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Poem 18

The essence of purity,

flawlessly smooth like the cheeks of a porcelain doll.

The peak of perfection,

caressed delicately by white-gloved hands,

placed gently on nature’s pool of life; 58 more words


Poem 17

You lay there.



Rigid as cement,

cold as steel.


“Breathe into me!”, you scream, “I can’t feel you!”

But I can’t hear you; 27 more words


Poem 16

You metal shark!

bowed like the rising sun;

with warped shards – your jagged teeth;

left outside as a chained-up dog, discarded after playtime;

tattooed by raindrops; 33 more words


Poem 14

A child,

head held close to breast,

embraced by its mother,

stares at

a pair of converse,

faded from long days of running down streets in summer sunlight; 101 more words


Poem 12

Spring is –

Seeing the face of a long-lost friend, alive and well;

The joyous cries of a newborn, waving to the world;

A phoenix, rising from the ashes of winter; 20 more words


Poem 11

Deafening silence enveloped by moving metal;

A sea of concrete outside the window;

Parting ahead like Moses’ safe passage

into the promised land.

Wind rushing past–im… 29 more words


Turron the Scene Eagles 3 and OUT: Week 5 victory over Cardinals

The Eagles handily defeated the Cardinals in their Week 5 matchup with a score of 34-7. The Eagles put together an incredible all-around effort that included holding the Cardinals to only 31 rushing yards on the day. 57 more words

Philadelphia Eagles