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BARE Essentials: Surviving Lust, Life & Self

I am so happy to announce that my first poetry book, BARE Essentials: Surviving Lust, Life & Self is now available for purchase!

I must admit, I was pretty nervous about it. 138 more words


Happiness Waits ~ #poetry

A quiet moment, alone on a swing

Hoping my heart can remember to sing

Floating on air, in the bright morning light

Knowing full well, I must keep up the fight… 158 more words

Night Owl Poetry

Friday Fantasy ~ Whispering Secrets - #poetry

A sprite among the forest bloom

Standing in her floral room

Waits with wonder, smiling bright

As fairies gather round in flight

Whispering secrets, as they dance… 35 more words

Night Owl Poetry

Perfectly Imperfect ~ #poetry #DecemberWriting

A single petal, missing

From the slim stem down below

No longer made her shapely

But she still continued to grow

A star within her center… 31 more words

Night Owl Poetry


The nauseating butterflies

Stampeding in my stomach,

Pounding, aching head

Crammed with thoughts of you, 63 more words


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Happy Throwback Thursday! It has been a busy week and I'm sure the coming weeks will be busier still! My time for writing and posting is alas short, but hopefully I'll find some moments to be creative :) Today's throwback poem is from March, about the physical effects of the chronic malady that is lovesickness...

Dingle's Berries ~ #poetry #DecemberWriting

I blame a lack of sleep for this oneĀ  ;)

Inane was putting it mildly

All they knew was making merry

A cranberry wine, ever so fine… 76 more words

Night Owl Poetry

The Tea Stall Warrior

his armor, is a vest with holes,
shabby shorts with a mosaic formed
by the stains of oil,tea, ashes of cigarette and coal

a foul-smelling cloth graces his shoulders… 122 more words