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Echoes from the Summer of Love

It’s been 50 years. This is a collage of my memories from “The Summer of Love”, 1967.

Falling from the prom

first love stuck… 461 more words


Quick Glances

An image of you;
You and I.
Not this life, not this time.
Your beauty diffuses into a room,
doses of deadly gasses.
A few quick glances, 11 more words

Arts And Sciences


When she called his name

to the north wind

it roared

through the trees

and made her winter green.

When she called his name… 82 more words


Consider the Source

We are tuna fish

breathing the sea,

oblivious to mayo and toast.

We are cocoa

in the hot southern bean,

our proof is not yet in the pudding. 52 more words



She searches for a pulse

her fingers kneading earth

beneath rocks and stones

to reach the heart of Gaia.

There she rides the quake… 58 more words


Song Sparrow

Oh garden bird

you kept a wild heart

between your ribs

as you danced

the morning zephyr

darting circles

through the phlox.

Your last song… 46 more words




Possum tumbles

like an old football

through branches

to the garden below.

Dazed, he snuffles

through warm leaves

climbs again

limb by slow limb… 38 more words