Tags » Poetry 1990's

The Wait

And she will dwell

in a cottage of white

and wait for him

at the river’s edge

with birds and breezes

tending the trees. 43 more words


A Toast

It changes fast

that marbled sky

from sheets of paste

to curds of gray

and thin blue belts

with heads of steel


by chain lightning. 40 more words


Under the Umbrella

She takes in the street,

its rain-polished gleam

of high wet shadows,

of tall crows in bare trees.

Cupping her hands

she gathers a reflection… 11 more words


Rush Hour

From dark, wet lawns

fallen leaves flee

to the gutters,

the streets

spinning cinnamon orange

until giddy, they tumble

in sun-dried whorls

to catch the next storm… 9 more words



Would it not be

a greater love

to silence keep,

to hide one’s heart

when it is fettered

sneaking past

those greater dreams,

pretending not to see? 34 more words


We Shield our Eyes

Where do we hide

when Mother Nature

swings her fist

into the mesh

of continuity?

Who engineered these promises

we thought were tempered steel? 74 more words


Autumn (for Dad - 1915-1997)


It was a long, silent fall

into the days

where “Dad” was spoken

in past tense.

He was tall

like autumn shadows… 70 more words