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Impersonation of Kanye

My little Kim need some real big Kan
And I don’t call her Bae she my A game
Bobble brain night train come at me… 164 more words


What Books May Come

Oh what is there in yonder where the gullies in ponds ponder?
And insignificant fish tweedle lively like moray eels with lightning.
What havoc and fun they have down there. 302 more words


Positive Vibes Infect Negative Tribes

I feel like positivity has become like that do what you feel like thing is Simpsons. Bartnomics. The things I think are negative, in that they lead to negative consequences for society and environment and the world at large, is reduced or actually negated by newer generations or just the many that feel better, lighter, faster without the weight of overbearing hippity dippity conscience and checking their “footprint” in every action. 400 more words


Mishmash Mix 05.11.16

Brady Bunch

What are you supposed to do?

Good-looking non-blood relatives inhabiting the same space. The primal, lively hormone monster bleating and beating inside the fruitful youth. 120 more words


New is Good, Good is Great

Is the new age to accept all? Being positive is not negating nothing, love the leader, love the message. The younger generations got conditioned or don’t care about making a stamp, their own approval of media and commercialism. 606 more words


Poetics - Sentiments of the Southwest

Hello everyone! Mish here tending the bar for today’s Poetics.

As a new member of d’Team at dVerse, I thought I would get further acquainted with you by sharing two of my greatest passions…photography and the Southwest. 344 more words