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Unveiling Soul

Layer by layer I break,

And watching each piece flake,

I yield myself to an unsuspecting world,

Showing the truth that lies within my soul, 41 more words

Hayley Geri


Afraid to love,

Afraid to be,

Afraid of you,

Afraid of me,

So many rhymes that make up it all,

So many lines, with so much to tell, 38 more words

Hayley Geri

Makeshift World

Crawling back into my makeshift cave,
Away from the world and it’s forbidden light
Into my dark pit I go
Where no one,
Not even you can find me, 53 more words

Hayley Geri

मुझे पता है

— सतीश गणवीर

जीवन से मुझे क्या चाहिए? यह मुझे निश्चित पता है |

मेरा जीवन और मेरी भावनाएं, बस येही हैं, जिनके प्रति मैं सचेत हूँ |

Poetry, 2012

The Truth

— Shibdas Banerjee

I disappear in the sky as you love the blue;
And in the darkness of night, I can’t find any clue;
Why do I like to stay in the sky? 121 more words

Poetry, 2012

Godel’s Second Incompleteness Theorem in Limerick

— Manoj Gopalakrishnan


once i took a class in logic
where with cunning diabolic
i learnt to prove
that i couldn’t prove
that i couldn’t prove… 148 more words

Poetry, 2012

My Gmail: An English Ghazal

i repeatedly reload my gmail
has she mailed i goad my gmail

one time when she sent her picture
stopped my heart and slowed my gmail… 119 more words

Poetry, 2012