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(eating the animal back to life, poems, 316 pages)

in the same news, I have a new, self-published, full-length collection:

eating the animal back to life’ (July 2015, 316 pages)

book preview on site is book entire. 83 more words

Ocean waves crashing down. The roar of water loud as the media pummeling news & discontent. Like fireworks booming in my sleep. Dreams, a momentary escape. 150 more words


(from) infant cinema

we are writing on satan’s baseball the words we use for lonesome objects. we have in common a mother who can’t take us anywhere. a father known for dieting and forgiveness. 9 more words

Should I just keep Nevermind

I let a woman I fell
In love with for 8 hours
(Im a romantic) completely
So amazing that way. Some parts of blessed members that have them, say a pair of legs I ……. 798 more words

Avant-Garde Art


To know you is to get
at the root of you,
to the purple hues
underneath the filmy cases
wrapped so tightly
with the tissue paper… 53 more words

(from) infant cinema

this is me
for a photo
of my father’s
last meal.


to have
the allergic
my mother

for proof
of animal… 10 more words

Creative Writing Club Lit Journal 

Here’s a sneak peek of the cover and contents for Listen Vol.1. Expected release is fall semester.

Creative Writing