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Open Mic-Night

Welcome to The Poet’s Nook.
A cute little poetry / writing blog hosted by yours truly.

My name is Ashley, you can find my basic information about me in the “About the Poet” tab on the top of the page. 201 more words


The Sin

A tale that began so long ago

That nobody can remember the start.

It was passionate, and forgiving

Had an undeniable beautiful heart.

The truth held within both of them… 85 more words


Rich in Anamnesis

I don’t want to want

I need to be

Free from anything more than simplicity

In a land where greed

Grows the trees

I will never understand harmony… 15 more words


The Revelation 

I speak in the clarity of prophecy, it’s like the air I breathe has wind in the way it’s said. The sound of the articulation, the motivation of my annunciation. 110 more words

bones, sticks, words (20170922)

bones are infrastructure
that appropriately wielded
sticks and stones may break

today is the first day of autumn
i feel i am coming down
with something, something seasonal… 63 more words


You Must Decide

It’s not others that matters,

It’s you,

Others can’t make a decision for you,

Therefore you must do it,

If you want something in life, 58 more words



By Charles Robert Lindholm

A gift from my heart 16 more words