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Chasing sun rays
That inevitably escape
At the end of each day

Soon darkness invades
Hurry run the other way
It’s not too late

Try and stay awake… 7 more words


Gentle Rains

Sean Michael, October 2017

Bereft of her touch
I shrivel up inside
Like a dehydrated rose
My glory
Crushed petals

The tears I shed saturate my soul… 124 more words



I carry poems of you
inside my eyelids

Every night,
I fall asleep to wake up
to a dream of your absence

my heart races near implosion… 45 more words


Bring Us Home

Bongo drums
keeps the beat
dancers circle
in full moon splendor
shaman guides
on healing journey
deep into the Great Beyond

All over the world… 38 more words


late dreams, autumn (poem)

late dreams, autumn

some flowers open and close
day and night, blossom and
fall spring and autumn.
i do the same on these
mountains. the sun rises… 138 more words

Ray Hemachandra


All done
Hair and makeup undone
But I’m done
Nope, this isn’t a dry run
Believe it or not, I’m all done
Washing machine after the clothes has spun… 69 more words



Perhaps if I told you your face is the moon’s,
a rock, bright, defying all, but most of all, gravity,
carving flight paths of stone that land… 117 more words