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Saucy but lonely this Nora goes wanting

Bars and chance meets for someone that’s simply

Slurred in her words but she catches a fancy

Attractive enough but this game is too opaque… 70 more words


Rising Donna Struts

No joke NYmore
No longer Brooklyn whore
No blowin blokes for coke
Suited dicks for the dope
Snorting pixiedust to believe in myself
Clap my own hands to fly and I’ll never land… 94 more words


Hollow Points

High-pitched voices screeching you should know this
Essays and blogs and video ramblings
Dissection of justice and politics for overhead perusal
Med students looking at open chests wondering what to do… 332 more words


Bitlets 11.13.16

how you do, do what will do, do what you do
tire of questions jusht be jusht BE
stopness, quiet, hush sounds sucked from air… 177 more words


Partly Skimmed 11.11.16

Keep the fight in the dog to deal with murderous
the haters multiply and many green men jealous
aliens in the neighborhood safer than locals… 177 more words


Dictionary Astray

curtain of fire: rapid, continuous artillery or machine-gun fire on a designated line or area.

An odd imagery that caught me brain and vivid waving flames on lace went around. 253 more words


Bluff Boys Tokin Magic Puffs

See dem boys live talk rep self so hard
They so hard
Street thugging it so hard
Nobody understands me
Same damn message as boy band beats… 325 more words