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One for the day...

Count on It

How will you fear old age
when you remember that you’re ageless?


Gilded Romance

You inspired this,
these thoughts,
this unrest.
A myriad of feelings fluttering around my chest.
Across my tongue they prance,
against my lips they protest, 20 more words

Creative Writing

What is love?

What is love? Is it the feeling of eating your favorite chocolate? Laughing until your stomach hurts? Crying on someone’s consolation shoulder? Is it a someone or something? 139 more words


One for the day...


Something’s bubbling
from the Silence;

a poem emerging
from the depths of being

flowing quietly beyond
the mind’s life-guarding

yet still not reaching the surface
without having something to say.


Today's Poetic Thought...

The Bravest Boy or Requiem for Robert

They collect accolades printed on flimsy paper, sometimes plastic, covered in cheap gold plating.

He struggles to find tiny spaces of solace in a world of gawks, stares, and finger pointers; always laughed at, never laughed with. 144 more words

Poetic Thoughts

reminiscing dreams - Hoài Mong

It has been freezing in the East coast lately.  Another snow day .. Another day for sleeping in and for reminiscing dreams ..

Nhìn bầu trời đang rơi rơi tuyết trắng… 139 more words

Poetic Thoughts

A Whisper of Winter

Fun Fact: I absolutely love when it snows.

Everything becomes quiet and pretty and it is absolutely pure. It dusts everything with something clean and new. 112 more words