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Walt Whitman Visits the White House

The White House would benefit from many visitors. The founders of the republic, particularly the authors of the Federalist Papers. Abraham Lincoln would be a welcome presence. 418 more words


Down Shifting

Cosmic truths or parlor tricks,
I don’t know, but
In the mornings,
We have a ritual of seeing what the stars
Have in store for us. 99 more words


Sunday, June

Sunday, June

Trying to give, I fail too often.
But this day we prepare for you
food that your beloved often cooked,
made with the ingredients of 19,000… 124 more words


the day after

there are many things
i just cannot comprehend
why give them head space
why enshrine them in my heart
go ahead and call me fool… 84 more words

Tetiana Aleksina

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tati-tonyMy Featured Blogger this week is Tetiana (Tati) Aleksina of Unbolt Me. English is not Tati's native language, but you'd never know it. Her unexpected, sometimes startling (and occasionally profane) poetry is more nuanced than that of most born-to-it speaker/bloggers. (She shares her blog site with Tony Single, incidentally, and sometimes co-writes with him.)  "Absurdism, fantasy, surrealism." These are words Tati uses to describe her writing. True enough, but most of all, I think, she simply captures impressions, as many of the best poets do, That reveal more than mere facts ever could.


Waiting for the quiet to speak,
as the whisper in my ear,
as the memory,
as the Weaver weaves the tapestry,
I am told we are all… 10 more words


Rise everyday

Sunrise view from the window

With a fire that lightens up every space and heart
With a warmth that eases every fatigue and pain
With a glow that brings energy and optimism… 8 more words