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In a Dark Tower

Free on Kindle for 5 days as of 31st of August. A collection of poems about the experience of depression.



the foul winds –
– draped by my ears
are waving, waving
like a patriot’s flag.
thoughts melt into the clouds:
forlorn drifters.
a rift has broken by my feet. 81 more words



I am not allowed to suffer,
It is sick to grieve,
To allow myself to experience,
What others have subjected me to.
No matter how deep the cut, 134 more words


Sidewalk Ghost.

Written on May 28th, 2010:

“Just another chapter in my never ending story,
Let you fall through the sidewalk cracks and crushed you with my feet. 167 more words



Title: Story

The hurt is fading
The anger surfacing
The tongue that’s been tied
Is now forever stating

I’m being eaten alive
Influenced by the hating… 176 more words


Two poems at Tinderbox Poetry

… my daughter and the girls in ballet-

costume pretend to fly in loops
around the red recital floor, believing

their outstretched arms make wings, 56 more words

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