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Where are the answers?

What are days for?

And do you have any concept of time?

The days are for thinking,

But don’t try and mine,

too hard to find the answers, 39 more words


I HAVE THE POWER… of words

I wanna stop and stare at the moon in a crystal globe reflecting my deep-seated wishes. I wanna kick up a quiet riot in a dustbowl hellhole built for two. 787 more words


British Yanks

She put a plate of wafer crackers
And gobbled down pork and knackers
Around she played my tallywackers
No no jam but plenty smackers

Smooth lil injun make me totem pole… 59 more words


Fortune cookie message for...writers?

Of all the bits of humor and wisdom I ever thought I’d get from a fortune cookie, I never expected a précis on writing that applies beautifully to Japanese-style micropoetry. 7 more words


Poetics : Sinful Monsoon

Welcome to Poetics. I have a very unique theme in mind this time. This comes with a story as well – an idea that I grew up with in form of stories, poetry, geography, science and what not. 413 more words


Long Pig

By land and by sea they come for me
Holding spears of misery
Jabbed and pierced evenly
Rushed towards the boiling cauldron
With no hope do I but fall in… 169 more words


Poetics: You are my caviar

Hello everyone! Kanzen here, I am so glad to be here with one of my favorite subjects – Food: a universal in its simplest permutation. We all eat, have favorite foods, memorable meals – a last meal, a first meal, comfort food, shameful food – the politics of food – starvation, being a vegan, eating for health. 478 more words