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poetry and suicide
the two left feet
of a child
forced to play
a waste
of strangeness

Touching Art: The Poetics and the Politics of Exhibiting the Tree of Life

This study focusses on the exhibition of the Tree of Life, a sculpture made in Mozambique of decommissioned, dismantled weapons, created to celebrate peace and commissioned by the British Museum, chosen to be the symbol of the ‘Africa 2005’ season of cultural events and exhibited in its Great Court between February and October 2005. 34 more words



in my plainness a seesaw

in her dream jaw her dreamboat’s jawbone

in our daily belly

in the church of rolling our own
a film… 37 more words


the spell we’re under for mocking the wrong ballerina

it learned here to roll over

to be
on fire

childhoods of dog-breath and wand

{name calling, poems, March 2017}

barton smock
March 2017

self-published, available here:


book preview on site is book entire

it’s yellow

free PDF copies to anyone requesting, also free hard copy to anyone interested in reviewing / all requests as such can be sent to me at bartonsmock@yahoo.com… 11 more words


why does uncle
love baseball
and throw
so hard

what’s a city

kid I come before you
knowing full well
I won’t remember
my answers… 30 more words

no animal makes up for lost time

come home
I’ll wear
a shirt