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28 May: Awakening

My sleepy eyes look out for light,

and your smiling ones return –

‘Welcome to this day.’

You’ve been waiting for my waking.

Now sitting, I lean back, 43 more words



We clambered up a bleach-scented

staircase, to Accident and Emergency.

The milling queue of sick patients

disgusted me. We took a number,

sat down in the shabby waiting room. 66 more words


Bored LIFE

Having a regular day here in rainy Manny. Since giving up the crack life has become pedestrian to say the least. I find that my rhyming has also died a bit hence the lack of regular posts lately. 31 more words


None so blind

The truth is there

in the morning dew, the evening mist,

in the careful tread of the deer

in the curled bud of a rose. 104 more words


So it’s another day – whoopdeefrickendoo

Another uncharted territory I have to see myself through


no map

© Kait King, 2015

Kait King Author

Love you

I love you more each day

He says

And I say I love you

And I’ve felt this this way




my Muse demands it of me
one poem following another
one story following another

she sits there
like Scheherazade
using me as
part of her great machine… 36 more words