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Nhớ ngày ta mới quen
Lá chưa vàng ngoài ngỏ
Ngày ấy nắng với gió
Còn vẫn chưa hẹn hò

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Poetic Thoughts

Little Star

I am a little star in the sky
Reaching out to you from years of star-light
I am just a little light on the far side… 162 more words

Poetic Thoughts

Let Go and Trust

Poetic Thoughts

The wind whispers. The trees speak. The birds sing. They all have the same message:

“Let go and Trust. Everything is okay. You are loved.

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A Slice Of Life


Poetic Thoughts

To simply, ‘be’;
Is to sit within,
For the way things are

To place another upon the cross,
Is to believe in their goodness~

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Some days are simply horrible
An anticlimax to the day before
They take away everything from you
And give back nothing but emptiness

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Just Rambling


Her life.

Such a beautiful person, such a beautiful woman.

She possessed the power to touch souls with the sway of her hair.

Her fragrance unknown because those who dared to touch her were left breathless. 154 more words

Poetic Thoughts

For my Best Friend

Few lines for someone extremely special. Love you lots my dear!

वैसै तो दोस्त देखे हैं बहोत जिंदगी में,
दोस्ती मगर हमारी एक अलग बात है।
की है सभी से मस्ती और बदमाशियाँ भी,
पर नादानियाँ हमारी एक अलग बात है।

था रुलाया तुमने जितना है उतना हसाया भी,
शैतानियाँ तुम्हारी एक अलग बात है।
ना मिलूं तो हूँ तनहा, हूँ मिलके परेशान भी,
हो हमसफर मेरे पर, ये अलग बात है।