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Paint by Numbers

As I try to identify the colors, I stop. I do not see the colors presented to me. Painting by numbers should be immediate I think. 228 more words

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The Realness Part V: Walking Through Walls

The first pieces that came from within were bound by chains of sadness and remorse,
Strange thing…
There was absolutely nothing to be sad about. 148 more words


Peaceful Chaos

While the car shakes uncontrollably in a moment of vehement frustration, I can help but mirror its lifeless destination. I slam my hands together in a violent rage as I release control of every instinct that is keeping me protected. 195 more words

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The Playwright

The reddish lights are luminously evident as the darkness surrounding tells its own threatening story. As I carefully watch in denial, I can’t help but think who created this anticipatory ending. 227 more words

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Crystal Love

Let’s wrap ourselves in this feeling of infinity.
As blue as the sky and vast as the ocean,
This is what we share.

Memories of the past resonate through us like water being kissed by pebbles, 85 more words


Round 1

As I awaken from my deepest darkened sleep I think and rethink should I turn over once more or invest in infinite ink. I hear the ringing of a bell as my mind shifts back and forth from reality. 183 more words

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Speaking from a Place of Unknown

Everyone is just trying to learn how the other speaks,

But the connection is never really made,

Only attempts that fall short of their intensions… 68 more words