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My Fellow Crooked Neighbors

There’s a book very close to my heart which has a poem very close to my heart which is very dear to the protagonist who is (yes, you guessed it) very dear to me. 891 more words


Cats And Rain

“I think that the world should be full of cats and full of rain,
that’s all,
just cats and rain.”

Charles Bukowski
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We search for the things we believe we need and even deserve. Not realizing that deserve has nothing to do with it for if we truly got what we deserve we could be sorely disappointed. 31 more words


When My Forever Ends

How much have I shared here? Done that and been there…from the obnoxious to the sincere..from my blessings to my sins and fears..from the usual to the rare…naked from all that I bare…I guess it’s natural for me to record the deformed in me…I love my deformities…who gonna form with me, stand tall and go to war for me..Me, that’s who…only I can fight for my last breath…let my words live life past my death…cherish them when you bury him…I hope these treasures pleasure them for forever and forever and forever again…this a once off and I will be here never again…in time my forever will end..

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Forever mood

Thought of the Day

Control your emotions don’t let your emotions control you. Also, do not allow anyone else to have control over your emotions.


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Words to remember

Living In An Ideal World

We have students across the country

reaching their final days,

the year of the senior

so many being asked to take that next step

that freedom of becoming official… 103 more words


sans pen sans paper sans hope

i’d really like to write a poem

it wouldn’t have to rhyme

i’d like to write about fear

about ignorance and greed

and that curious ability to decide that someone else deserves no pity or help or respect or even the slightest consideration… 117 more words