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Let go of the words that have been building up in me.

Feels so good that I can’t believe I hold them in so long. 115 more words



He could have chosen to fly alone

light as air, weightless as feather
He could soar higher, go farther

on his own. But he brought me along… 83 more words


Still Hands (Cento)

Still Hands (Cento)

I let it burn, rooted as it is. Now
nothing else keeps my eyes

in the cloud – get close to a star, 91 more words


Yes, That too...

The night is unwilling to let go of the melancholic feelings

Even though dawn is about to arrive and knock at the door

That which conspires in nature makes the environment quite sombre… 134 more words


From Out Of Time

Where the hourglass
Has broken and shattered
You’ll find me once again
A quiet oasis amidst the roaring desert

The last dream in fleeting
Glimpses of the infallible kingdom… 69 more words


Santana's Black Magic Woman

Got a black magic woman.
Got a black magic woman.

I’ve got a black magic woman
Got me so blind I can’t see,
That she’s a black magic woman and… 108 more words


Fuck You, Cancer!


You sneak in,

Like a thief,


Entering the body,

Forcing it

To wage war on itself,

Sapping strength,

Muscle and bone,

Like a pestilence, 265 more words