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Her songs of destruction will wake the cosmos, bringing death to stars, bringing black to the dark of space, her songs, her dance, will be the end of time…

© elancharan


does it hurt (20170121)

bottles are clearly marked
return for deposit

once the silicone and titanium
formaldehyde and mortician’s wax
has seeped out of us
when we are no longer anything… 36 more words


(Day 7): Saturday night alone at the diner

the spoons are too wide for my mouth.
i dissolve forkfuls of peanut butter cheesecake
into over creamed coffee.
the girl beside me at the counter asks what book… 57 more words


Fifteen hour day (When Sam met Carole)

Working fifteen hours a day,
Is sure to keep the doctor away,
I just dropped one plate,
But made lots of mates,
So I think that I’ll be just okay. 37 more words

Love's Executioner

Shining swinging glinting, bring him to his knees
Stolen power snatching, no deafening silent pleas
Cruelty smeared in glitter, hooks the wish to submerge
Turning out of pockets, stamped buried in the dirt… 67 more words

Poems And Songs

Choose to Try

When we let fear dictate our choices
we have already lost the battle.



My dreams and fantasies

have laid dormant

They may have till

the ends of time

But there was still a spark

just an imperceptible little spark… 34 more words