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I went to Ralls. And
when I was there, I saw this
nice, vacant building.

Ralls, Texas
photographed 8.3.2018


Garden nook

Red, yellow veggies

all so beautiful

green grass

always harmonious

dew flickering on the leaves

little insects feasting on fruits

breeze sends fragrance

flowers nod… 79 more words


Of knights and days of old

These are not chivalrous times

I must tell my daughter

Not to long for a knight

To bow over her hand

And sweep her into his arms… 135 more words


Friendly obscurity

Abandoned on a forgotten street,
I stumble across to find my way,
bumping occassionaly into non-existence,
lost in my own irrelevance,
I make obscurity my lonely friend.


people break in all different ways
never get past the cracking stage
cover their fissures
with makeup
and smiles
while still others hide… 35 more words


Rose-Tinted Glasses...

Vanity stricken glasses,
that you make me wear,
No, I’m not made of plastic,
But yes i have to beware,
Of all the ways the world will, 111 more words


is a mystery to me as I don’t know what will happen.

But, I know I will get through it quickly and hopefully it will be pain free. 105 more words