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poem-feeding birds (again)

The chickadees are spreading the word,

New restaurant in the neighbourhood!

Oh, such gossip and chatter in the trees,

when I’ve filled the feeder with sunflower seeds!


Maging Akin Ka Sana

Lumapit ka sana’t kamay ko’y abutin
Ibubulong kong tanong iyong sagutin
Maaari bang ikaw ay maging akin?
Maari bang ako’y iyong ibigin?

Tanging sa ‘yo nakatuon ang paningin… 123 more words



Honesty, a fair flower,

grows on your grave.

I find it ironic

how the simple headstone

with simply your name

has weathered

two decades

and grown beautifully… 19 more words


Endurance, 1946

Endurance, 1946

Unaware of the day’s movements, she paints her
reply to the bracelet of light flaring above

the horizon. Tomorrow’s edict is gather, 127 more words


Monday's musing

Feeling in the pink.
Monday’s grand when I’m near sand.
Good thing I can dream.


The Other M (Mother)

Your façade is not bullet proof.
It is no ghost town.
A keen observer like your mum
Can see through the cracks,
Your SOS, the finely concealed… 556 more words


Pondering deeds

I raise my hands to the sky
And close my eyes
Don’t know what’s up there
Sure as hell don’t know why

Fat teardrops
Tumble down dry cheeks… 81 more words