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for sleeping

the barber and the cyclops
in the nosebleeds

food (v)

I lost three days of my life. four

than my father.

I am sad when two people kiss.

I appear to animal
that my brother… 27 more words


I can only do small things


you’ll have to take me at my word.

I have privately published a book titled {in this life another is you} which is a gathering of 50+ unpublished / unavailable / non-displayed poems of mine. 45 more words

machine poetic_v_1

The dog looks through my looking at him; butternut-coloured, an electric yellow strand clasped around its neck. The dog—a shiba inu, for which Cheng has a special concern—drifts through other bodies, dry grasses, a torrent of grey snow. 802 more words


sins from the field

what time I have
to write
I spend

the insect
in the room.

infants for the end of tourism.

your mom
the empty