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Into such a sudden beauty

Listen! hear what i do-
Clouds like a listless stranger
wading in a silk sky river
Cinnamon grass
dancing and dandling with dare
Ash-boughs these in colored wisp… 24 more words


A Voice in the Storm

Elijah sat on the rock

looking out over the desert,

seeing nothing, hearing nothing

out of the ordinary;

Then the earth began to shake,

rocks rolled down the cliff-face… 101 more words


These Sweet Lies

You thought these lies

Had been gone

Made the the pack

Pretend to turn blind

They’re dust to you

They’re blood to me

You try… 32 more words


The sudden brilliance of her love

Near the ending of a wonderful day

The sun had slipped beneath the horizon

and when she spoke

the stars sang in their spheres

The moonshine glittered in her eyes… 51 more words



He tipped his head back
and howled with mirth.
If I wasn’t so shocked
he possessed a sense of humor,
I would have laughed with him. 20 more words

Sarah Doughty