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And the rain, again, takes up our day,
folds it into threes, and watches
as the world wraps up its gift,
first at the edges, then centered, 91 more words


It is without doubt that life is immeasurable 

As we spend the moments that exist 

Utilizing a measuring stick that is not universal 

Based upon an assumption of what it is to find life…

381 more words


Poetry, it is the skies.

In our physiological movements in one which he will be of individual peculiarities from 6000 to a flock of all receive me to its mental states, for some old world is pretty pink bursts and desolation lying under the memory and it again. 763 more words


Broken hearts

The suggestion for the OctPoWriMo prompt is a loop poem. This is a variant. I call it Serpent’s Tail.

There is no compassion,

passion for death replaces it, 45 more words

Drifting away

A second poem inspired by Barbara Danin’s painting

Who would have thought she had so much blood

in her, the pale girl with flowers in her hair. 37 more words

Past and Present

A cup of coffee

blended with words of love and hate —

The past. Water, please.


Have a wonderful week!





There is nothing I love more

Than dreaming of my love

Losing myself in memories

While rising like a dove 72 more words