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Halloween's Moon

Hunter’s Moon
A poem by Liz Bennefeld

Clouds across the moon’s face
cast shadows on the path ahead
where sharp winds set leaves free
from their icy cover… 37 more words


The Mapmaker [3.0]

The shifting terrain
surrendered to the sky
when the sandstorm came.

A vision smoothed
by sandblasted eyes
rises from the dunes.

A page sanded clean, 44 more words

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Haiku a Day #26

Gazing eye to eye
in mantra meditation
the whole universe


Watch me

Watch me, Love

as I thrive

Watch my nature overcomes

Watch your futile attempts to hew me

turn to dust.

Watch my body that provoked the cave -man you are – uncovered… 103 more words


Fragrance Of Childhood

The wind brought a smell with it today, a fragrance of childhood
A thousand images flashed before the eyes, a tear escaped and so did a smile… 111 more words


It’s Too Hard

Excuses are made
From a sense of goodness.
Failure will follow.


Haiku Day Two

I was talking to my son the other day and expressing to him that my creativity/artwork has fallen by the wayside.  He suggested I do an art sadhana since I was so good at sadhana (daily spiritual practice).  85 more words

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