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bodies broken into

                              of shy fires:
to a lover who screams astaghfirullah before exploding
all over your carpet, you insist ecstasy is a central aspect of all faiths. 268 more words


ZERO at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam is a historical survey of the international network of avant-garde artists from the 1950s and 1960s. It is dynamic, energetic and very tactile. 87 more words



Cluck: the energy of a nest rising through the hen giving birth to it as sound; the two are indistinguishable. The nest cups the hen; the hen fills and makes the nest. 61 more words

Word Origin

the final pullout is next to the Johanniter-bridge

the night walks circles on a path
equipped with only a thick cane
leaning dark&meaning-ful
into the weak cone of a streetlamp

i can hardly see him as i bike by… 172 more words


David McGimpsey: Secondhand Bookshopping in Montreal

For the past 85 years, Montreal-based poet and musician David McGimpsey has been scouring used bookholes around Montreal for the rarest editions of classic novels, poetry collections, and anthologies so that he may share his discoveries with the world. 61 more words


I feel
as if waking
takes strength that
I seem
to lack since
this me
with quiet
and empty lips,
has no,
no need… 34 more words

articles of faith

the monastery on the hillside there
was established in the twelfth century
it was used as a detention centre
by the nazis during the occupation… 121 more words