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The Perfect Piece

I adore the lyrically talented
the brave who do not stop at sing-song
and music
but poems whose words themselves
are like melody
like the rhythm of rocking chairs… 148 more words


Poem #3

I’ve learned to ignore
the ticking of the clock
unable to tell
if it’s counting up
counting down


Draft-I am Jonah

I call my father Nineveh;

he’s teaching me God’s grace

and showing me how

my obedience

will save us both.

Alexis V. Jackson



The Place of Our Arriving

The Place of Our Arriving

I never know where a poem will lead, but I always find myself happy to be there.


A Love Letter for the Lonely

To the maker who kissed
the stars with His celestial
breath and placed the cosmos
at my fingertips;

The farmer who took
the dirt from underneath His moon- 365 more words


spoken word...

To the spoken word..
The limits are the edge of the universe,
but then the universe in a sphere that spins infinitely,
stretching our possibilities to the mind that spins along… 237 more words



how do i explain that heartbreak
is not in bitter whisky on a november night
how do i explain that heartbreak
is not in blood on glass or that haunting piano waltz 108 more words