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Goethe On The 'Inexhaustible' Poet

In Marx’s Concept of Man, Erich Fromm credits Goethe as having “developed the idea of man’s productivity into a central point of his philosophical thinking….all decaying cultures are characterized by the tendency for pure subjectivity, while all progressive periods try to grasp the world as it is, by one’s own subjectivity, but not as separate from it.” Fromm then cites Goethe directly on the ‘poet’: 455 more words


Better Angels

Better angels, with flight lost to that skyward ruin
and tossed to Earth, where they will surely do in
time, as mortal souls, a dance of celebration… 26 more words

Vince Stamey


My lifetime

a blink in history

it may as well all be

in my head

Love strings playing with

my heart

already too much has been said…

© Kait King, 2015

Kait King Author


She looked within me
From across the crowded room,
Eyes of lust and steele.
And it was in that moment
I knew what the night would bring.



night, Deptford Rails, face

in boyish contemplation, wise guy,

trembling rage, reading


Writing Podcast of the Week – 2/25/2017

The Writer’s Range host Mojo Anderson interviews Australian writer and performance poet Emilie Zoey Baker

Baker is a poet, teacher, and Education Officer at Australian Poetry Center. 96 more words