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Sometimes when brightest day appears like darkest night,
and though you try, you can’t perceive the brightness of the light;
when rain paints window panes, yet fields and streets are dry, 427 more words


Weekdays - A Haiku

Mondays are awful,

But Tuesdays are the hardest…

Get me out of here!

Emma H, age 26, 14/03/2017



We define ourselves with labels,
it makes us feel secure.
The wealthy say they’re middling,
and the middling say they’re poor.
The mean say they are thrifty, 81 more words



Tiny wings carry the biggest weight

A feather can create a balance for multiple sticks

Stillness in the air screams the silence of morning chirps… 58 more words


Leo - A Haiku

At the lion’s roar

My soul dreams; my heart takes flight

And begins to soar.

Emma H, age 26, 17/02/2017 7 more words



My heart wandered in wilderness

Suffocating, dense and obscure,

Where tendrils of smoky blackness

Writhed around my mind,

Befogging my thoughts,

And I lurched between days, 106 more words


Goodbye Winter ~ #poetry of #spring

Hear the whispers that sigh

On the wings of the breeze

As it blows through your hair

And the leaves on the trees

Watch the flowers awaken… 59 more words

Night Owl Poetry