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Asylum phylum

Happy? Can be? You can. You be happy. You can be happy.
You can be happy.
Let yourself feel that.
No wallowing mire. Deserve happy. 222 more words


Rhyme scheme

That moment when you get the rhyme right:

Goodbye love

If your face should stir in the glare of the moon
Awake from the depths of a midnight swoon… 35 more words


Poetics : Let's Write Letters

Hi All,

I start writing this post with a heavy heart. Last time I was on Poetics I told you about how a blogger was brutally assassinated in Bangladesh. 415 more words


Looking Up

Looking up, all I see
are white Mountains
looking down on me.

Looking up, all I feel
is the thrill, the drive
to push on and ne’er yield. 145 more words


Shining stars in the princess twilight
Sailor moon in the demon night
Rounded faces hewn with glee
Harvest time makes reverie
Plump sweet gourds
Bumbleberry pie… 45 more words



Gettin all jippy gung ho about starting that project, that life-changing book, the devil’s procrastination slayed for a day or two. But settle in for old ways to come thundering back again, full force major wind blowing up my frilly thrilly skirt. 336 more words


Poetics - Vocation or Call

“Before I can tell my life what I want to do with it, I must listen to my life telling me who I am.”

― Parker J. 609 more words