Tags » Poetry 1990's


I would be the tide

that moves your sea

as waves of you

go breaking through my soul,

and you – the gust of wind… 20 more words



A path leads down to the river,

the river runs down to the sea

where the gulls

and the zephyr that follow

bring naught but a daydream to me. 39 more words


Magic Carpet Soup

It rolls in to me

one fresh churned wave

of salt-laden soup

in mussel shell blue

with armor of chiton

in sea-weed sway… 57 more words


Short Ode to March


how winter thins

as shadows quicken

in sunlit trees

as dew swells

the un-sheared lawn

with promises, promises

and dreams are joined… 6 more words


Middle of February

Gray sky

like Sunday’s paper

spreads in starchy folds

across the morning,

driving rain

through unripe shadows

sprinkling clues

on birding trees.

And where the purple… 22 more words


Time Out

They leak out

from the calendar –

seconds, minutes lost.

They steal away

into the fog

and freeze to winter’s frost.

I close my eyes… 74 more words


Explanation of Love

      With apologies to Carl Sandburg*

Love wears no shoes.

It uncoils barefoot

in the sand

and wiggles

like a slinky

between bare souls

playing in the waves… 50 more words