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Within the Darkness

Lost in darkness, my mind trembled in fear that it would be discovered by the monsters hiding so near.
Ashamed of the past, afraid of what’s ahead, I retreated from my darkness in search of peace instead… 130 more words


Fallen leaves 🍂

but ,

I saw

I heard

I felt

I lost

feelings changed ,

people changed,

situations changed …

but I must go on, life’s too short… 40 more words


Poetic Thoughts - Post3

To pay the cost and be a boss

You must have learned to live with loss

Loss of heart, loss of truth

Loss of love in your youth… 55 more words

Poetic Thoughts

Trivial pursuits

So I found myself and kicked my ass

This feeling crap will surely pass

A happy thought will swing my way

I’ll hold it close till end of day… 24 more words

Poetic Thoughts

The damned

My outlet has become an inlet

The thoughts that once poured out,

Spilling from me,

Freely flowing,

Unhindered by censure,

Now reduced to a slow internal, … 40 more words

Poetic Thoughts

There's A Wisdom

There’s a wisdom

In today’s youth

Smart and aware

It’s a different world

Than it was . . .

Less free and more cares.

Kids are as puppies moving on… 74 more words



Drowning, crowning, misery,

Swallow me whole, consume me,

Woken from sleep just to agonise,

Force pin prick emotion behind blurred eyes,

And my every thought you’ve demonised, 31 more words

Poetic Thoughts