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yellow bellows by Neil Waldman

bold red steps forward;

blue walks through; while yellow looks

at you and smiles wide


In Praise of Chiggers

In Praise of Chiggers

And the others
feasting unseen
upon you,
offering their
of digestive juices
and anticoagulants,
allergic reactions and
reddened mounds
made pleasurable… 18 more words


"Listen to me" by Faleeha Hassan

Hurry up,

Go to him,

Slip your name into his artery,

Do that!


You will find yourself foolishly sitting like an old couch next to an empty chair it’s based on curtain draped over a silent window… 74 more words


The Essence

It’s my inability to ascertain the nature of morning’s fragrance

Still searching for that particular sentiment

After all, defining the ever-changing mood of Universe is inconclusive… 58 more words


Buy me a Guinness

or maybe,
I think,
a bottle of wine,
red wine

I am partial
to the intoxication
red wine offers

the blood of gods
poured into my heart… 159 more words