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Stuck. Can’t get it out.
Slapping myself, stupid.
Look to Tinka, of course,
eyes laughing. Stop it.

Wishing, wishing.
Little thing
you do. Tinka’s convinced. 26 more words



her saddened shadow
an ominous reflection
upon the white sand

Falling Word Fragments

Exorbitant Price

my soul is leasing
the body i inhabit
exorbitant price

Falling Word Fragments

Journeyer's Plight

the path is muddy
and covered with jagged stones
a journeyer’s plight

Falling Word Fragments

May 2015 Prompt: Over the Moon

Hi Everyone. Sorry this is a few days late – my Mum and Dad were up visiting for the weekend.

I’m going to start with a shameless boast about past prompts! 388 more words

Poetry Prompts

March 2015 Prompt: Famous Names

Hello everyone. Hope everyone’s okay. I’ve had a ridiculously busy February (went to Berlin – it’s amazing), and suddenly we’re nearly in March, so I’m getting up this month’s prompt a couple of days early. 582 more words

Poetry Prompts

Recording for the Archive

Went to North Acton to a recording studio back in January 2015, to record an hour of my poetry for The Poetry Archive.  I read two long poems (Silent Highway and Dancers in Daylight) and then several shorter poems.   46 more words