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Impersonation of Joe Budden

I pity my own eyes cut they seen too much

In scenes of broken families and broken lips cursing father’s

up and left

Cursing sons… 203 more words


Slip Lip Tipsy Spit

I awake aware to neighbours bowing and praying in late night reveries
Suffocating lust dreams while I stroke and jerk off to Jews and Muslims’ prayer intervals… 235 more words


What am I saying

Like Dre it’s time to get back to work
But I decide the work so I’m lazing
Set timetables but then procrastinating
Chock full of energy… 381 more words



Welcome to poetics. ‘The times they are a changin’ sang the man once. Boy was he right. Tough out there right now huh? Wanna pull up a stool, have a drink and tell me all about it? 294 more words


Talk of Trivialities That Surround

I dunno man. You sound like a commercial for yourself instead of a human being with intricacies and pros and cons, doubt and hopes with elevating flaws and down to earth confused self-image . 311 more words


safety man gotta protect the soft girl
safety man gotta rep the alpha male
woman be bored and flicking hair to everyone
hush blush eyes to spark the passionate… 19 more words


Listening to Bush

Perception is beautiful in fleeting lies. The pretty face halved with ghoulish hiding. Vanity strides ahead of emaciated visions, visages. Medusa hair etched into fair side beauty queen. 27 more words