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Inner Demons

This part of you isn’t accessible to others

Sometimes not even to yourself

Trying to claw your way through all the bullshit

It keeps pulling you back down… 57 more words


The Extra Mile

I will walk the extra mile for you my love,

If you promise to meet me at the end of it,

The pleasure in seeking and waiting for you, 9 more words



I’m on my way

I’m right around the corner

Give me sometime

You know, you gotta consider the traffic

And road detours

And unforeseen accidents… 114 more words


Daily Prompt: Giant

I’m the Giantess,

giant nose

giant butt

giant lips

ha, do you see these hips?



Times Like This

There are times like this you wanna do any and everything

Times like this you feel so powerful

There are times like this you feel so alive… 61 more words


I Gaze Out

Poetic Thoughts

I gaze out my childhood window…

To the backyard on the side of

The house.

Everything is rich and green…

All our pets are buried there… 94 more words


Poetic Thoughts...

“But I miss you most of all my darling

When autumn leaves start to fall.”
~ Eva Cassidy


seasonal change

gathering once more

poised to delight dance in the air…

6 more words