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Poetry: "Skin picking"

It’s a thing, I guess. A bit of an anxiety thing? A stim in a way too. 64 more words


Pink and White

It looks so beautiful
the way the clouds flash
and lightning forks
pink and white
crackling through the storm
shattering the night
like windshield glass… 488 more words


Don't need to know

the future:
Just that
There might be one;
What happens next:
Just that
I am strong enough.
What I could become:
Just that
I can change; 30 more words


What are you, writer?

I am the owl / who asks questions in the dark

I am the wolf / who runs alone

I am the road / that takes you nowhere… 52 more words



She is blindingly beautiful,

Her majesty subtle but definite,

With strength growing on every strand of hair that rightfully covers her body,

But like a flower whose season is yet to come, 414 more words


Shadorma 132, 135

From Unpredictable Hue, 2019.

Driving in the car.
Traffic light
signal pushed cars stop
Crosswalk and
one man copes
We wait through his slow scurry…

28 more words

Just to Be

Just to be painless

I need to be numb

Just to be painless

I must be made dumb

I can’t connect

but just lie in a bed…

48 more words
Kait King Author