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Dying to let go

the child still lives in her mind,
the child that she was, who got left behind.
the idealised scene displays multiple shades of green,
with buttercup highlights: pale blue sky, not a dead leaf in sight – 380 more words


Poem: "The Destitute"

The Destitute

I am the man, all wrapp’d up in his old
grey coat to hold the coldness out—to hold
the warmth inside, with my small share of life…

77 more words

Less than a secret

the day you met her
you told yourself it was
so much less than a secret, merely
an omission, something you’d best not mention
for fear of a misunderstanding, but it was such a little event, 362 more words


Save Me (a child's plea)

Maybe they won’t see me

And I can hide my fear

It’s dark inside this cardboard box

They won’t find me here

They holler and they argue… 138 more words

Night Owl Poetry

Unending Embrace

Hear the whispers of the ancient’s call

Echoing softly between these walls

Covered in vines, bathed with the light

Eternity frolics with sheer delight

Beckoning you to dance with him here… 36 more words

Night Owl Poetry

She fell in love, Mrs. Doldrums

You should tell your mother

you have found someone

She should see you



fumbling with words,

and sweating your palms out.

You should tell her… 76 more words