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Sharp Things

They told me to stay away

From sharp things;

I wish I had

Stayed away from you

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come to think of it

they’ve all left

in their own horrific sad

ways they have

just as i had told

them they would

just as they had constantly… 64 more words

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Loneliness echoes,

like the resounding of singular footsteps

on a quiet shady boulevard

like a polite nod along the path

that swallows your smile

and dims your eyes… … 30 more words

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Sometimes, when no one is watching

I slip out of a room

Out of a conversation

Out of someone’s life

And no one notices… 106 more words

Poetry And Quotes

Cowardly shadows

So I fled,

Like I always do

Fled, like an interloper in the night

Like a strange grotesque thing…

This is what I’ve been reduced to, 60 more words

Poetry And Quotes


My tongue burns from the all flame I licked,
My throat chokes from all the venom I kicked,
My bones grapple from all the wax I flicked. 37 more words


Happy Independence Day, India.

Walking with a pistol in hand,
Bottle green uniforms making them grand.
Protecting all,
Making us all safe and enthrall.
Walking with a pistol in hand, 40 more words