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Anything can be made real

Human fear of imagine, transition, spooky ghost light phantasm.

My paranoia drunken jew Allen thoughts turned proper parable real.

Scared that I forgot what was live and what was dream. 83 more words


liked Grime bfore know the name

Thissa UK bass with the lundun twist
twixt the rhyme and rubble of breakbeat streets
chains broke off feet not on the necks
runnin man and femmes runnin thru projects… 137 more words


12 Radical Reasons to Write Poetry

For most of the first two decades of my business career, I bifurcated my interests between “professional” and “creative.” In retrospect, this was a big mistake and a root cause of much unnecessary tension in my life. 706 more words


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Returning for an encore, my “virtual guest-blogger” today is Kelly Belmonte with another thought-provoking, poetry-related list! :- D

12 Practical Excuses for Reading Poetry Daily

For many busy professionals, reading poetry is not up on the daily to do list. And if it is, it is somewhere down in the “nice to do” part of the list, around number thirty-seven perhaps, somewhere after “take out trash” and “file nails.” Even if you like poetry (or love it, as I do), it may be more of a guilty pleasure than a “must do.” It is on your vacation list, your beach book list, your when-work-life-balance-gets-sorted-out list. 839 more words


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My “virtual guest-blogger” today is Kelly Belmonte, an insightful poet who shares 12 very good "excuses" for making poetry a part of your daily life! :- D  

Dear White People (netflix)

Pull of the trigger
All it will take to extinguish a life
Bring pain and heartache to so many is
Pull of the trigger

An impersonal tool of destruction set off by one finger… 50 more words


Tuesday Poetics: Wish you were here.

{Postcards from the (L)Edge.}

Greetings, my poetic friends! De here (aka WhimsyGizmo).

Are you tired yet? Going crazy? Isn’t April the wildest poetry month? Many of us are rocking at least one poem a day, all month long. 309 more words


Oldies but Goodies, No Matter the Age

Lillian here. Hosting dVerse one more time before we’re off traveling again from April 16 to May 19 – doing a transAtlantic cruise and then cruising through the Norwegian Fjords, Ireland and Iceland. 513 more words