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Love : Not just a fancy word ...

Love is not just a fancy word ,

It’s a feeling ,a tender thought .

The last thought before we go to sleep .

The first when we wake up … 170 more words


Under The Stars

Under the stars, we never talk about life. 

Under the stars, we never talk about lies. 

Under the stars, we talked about dreams. 

Under the stars, we talked about goals. 147 more words
Poetic Thoughts

Spring is a kindness.

I saw the spring today. I fairly drowned in it.

The sky has been a victorious blue all day, and the invitation to walk in it was clear and irresistible. 222 more words


My Love, My Husband…I Will Fight for You

A question was asked so long ago. It should have left my mind, but it wouldn’t go.

You once asked if I would fight for you, but I was not able to say that was true. 172 more words

Poetic Thoughts


It’s enough to be alive

Don’t expect “perfect” to survive

You can hide the scars you want to hide

Pick a slogan, chant with pride… 41 more words

Poetic Thoughts

It's a Dog eat Dog World

It’s time to stop playin games
I’m layin all my cards on the table
Shit can’t stay the same

Let all my feelings go numb… 54 more words

Within the Darkness

Lost in darkness, my mind trembled in fear that it would be discovered by the monsters hiding so near.
Ashamed of the past, afraid of what’s ahead, I retreated from my darkness in search of peace instead… 130 more words