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Uncreative Writing: a Tai Lopez love poem

What should you do if you have writer’s block?

It’s a question that has plagued poets since the beginning.  William Stafford, one of the most prolific poets of the 20th century, famously said to lower your standards, to write down whatever crap came sifting through your head.  313 more words

Sunday Is For Vampire - 2

On that note my grandson’s here

Hotel Transylvania 2 it’s clear

Won’t scare him away

His movie, why should it?

As we keep up tradition… 79 more words

Books & Stories


“you are the secret watching the private act”
– from Citi, by RA Washington

ruins are for playing tricks on the past and god is the mugshot newborns love. 25 more words

abuse in the museums of afterthought

you’re not small enough to be alone in the world.

old ghost-brain
gets a bike.


easy on the eyes, her parents

in the white-haired dream of stroke’s snowfall

her other, the apple-diver gone AWOL from the priesthood

her twin, tapped out… 33 more words



a brother
on the roof
with his raft

and the white mouse
his baby
like a bottle


the coming
of radar’s
crow, the lights

of illegible

Hidden Hearts


Hear the breeze?

She articulates her
whim. Her will’s
another story
Hear the beat?

The art we are
(our center)
doesn’t have a color, 31 more words