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Rain Over Bright Cities

Spit ashes
I eat these ashes
I’ll come for you
when the whites of my eyes
hide the iris.
when you will
me gone.
Rainbow ring around carotid, 17 more words


Your Gift

To give with resentment
is a bitter gift indeed.
Keep that to which you cling
for it helps no one
when the gift comes
wrapped in greed.



A pile of blankets

to swathe

the cold away.

Long socks

because she can’t afford

a fire, or the gas.

In a chipped marmalade jar… 21 more words


With Two Whispers

Seduce me

with only

two whispers

then let

tongue and lips

speak sensations

across my begging skin

bring silent poetry

to my neck and ears… 17 more words


Recording of My Poem "His Softness"


His Softness

What name would survive
had you not stepped into the water

that day? Memory assigned
a separate word, another given,

and the face I’d placed with you… 106 more words


Other People's Pain

The money comes from other’s pain

And goes to healing other’s pain

I do not cause the pain

I simply take it’s photograph

I search the pain out in small towns… 97 more words

The Wandering Yankee


Sat back in a chair,
summer heat,
it’s all burning up,
choked up,
silent summer smoke.

Black metal roasting
the seat of your pants. 160 more words