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मुझे पता है

— सतीश गणवीर

जीवन से मुझे क्या चाहिए? यह मुझे निश्चित पता है |

मेरा जीवन और मेरी भावनाएं, बस येही हैं, जिनके प्रति मैं सचेत हूँ |

Poetry, 2012

The Truth

— Shibdas Banerjee

I disappear in the sky as you love the blue;
And in the darkness of night, I can’t find any clue;
Why do I like to stay in the sky? 121 more words

Poetry, 2012

Godel’s Second Incompleteness Theorem in Limerick

— Manoj Gopalakrishnan


once i took a class in logic
where with cunning diabolic
i learnt to prove
that i couldn’t prove
that i couldn’t prove… 148 more words

Poetry, 2012

My Gmail: An English Ghazal

i repeatedly reload my gmail
has she mailed i goad my gmail

one time when she sent her picture
stopped my heart and slowed my gmail… 119 more words

Poetry, 2012

Life Speaks

— Deepak Tiwari

Explored through my layers,
The mortals with their all endeavours,
Ages passed and many to come…
I have remained a mystery forever. 213 more words

Poetry, 2012