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her saddened shadow
an ominous reflection
upon the white sand

Falling Word Fragments

Exorbitant Price

my soul is leasing
the body i inhabit
exorbitant price

Falling Word Fragments

Journeyer's Plight

the path is muddy
and covered with jagged stones
a journeyer’s plight

Falling Word Fragments

May 2015 Prompt: Over the Moon

Hi Everyone. Sorry this is a few days late – my Mum and Dad were up visiting for the weekend.

I’m going to start with a shameless boast about past prompts! 388 more words

Poetry Prompts

March 2015 Prompt: Famous Names

Hello everyone. Hope everyone’s okay. I’ve had a ridiculously busy February (went to Berlin – it’s amazing), and suddenly we’re nearly in March, so I’m getting up this month’s prompt a couple of days early. 582 more words

Poetry Prompts

Recording for the Archive

Went to North Acton to a recording studio back in January 2015, to record an hour of my poetry for The Poetry Archive.  I read two long poems (Silent Highway and Dancers in Daylight) and then several shorter poems.   46 more words

Poets are Rock Stars

I’m afraid I scared off the eminent poet Andrew Motion. Poor chap! I listened to his talk and was one of those lucky enough to have a short private chat with him during his book-signing, where, I am so certain, I looked like a wide-eyed, palpitating, high-on-something, groupie. 334 more words