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“Maybe the love I felt wouldn’t be
everything I hoped for. And maybe,
the one was still out there,
searching for me too.”

It was the waiting. 152 more words



The door of the Mannheim’s new flat

had been cast open, and bright light

shone out. From afar, I could see Alice

slouched comfortably in a narrow hallway. 76 more words


Sweet Sugar Spike!

I am a chocolate addict

call me what you will

Mouth open wide

Chocolate pouring in

that’s how I’d get

my thrill

I am a sugar junkie…

38 more words
Kait King Author



the next door neighbor
never visited
will live forever
but not you


Note: It is literally true that we might live next door to someone we never meet or talk to. 73 more words



Photo by Atharva Tulsi on Unsplash

no care in the world

I sit here with all the confidence

I have ever had and enjoy this moment. 114 more words



of rolling the dice

and paying the price

for other people¬† life choices I didn’t really sign up for.

I am not your backup plan because if I am I will let you down… 95 more words


Midnight Musings

They say what's gone is gone
History cannot be resurrected.
And yet, each time I let my thoughts wander
To you, to us,
All I feel is Hope. 86 more words