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A King’s Exile and Death

Sean Michael, November 2017

My faults and flaws are deep scars running the course of an
autopsy of my soul, conducted by the murderer and thief of… 163 more words


when i see you again

it’ll be a tuesday.

the sun will be shining, but rain clouds will be looming in the distance.

i’ll see you in line for ice cream on the boardwalk and race towards you. 329 more words



Things I want to do

But know there is not completely enough time

Time is man’s worst enemy

But also his greatest ally

Time gives meaning to all things

All things need time


March 22nd

in the starry, starry night

I light a candle, close my eyes

and listen to the cats in love


Dragon at the Door

The path to obscurity is the same. 

I can be poor across the sea. 

Or, impoverished in my own home town. 

The crack beneath the surface is still home…grown.

25 more words

I Like...


I like the wiggle of you under my skin, carving your space in the swirl of cells and blood and bone and white, cold hunks of fat. 171 more words


Rebel rebel.

I wore a white bomber jacket
and a large patterned shirt with a fly away collar.
My hair was long.
I wore tight ass flares in a fetching beige. 93 more words