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Bluff Boys Tokin Magic Puffs

See dem boys live talk rep self so hard
They so hard
Street thugging it so hard
Nobody understands me
Same damn message as boy band beats… 325 more words


Forgot the main spark

House of the Dead, Dostoevsky’s assemblage of his time in a Siberian work prison and his attempt to once again tell something of the human condition, his zeitgeist, spirits within and away. 374 more words


Mack at Fall for the Book in Fairfax, VA

Fall For The Book, the best literary festival in the world (what?), is starting, and many of my life roles come together! Here is a schedule of where I will be in the next week in official capacity as author, gallery curator, and small press editor. 197 more words


Random stuff from Hakka night


Black nerds got a place with us.

I’m glad they have a space to trust.

Can be themselves without proving nothing.

If only the women got the same lovin. 38 more words



Carolina sings the eine kleine for she has no nice piana

Dull set tones from gurgle mouth

She brushes and spits the orchestral bout

Her electro brush plays the vibrato… 69 more words


Corporate Gangsta

Slick with the criminal but terminology mutuals
Rob a rich bitch with hopeful residuals
Bend over for dividends
Tax write-off for donations
Wealth friends… 243 more words


Nother deja vu
One with the German and the death clock
Showed him beautiful death
The encroachment of Time
Man’s frenemy
Golden grasshopper mad eyes… 27 more words