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the hindsight of sunday brunch

her face on the bed down

the drapes down

the door down

the blues on the record spin

the long way to the bathroom

a fair stance into a useless mirror stare… 205 more words

the seagram reflection

If I was a better photographer I probably could’ve captured the reflection better, but do you see how nicely the arched windows from the building across the street are reflected in this building’s entrance? 29 more words



lists (i)

the identity
of the kid
beat us up

the schoolyard
our church
of arson

lists (ii)

the three point line
is the madman… 222 more words

let me...

as a homeless man clings to his rags,

let me hold my hurt closest,

nearest to my heart,

let me embrace my pain always,

up at my breast, 96 more words

Free Verse

themes for depiction

though the man says
it’s all
in the fire pit

he holds
in disbelief
the sadness
of two
cocks. dog is as dog does… 6 more words

Love in a Mountain Town

Quietly perusing old musty maps
of wide mouthed rivers
running through Western corridors
while the bookshop owner,
a little silver-
haired lady in a flowered frock… 188 more words

themes for scorpion

there’s the god I remember.

I’m fasting
for two.