the milk.
You’ve got your band.
You took something 
When you left.
I can’t admit, 
That a hollowness exist. 93 more words


At The Shore

There was something about those
late afternoon waves that sent a
chill straight to the bone.
Always arriving; never bringing.
Epitome of sadness. The day… 24 more words



A Fiction

Undo, undo, undo.
If only I can,
Maybe I’ll play it all day.

Undo, undo, undo.
Just let me play the life backwards, 33 more words


Writing Tip: Form: Elegy

An elegy is a type of poem that is dedicated to the memory of someone or something special. They can be written about a loved one or an event that is surrounded by a feeling of tragedy or loss. 299 more words

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