Tags » Poetics

safety man gotta protect the soft girl
safety man gotta rep the alpha male
woman be bored and flicking hair to everyone
hush blush eyes to spark the passionate… 19 more words


Listening to Bush

Perception is beautiful in fleeting lies. The pretty face halved with ghoulish hiding. Vanity strides ahead of emaciated visions, visages. Medusa hair etched into fair side beauty queen. 27 more words


We like and are too busy with unimportant tangentials to focus on this generational devolution of the species. Easier to separate into selfish tribes than evolve into co-operative communities. 32 more words


Impersonation of Moe

Flaming dolts singe boxed ears

Barbed wire crooked pokes dull cueball eyes

Life of this man passing

Like hard rain in Tornado Alley

Shivering doublewides gleam in dark nights… 11 more words



Creature comfort

Warm body squishee



Anything can be made real

Human fear of imagine, transition, spooky ghost light phantasm.

My paranoia drunken jew Allen thoughts turned proper parable real.

Scared that I forgot what was live and what was dream. 83 more words


liked Grime bfore know the name

Thissa UK bass with the lundun twist
twixt the rhyme and rubble of breakbeat streets
chains broke off feet not on the necks
runnin man and femmes runnin thru projects… 137 more words