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Broken Pieces

Broken pieces of Somebodys
fall in patterns on the ground,
shards of hope and scattered heartache
for forgiveness, never found,
all that lingered of the image… 135 more words



You cannot find unicorns by asking butterflies.

They will tell you lies.

The demented butterfly only speaks in riddles,

will lead you down a story that only returns back to the beginning. 137 more words


Awakened, He Turns to the Wall (Cento), with Recording


Awakened, He Turns to the Wall (Cento) 

Then, everything slept.
Where were you before the day?

You see here the influence of inference,
whereby things might be seen… 108 more words


Haiku-A-Day #1778

Neighborhood is dark

Trees dance in the howling wind

Candle lit dinner


une touche de bleu...

God seeing you still makes me nervous

Still wondering what your lips taste like

Still wondering what is underneath it all

Wrapped up, rolled up with you early in the morning first thing… 29 more words


Far Away

When I wake
I am certain
I have cried an ocean
in my sleep.
An ocean
on which I,
a lonely sail boat,
unsteadily remain afloat, 50 more words


With Respect, Marina

( This was inspired by Marina Tsvetayeva’s poem,  ” Some Forebear of Mine Was A Violinist”)

I dreamt about your uncle,  of how

you stole those apricots and placed the blame on him, 105 more words