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What is it?

What is it?

That keeps our souls glued to our bodies

What is it?

That gives a sense of feelings

What is it?

That gives us vision… 54 more words


Love your haters too

The person who hate you the most

Helps you to be a better person

Be nice with the person who hates you.

You can learn from that person. 69 more words


Dil ke ehsaas

​​Dikhayi na pade kuch, andhera charon ore,

Kaanon mein gunjta hai khamoshiyon ka shor.

Dil mein chupe ehsaas umadne ki zid karte hain,

Belagam ghode bankar har disha mein daudte hain. 71 more words


Bieng with you

Being with you

Gives me a feel of cool shade under a vast tree

Bieng with you

Gives me a feel of cool breeze on hot summer days. 123 more words



​I wonder
How does a blank white paper feels

When tip of a pen dances on it

Writing meaningful words

The blank white paper

Now has a meaningful story to tell.


The Last Minute

The still room gleamed with brightness

Sending a chill down my spine

God couldn’t mock me with it though

For the darkness in me was pristine… 27 more words

Writing Prompts

Once You Realize How Far You've Come

You’ll start to realize how much you’ve grown. How much you’ve changed for the better. You’ll begin to realize your worth. And now that you look back on how you used to be – all the doubts and insecurities that consumed your mind day in and day out– you realize everything makes sense. 72 more words