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Deluge - A Haiku

Drab downpour drenches

Pelting precipitation

Skin soaked, shoes squelching

Emma H, age 26, 25/07/2017



It feeds

On our niggling insecurities,

Our insatiable greed,

Our competitive spirit,

Our unjustifiable fear of Difference.

It breeds

Corruptible power,

Divisive media,

Scorn and shame, 35 more words


Silver Linings - A Tanka

Drenched by a deluge,

Sweet scent of new-fallen rain

Greets my sodden nose;

Even the darkest rainclouds

Still have a silver lining.

Emma H, age 26, 07/08/2017


He Guards the Night ~ #poetry

Full moon rises, birds take flight

Perched, the owl guards the night

Raptor, over mountains high

Above the trees, below the sky

Still as the wind, motionless air… 28 more words

Night Owl Poetry

Alive in the Darkness ~ #poetry of the #night

The days, now shorter, as nights grow long

This is exactly where I belong

Alive in the darkness, I find what I lack

My time with the infinite power of black… 26 more words

Night Owl Poetry


the ground shook beneath her.the earth whispered,

this is it. fight like they’re worth


but let them breathe

to survive the after shock.
her love is like an earthquake. 67 more words


Today's loss. 

Kissed my sorrows goodbye

I think it’s time

For me to say

I have tried

I can think of many words

I can think of many lies… 270 more words