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TANKA -- 07282015-4

the sadness

holes drilled in a school

that gave all it could

tomorrow the explosives

that echo forever

© Copyright 2015-2016 Ron Evans 9 more words



It’s all about settling
This act of sitting still
Sliding imperceptibly
Shackled to the ground
As it shifts over time
And voices carry overhead
A cacophony of noise… 84 more words


HAIKU -- 07282015-3

where the dead man surfaced ―

blue and green circles

of gasoline

© Copyright 2015-2016 Ron Evans 9 more words


HAIKU -- 07282015-2

grim-faced men —

faces drowned in tears — dragging the lake

for a young athlete

© Copyright 2015-2016 Ron Evans 20 more words



Having that key
meant more to me
than just a way in.

It represented
a bond between us
considered permanent.

Were my desires
such an abomination; 15 more words



How am I seeing what I’m seeing, and is it just a dream? Life, you appear to me spontaneously as a form that traces the infinite nothing with ethereal impressions like watercolor worlds on a shadow canvas. 93 more words


What I Stole From His Lectures

One’s a jesuit

the other’s a gun runner

both make it to print at the same time.

This one’s so blasphemous

he didn’t need to be banned. 22 more words