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Heroic Perspectives

Michael rested. Sixty four days
of fasting in the bowels of
Parkhurst prison finally
freed his rebellious
soul. Teeth loosened,
sunken eyes, and a punctured… 239 more words


Daily Prompt: Elusive

Trying to find time to see you has been elusive

and as time goes by its like your slowly fading away.

Your like a favorite poem printed out on paper only to fade… 125 more words


"Perhaps there is a certain morality in art's unrecruitability"

This is an age of agency

of impending crisis

never before seen, as all ages

would like to believe

against history’s insignificance.

The present bristles… 212 more words


The Unconventional Republican (remix)

The center folds

and all ’round topple

into the opening void,

what rough beast

rabble in tow

slouches towards Washington

full of tawdry pomp

and irrational schemes. 147 more words


Daily Word Prompt

Elusive is as elusive was
years ago when she struggled with life.
who held answers
in crystal balls or penny charms?
would the local priest have an answer? 88 more words


Poem: To Worship

What does it mean

“To worship”?

To worship something

Is to appreciate it so intensely

That the electricity of your enjoyment

Inseminates everything you are… 84 more words

366 Poems: July 25th, 2016


A mess is an overabundance of stuff.

For example,

a messy desk is filled with creativity.

A messy house is filled with fun.

A messy relationship is filled with emotion. 58 more words