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Bright blue water calls

up the wind of summer days

sit back and absorb.


Mother Earth

close encounters of the birdkind

note: There was a carnival/festival going on in my area, so one of the attractions was to pay $3 and stand in a cage full of parakeets with a bird treat. 94 more words



spring bouquet still blooms

up the colder mountain top

summer waits a day.

Mother Earth

between the frozen field

and the sudden patch of birches

I love to hear a cardinal whistle

says my father

apropos of everything

Happy Father’s Day!


I STAND BEFORE THE EARTH (A Father's Poem) by Su'eddie Vershima Agema

The sands of Mbanor kiss my feet
As my eyes behold mounds of my past
Thinking of my present as I bury the future

I am at a door in my head… 133 more words



dropped thermometer
into pan of boiling jam
fingertips sizzle


Burning Fences

A hedgehog’s haven
Luckily none have made their way
Just twigs and branches
An old chest of drawers
And a single fence panel

Running to the kitchen… 228 more words