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The Zones

He looked liked me.
He probably sounded like me.
He probably thought like me.
He probably felt like me.
He probably saw things like me. 79 more words


The Wind and the Stars

The forces of the divine move within us all,
Stirring up emotions that were thought to be inconceivable,
Knowledge, wisdom, with an overstanding of self has woken up inside of us, 68 more words


In The Valleys

I was trying to write about the darkness,
It wouldn’t flow like they used to.

I’m in a different space,
I’m in a different time, 58 more words



Poetic Thoughts

What does laughter sound like?
Pure joy like Angels singing from heaven

What does laughter taste like?
The best pizza and the most memorable ice cream… 79 more words


Power Moves

I believe that it’s a trait that many possess,
But it’s not embedded, more so,

We do what we must when we have to, 45 more words


For the Freedom of the Love

Looking for the path that they took,
Nowhere to be found.

Searching for the signs of a past once told,
The books have been burned. 84 more words


Where We Begin

Follow along this path with them,
The person in front of you is your guide,
The person behind you is your responsibility,
Directly in the middle of this equation is where you belong. 86 more words