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Saving a life

In order to lead people you got to have some place to go

Will it suffice for me to want to shrink yet grow?

Accumulated stars want to break free from constellations, 189 more words


two away...

It takes but two to turn the tide,
to tip the cauldron deep inside,
to tilt the poles ’til they collide
to set the gains of man aside. 96 more words


dancing muse

well dancing muse
a flowing excuse

in my mind and heart as if
glowing bulb on the verge of fuse

she got some playing darts… 108 more words



Against the backdrop of the vast,
Your barrenness is a purposeful construct,
Your empty branches parenthesis
to the stories that unfold in between.

Against the bounty of the boundless, 47 more words


Carved (A Braided Essay)

Michelangelo, David, detail

I wrote a poem titled “Carved” and for my nonfiction class, haphazardly molded it with bits and pieces of my own narrative. 245 more words


how poets are made

They will make the softness

of your heart defy gravity

falling for them, only to realize

they need you somewhere between

being tender and no so tender. 40 more words