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Friday Poem – ‘As we live’, Martyn Crucefix

This week as our Friday Poem we have ‘As we live’ by Martyn Crucefix, from his latest collection, The Lovely Disciplines.

A second-hand book proves to be the window into another’s world in ‘As we live’, which picks apart a scrawled shopping list to conjure plans, insecurities, and possible futures. 86 more words


dust: our origins and state are redeemed by God's grace

We may have entered Lent with dust ashes symbolically smudged on our foreheads, revealing we are dusty people in desperate need of a Saviour. God’s Light penetrates to show us the way to live and love with the freedom and compassion only He can bring. 431 more words


The Girl with the Golden Eyes

The girl with the golden eyes

smiled at me.

I hadn’t expected it nor was

I adequately prepared.

I stammered and stuttered,

made a quick joke, fixed my… 124 more words

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Falling Upward

The world
is falling

But we
are falling

reigns in
public places.

But we harbor
peace in
private moments.

shouts from… 18 more words


Stay With Me

“So please, I beg you, don’t give up
on me yet. Stay with me.”

Here I am, sitting in the darkness. And I know what lies ahead of me. 104 more words

Sarah Doughty


Even brown paper
is trying to escape from
our own dead KMart.

Dead KMart Series
Lubbock, Texas
photographed 3.12.2017


buttery spring

buttery spring has come to
lick it’s cracked lips. buds
are beginning to poke their
heads from behind nature’s
bosom. and me? me, im soaking… 34 more words