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Identity Gained, Morality Lost

Little dreidels on the hillside
Little dreidels made of clay
We would play and we would spin
Then one day they went away

Lots of noises lots of sirens… 62 more words


Impersonation of Joe Budden

They say roll with the punches so I’m swinging Mary
Luscious lefty and Kid Moe scary
My outside is youthful my inside lugged baggage
Cause I’m living with the absence of my happiest self… 80 more words



The day is my enemy

The night my slave

Wrap me tightly in dark circles

Hold me down in moonlit chains

Embracing chilled airs surrounding ensnaring slither slice my bodice as I writhe ecstatic ecstasy. 139 more words


We are here

And the lambs did come together under the kindly arms of the great provider. Lo his mighty hands and embiggened heart curving along the soft heads of babes and poor dwellers. 194 more words


Random sampling of my texts

Colors deep on shallow minds

‘Merica in da salvation

Mad nation blaming mild and maple neighbours

Norhherners bringing in too many foreigners

Brown skin, Allah kin syllogical to terrorism… 142 more words



World’s a peaceful green with oceans salty and birthing
I remember some age of beauty and being a kid just loving and watching
Hiking and spanning eyefuls of artful joyous… 213 more words


Ramblings leave this body

This lateral focus is reminiscent of Sophists
Rotund and wide-eyed like statuary of Botticellis
I miss the beauty and all I see is bellies
Raise in the modern society of North American beauty messaging… 443 more words