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guys and dolls

The girl went from Pampers to wanting to be pampered
Vacations, play + frolic, value of a dollar second to shallow fodder
Model life, model toy boy… 149 more words


Shadow and Lust  (Buffy vol. 2 reading)

Afloat aflight

On wings of men’s screams

Filled with burden but light, spines crawling out her back

Insect dartwings curl round pale blue skin

Curve in back sinfully singing… 53 more words


Impersonation of Eminem

So again we say we don’t want a war
Thug passions spilling out onto bloody floors
Bust a gat like nuts we workaholic porn stars… 251 more words


Frown Sound (need more happy poems..)

Went too fast too far
Chasing windmills and waterfalls and pickup sticks
We pick em up just to drop em again
Learn lessons and cultivate understanding… 188 more words


dVerse Poetics: Muse Mixology

So, a poet walks into a bar…

photo by de jackson

De here (aka WhimsyGizmo), and today I’d like us to mix our muses up a bit by throwing some pub and drinking terms in the blender: 225 more words


Honesty of the Rappers

listening to poets and philosophers that gave up the hollow words
podiums for pedants so we cram our lives in syllables
slick rhyme quick and so much swinging dick… 226 more words


Random 1.25.17

​Player man, talkie man
Busy phoney trendy man
Every culture scraping for cool clan
Modern society claiming all young kin
Laid down laid back coolish skin… 108 more words