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Midday Rendezvous

Silent caresses walk hills of wanting flesh
Tempted-blue love-sick eyes whisper sonnets
Song of Solomon flushes jealous-green
Warm touching toes
Big hands cup chocolate cheekbones
Intimacy. 10 more words


Omnipresent questions carried by the radiant clouds

Ephemeral time settles somewhere in the unknown life

Within, it is a turmoil, dismayed eyes looking ahead

Numerous perplexing pathways cross each other tirelessly… 66 more words


in the hands of wicked men

A wicked man once told me that there were no good men,
only men who did their job and
men who did not.

A good man once told me there were no wicked men,
but he was mistaken.


Patmos by Aida Bode (LANDMARKS Series)

by Aida Bode

I heard one of the peasants say
he saw the birth of blue right here
inside this island,
below the knee-prints of Saint John’s prayers, 320 more words


Open Mouth Insert Foot

There are times, my friends,

it’s better to be silent

than to just shoot from the hip,

saying any old damned thing

that springs to a senile mind!


The New Normal is the Old Normal Shuttered

the new normal

has been my normal

for years

the new normal

is the old normal


now going out

is not a release

it is a tense race… 39 more words




the grandmaster dreams chess

he sings and
the pieces dance

he imagines himself
a psychologist
to whom
they come
to discuss their problems

on the big stage… 47 more words