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Did you see the sun

as it sank into the earth?

How it coloured in the clouds

and make the sky turn pink?

Did you notice the sounds… 44 more words


Meander ~ #freeverse

Much like a winding forest path

I allow my mind to meander

To get lost in the quietude

And silently breathe in nature’s bliss

The Daily Post: … 12 more words

Night Owl Poetry

Misconstrued ~ #poetry

She dreamed, her visions, vivid, true

Lost in moments, oft misconstrued

Painting, she welcomed her own world

The images danced, as colors swirled

She knew not what she would dream next… 45 more words

Night Owl Poetry

Powdered Blue ~ #poetry #MarchWriting

Eyes, like the heavens, powdered blue

Sadness, crept its way into

Lips, as pale as palest pink

I watched, but ne’er did she blink

Her beauty, was so well concealed… 33 more words

Night Owl Poetry