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Joy of Sleep

Sometimes at the midnight hour
to sleep…finally,
seems a reward undeserved;
no bed in this world
feels as perfectly my own!
My tired body smiles,

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This And That


The moment you realize
The world doesn’t revolve
Around the sun:
It revolves around you.



People fall so easily with me

Tripping on the ease

Stumbling on the words

Letting gravity pull them down, down, down

Into my arms

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I’m marooned on this island;
they speak my tongue
but they have no history.
When men first came here
it is said
they found other men, 74 more words


Crossing Heartbreak

She worked, wrote, pined,

Traveled, dazzled, dined,

Laughed, drank, played,

danced, pranced, prayed,

Once she stopped she slept for days

Wept for herself at length… 15 more words


Room Rated Out Of Ten- A Poem

  • Dusty Lamp— at least dusty on the bowl on top. Billions and billions of dust mites can live there, until their god remembers them. The other lightbulb is functional: 8/10…
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Kissing Dawn

Kissing Dawn
by FT Ledrew

i love to watch
early morning sun
quietly kissing
the still Atlantic
for i imagine
you are the sun
and i am the ocean