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Poetics: In Tune with Nature

My name is CC and I will be your host today. This is my first time hosting the bar and I’m excited for this opportunity because I’ve been a part of the D’Verse community for quite awhile. 754 more words


Dark Drink

It tastes so good
I want another sip
Deep in brews dark dip
Flow in the cup
Drown in the stein
Lift to the lips… 674 more words



Calmly walking little white stockings with a shimmer blue dress
Lollipop duets with the long shadow projection
Dainty shoe placements black flats on indigo roads… 265 more words


Green Backs

This is the corrupt nation that plagues the people
Revolution on the TV station but commercial interrupted
Riot gear cops serve and protect greedy infestations… 399 more words


Dailies 6

Irretrievable incontrovertible Max Planck parable timely ivy grow deep blimey
Sullied spun words dance in the skull so tizzy fro frizzy boondocks spiffy
Calingula feel ya attitude kill ya bounty killa rap filla… 196 more words


poetics: All Aboard

Hello poets, thanks for stopping by. I hope your July has been eventful as it flies by.

The past month has found me cycling nearly 500 miles along old railroad trails ( rails-to-trails ) where abandoned tracks are turned to recreational use. 374 more words


Democracy Hypocrisy

I walked on a lonely bridge in the middle of nowhere middle of winter. Whitescapes and grey feelings emanating, permeating, tingling tingaling body burning with the quest for fire, the need to find the living sensation, life-affirming brazen waves shocking deformed form into awakening. 617 more words