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Perusing Poetics: You Write What You Know, Even if You Don't Know You're Doing It

So, I’m usually not a fan of big block quotes. They’re clunky, take up space and it’s REALLY HARD to dissect them properly. For this week’s post, however, I might have to make an exception. 777 more words


Temporary Autonomous Zone

Hakim Bey has been a big influence in my philosophy over the last decade. Between Temporary Autonomous Zone, Immediatism and Pirate Utopias (written as Peter Lamborn Wilson) he outlines a humanistic way of living – seeking personal sovereignty through poetic acts. 144 more words


the boy won't eat

to him, these meals
are small
fictions. there is

some truth
to his mother

the weigher
of light.

extramural (iv)

uncle has been all day figuring the teeth of his that will never touch. he has this riddle he calls code for what to get the man who has nothing. 61 more words

difficult pregnancies

the crow
in each
of its two
an arm.

father said
on the lookout

for the receiver
of an old
phone. to this day… 13 more words

Poetics - Vocation or Call

“Before I can tell my life what I want to do with it, I must listen to my life telling me who I am.”

― Parker J. 609 more words