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The Procession

Nearly brought to my knees

By pricks of conscience

When would these

Cheesy, Don McLean’s

American Pie, parodies end?

Just another in a procession

Of magnificent obsessions… 14 more words

Modern Suburban Fable #6

The right to be miserable

Some reveled in it

Mere hellos brought a litany

Of maladies, aches and pains

For which there were no cures… 37 more words


They lie scattered

About the room

With nary a path

That didn’t risk

Life and limb

Tarnished reputations

If that still mattered

To anyone, anymore? 14 more words

The Quiet Hush of the Rain

It is in the quiet hush of the rain,

when water falls in a cascade of tears,

that we no longer feel the need to cry, 17 more words

Night Owl Poetry

The envy of many

I don’t wish to be smug,
but they tell me I am the envy of many.
It’s not the aspect of the house,
although, since I restored it, it is pretty, 173 more words



your invalid status is in-valid
your feigned atrophy no more than a trophy
glinting tinnily on your windowsill
and when you leave the house to go out… 106 more words


The question

she’d like to ask the question
not for empathy,
for pity’s sake or sympathy

she’d like to ask the question
not so that you will run to her side… 84 more words