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Turning Early -- Jim Daniels

Rain, and a fight with an old friend.
Sober, which makes it worse. Nothing
taken back. You keep drilling, can’t
stop. Into the molten core. Rain sizzling… 132 more words


Ice (Zlatar, Yugoslavia, 1985) -- Jim Daniels

We sit outside at the splintery picnic table
where Uncle Stefan gets hammered daily
since he lost his teaching job, his students
carrying him home drunk one last time. 346 more words


Poem: Just A Little Chance

Just A Little Chance

Why… Does it make me cry?
Why… You let me feel your pain?
You have to say ‘good bye’…
Or we will go insane… 117 more words


Voice of the Oppressed

I am the voice of those you cannot hear

Let me rephrase that

I am the voice of those you’re too deaf to hear

But please, don’t be too deaf to hear me… 241 more words


And I And I And I

This is the story of the orphan

Who cries and wails in disbelief

Mumma! Baba! wake up please,

For me just once,

What happened to what you used to say that… 848 more words


Patterns Of Love #2

Feet walk soft earth

rooted patterns of Love.

you pointed it out in the marsh-

stones set in the shape of four letters.

…stones of my ancestors… 136 more words