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Fluffy, puffy words abound.
Mouth them slowly.
Savour the sound.
Stretch each vowel long and loud.
For contrast delve into the past. 43 more words
Poetic Thoughts

Welcome to the Real World

Welcome to the real world.

Welcome to the reality of the challenges we face

Welcome to a life full of trials and tribulations

But also to a God who is full of love and grace. 472 more words


Guard Up

“Daughter, daughter let me in

I want to love you more

You’ve been praying for me to come in

But I can’t seem to open this door” 425 more words

I read some words, I wish I’d wrote.
They spoke so clear to me.
They expressed my story,
As if they’d read my thoughts. 42 more words
Poetic Thoughts

I watch him in the mirror
He doesn’t know I’m there
He’s sitting watching Star Trek
Apparently without a care
The cat lays by his side… 136 more words

Poetic Thoughts

“In the midst of your despair don’t do anything to your hair.
Do not think a change of hue will make you feel any less blue. 184 more words

Poetic Thoughts

I am a perfectionist
I like things done just right
When stuff doesn’t go to plan
I really get uptight
My pet hates are numerous and tend to change at will… 54 more words

Poetic Thoughts