Tags » Poetry 1990's


Music rises from her garden,

goes off key

and disappears

into the sky.

Curious, she digs

with her bare hands

past dead roots

and rotting leaves… 62 more words



She would sate his fevered brow

with the coolness

of a gauzy cloud

until it rained

upon the mountains

filling streams

with tall white water… 43 more words



She teeters on the log

in the middle of the stream

and wavers

as it bobs and spins.

“If you fall

you’ll only get  22 more words


White Night

And there was such a midnight

when the air took on a glow

and the sky began to loosen

and the dark was lit by snow… 27 more words


Once Upon a Storm

(from 1993)

When morning woke in silence

and you heard naught but a prayer,

when the earth was scented misty

came a tightness in the air. 96 more words



He cuts away gold-threaded robes,

rips the collar from his voice,

kicks away the leaded boots

and finds that he can dance

beyond the trappings… 36 more words


Lament of the Night Watchman

Old castle rests on brambled shores

near curling leaves and browning lawn

as ivy coils through empty doors

where once his golden sword was drawn. 141 more words