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Poetry: "Daffodils"

Yeah…I am hardly the first one in existence to write about daffodils. Enjoy this humble offering, if you will.

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When We Arrived: Re-Membering Etheridge Knight

I have been a fan of Sonia Sanchez ever since I found her in the library book shelf during my sophomore year in high school.  I wanted to know all about her/where she got her name/where was she educated/did she have children/was she married.  231 more words



Seeking what I am to learn within this lifetime….
the struggles are many and rewards seem few..

Cycles are incessantly repeating
Constant perception of “de ja vu”… 53 more words


NaPoWriMo 18


 It began with a feeling of restlessness

a prickling under the skin a whiff of ozone a startlement of birds … she threw the bones, spread her cards, consulted the stars, but all she got was chaos no hint of how, what when or why to give direction to the eager race horse of her body waiting at the starting gate for a signal that never came.

© 2015 Christine Irving


Day 19: The Race

Hurry up! Or you’ll be late!
Mama Boa stussly called
to Olielle and brother Drake,
who liked to dawdle and negate.

No we won’t, they justifored, 190 more words



The fine filaments of the silk worm
And the craftsmanship of a weaving mill
In the flowing movements
Of to and fro, left and right, up and down… 194 more words