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The rain drowns
this spring season
a young life dies
for no reason
like me. 


Night’s feathers stroke the day
darkening the shiny glints
the sun kissed upon the clay
drowsy rose petals sigh and lilacs play
before the stars take our attention
demanding that we stay.

Shopping List

Logic is the ingredient
that turns the sweet taste of love


look for souls like cement,
masonry; those larger
than themselves, boundaries
dragged up, solo, spread out
keep us all together whole
unbroken, pillar people.

look for them, but don’t make them. 25 more words


My Cavernous Darkness

To my cavernous darkness

He is the profound light

Perhaps like sunshine

At dusk’s first step

Or at dawn’s might

Perhaps like moonlight

When shadows speak… 30 more words


Giving is living!

Many times we think that life is all about living and hoarding for ourselves..
We acquire and not care to spread out,
We keep keeping just only for ourselves, 228 more words


Psychological Beings, Faulty Prisms.

 you believe, i do not
 i believe, you do not
 reality does not care about our limited thoughts
 what difference does it make
 what significance does it have… 35 more words