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Hopes that may vanish

As autumn turns to winter

Return with the spring


Cerulean - #DailyHaikuChallenge

Cerulean Show

Pale shimmers of icy glow

Sighing to my Heart

To take part in the Daily Haiku Challenge seeĀ The Original Post from Day One… 16 more words


10 things I would rather do then listen to Tomi Lahren speak...

hit myself on the thumb with a hammer
clean out my hard drive
clean chitterlings
throw up
weep from self hatred
picket for a living wage in front of a McDonald’s… 27 more words





If I was to die

quietly alone

fade from memories

quietly as well

tip toeing quietly through life

footprints quietly unknown,

was I ever there? 56 more words


Coalition of the innocent

My body is a temple I continuously destroy because
I hold nothing sacred.
A disconnection,
a disembodiment,
a growling yawn that
flows through my veins, 100 more words


December 5: Sunset 4:13 PM: three haiku

Read each one twice.

Snow surprises us,

dusts the dried brown sedum stalks,

Earth moves towards solstice.

Gray sky, bare branches

Christmas lights punctuate dusk… 25 more words



In the humid evening

something obnoxious

blooms beside my

kitchen window.

It makes me think

of corpse flowers,

pungent, scented

like dead fish.

Dizzy with the pong… 16 more words