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Tuesday Poetics: Wish you were here.

{Postcards from the (L)Edge.}

Greetings, my poetic friends! De here (aka WhimsyGizmo).

Are you tired yet? Going crazy? Isn’t April the wildest poetry month? Many of us are rocking at least one poem a day, all month long. 309 more words


Oldies but Goodies, No Matter the Age

Lillian here. Hosting dVerse one more time before we’re off traveling again from April 16 to May 19 – doing a transAtlantic cruise and then cruising through the Norwegian Fjords, Ireland and Iceland. 513 more words


Machiavelli Straitjacket

Sittin listening to Tupac explain his life
Reups and remixes and is he back right?
Can’t help picturing myself with the similar shoulder burdens
No guns and drugs but the memories of pain and loss… 335 more words


Does your dog wear a raincoat???

Why . . .do people put raincoats on dogs? Why are we enamored with Winnie the Poo and Micky Mouse? Why do we talk about the tortoise and the hare as if they are somehow competing in a race? 593 more words


guys and dolls

The girl went from Pampers to wanting to be pampered
Vacations, play + frolic, value of a dollar second to shallow fodder
Model life, model toy boy… 149 more words


Shadow and Lust  (Buffy vol. 2 reading)

Afloat aflight

On wings of men’s screams

Filled with burden but light, spines crawling out her back

Insect dartwings curl round pale blue skin

Curve in back sinfully singing… 53 more words


Impersonation of Eminem

So again we say we don’t want a war
Thug passions spilling out onto bloody floors
Bust a gat like nuts we workaholic porn stars… 251 more words