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What will the Eternal City bring me, after

Years of absence?

Thoughts Upon Her Twenty-Second Year

The seasons twist and in swift motions, gather us upon them

In the height of the world, we can see the trees

We can see the canopies whereupon we stand… 101 more words

The weather brings with it the change of winds

And people go and people sing

Oh, the people they have seen, they’ve seen

The worst of things… 98 more words

The panicked assumptions of life

Follow suit towards an undulation of death

Everything is a plan leading to fear

We are walking on clouds made of ice

The things that keep me at peace

The things that keep me most at peace are

Independent Thought and Writing

Let me spin the eternal wheel of destiny, or else

Suffer in the mayhem of the living… 137 more words


I rest in a bed considering the thoughts of long ago

I empty my thoughts, full of age and still

Without insight, as ever before… 117 more words

  1. All words around me fray and fall, writing has become a craft I have known well

You are loading words with the meaning you have never felt; are you sure, friend? 81 more words