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Summer Whispers

“It is summer again,” this Michigan brook whispers as it passes by you and disappears around the bend.


autumn haiku d’autumn - cold rain = la pluie froide

autumn haiku d’autumn - cold rain = la pluie froide

cold rain
splattered on the window - 
our cosy hearth

la fenêtre
éclaboussée de pluie froide -
le foyer chaud

Richard Vallance

Wonder Friends

I have a friend who knows the stars

who speaks to ravens, chucks otters

under chins, owns boots that

walk him right on up to miracles, 87 more words


Yes, That too...

The night is unwilling to let go of the melancholic feelings

Even though dawn is about to arrive and knock at the door

That which conspires in nature makes the environment quite sombre… 134 more words



The shades have been drawn
My sun is hidden
I lay in the DARK
Begging for the LIGHT
To feel the warmth on my skin… 94 more words


A Dream Uncovered

A Dream Uncovered (Randyjw; June 19, 2019)

Unveiling the moon

of her shrouded mysteries


Randy’s Reviews: Tears of the Moon – by Nora Roberts… 80 more words


Pain - It is Not a Competition!

It is not

a competition,

there is enough

pain to go


#JustBelieve #HopeLives #LoveChangesPeople

Everyone’s pain, sorrow and hurt is unique; not quite the same. 102 more words