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cleanse thyself daily in the baths of truth,

and never again shall you have to endure,

the odious stench of lies,

falsehoods attracting flies to your skin.


"The Fallguy's Faith" by Robert Coover

Falling from favor, or grace, some high artifice, down he dropped like a discredited predicate through what he called space (sometimes he called it time) and with an earsplitting crack splattered the base earth with his vital attributes. 448 more words



it is god’s job to keep the world flat. I stand on a wheelchair to change a light bulb while my brother goes down a hill on the sled sister disappeared from. 38 more words

themes for slang

the blood
the spiritual
of the woman’s

here is what it said, it said
I think
I have
a mother
whose hands… 10 more words

Interstate 85

Quarry sands piled high
Along Interstate 85
Like a long still body
Her tan mound breasts
towards the smothered sky

Silent cows piled high
Along Interstate 85… 63 more words

Many Lives

He sits in his chair, steel trap life bound. People watching in the city, cross from the park parked wheels locked daymaring. Sickening sinister visions clash flash in too heavy head; hello heaviness. 380 more words


Rae Lavande Pellerin: Drifting

“These three videos sequences represent the documentation of a temporary installation made in the forest area around Lac Malette, Mont‐Tremblant, in October 2014. The installation consisted of a length of 1.1 kilometers of string woven throughout the forest. 96 more words