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How Supernovas are made.

It will come down to what you think is enough.

And on some evenings, the ache from phantom heart wounds is what will burn you even when your limbs are protesting over exertion. 510 more words


keep her

Believe, keeper of time
grow into yourself, dear friend
allow moments of bliss
the tortuous dance to stop.

Teach, a shot in the dark
boiler points of contention… 67 more words



Sunrise, the eye of light

the sky, the loneliness of light

the wilderness, the shine of light

water, the cold of light

day, life, lifetime… 61 more words



J ust fill your heart with gratitude
O nly love survives
Y ou create your own happiness



From the collection Autumn Opens a Door, published in 2015.


Study group
that actually seems to be studying
holds my attention because so many study groups…

61 more words

Asking For Help

Hello all. For those of you who don’t know me, my name’s Omar Sakr (it’s plastered all over this joint, so this should be obvious, to be honest). 860 more words


Romantic Tuesday

Halloween Night………..mare

The night got dark an unknown place
forgot the house number now I am chased
The moon so full the night so clear… 212 more words