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I Can't Say

I lost something
Something I can’t name, something I can’t say—
A confidence, a possibility, a spunk.
My head, once full of magic and poetry, 58 more words


Cubes of pineapples on a sunny night

The window is ajar beside me,
I’m eating bite-sized cubes of pineapple.
My hair is soft, and smells like citrus
and the better sort of olives. 64 more words


After school

tomorrow,  lets go to the lake where i
will spill over and swim

beneath the surface of wet sunlight
to touch the weightlessness of the divine



Not everything has fallen that you’re trying to pick up.

You are a child over the broken plate that hasn’t hit the floor just yet. 31 more words


Feeble Realisations

Inimical waves breach the decrepit defences of a citadel

Mangled designs were revived from discarded parchments

Bruised egos gathered to conspire a faulty realism

Charlatans were honoured for their extraordinary contribution… 45 more words


Six Word Story: LUCK

And then there she was, again.

che chidi chukwumerije.

This was exactly one year ago my offering for the Six Word Story Challenge hosted by Nicola at Sometimes Stellar Storyteller.  6 more words


You consume my every thought
That I want to put into words
But every poem that begins
Sounds like a eulogy
That I will have to give. 224 more words