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Today I want to play the blues


It is in me, let it out!

Let it out through my saxophone,

this still unfathomable city

enticing with its mirror-dazzle

of crazy architecture

-a world of interconnected pipes, 371 more words

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I wake as everything turns green

and shows itself,

a pungent incense rises,

seeps through the patchwork of my day

like musk.

I find myself at the feet of magnolia trees… 30 more words

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A mother’s struggle with peace

Although we cannot see the bonds

binding us together,

when a life is wiped out before its time

they remain, – as visceral as umbilical cords… 306 more words

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Star of the Midlands

Red and silver city

of shifting silhouettes,

carved haphazardly,

full up with want,

glares crimson at twilight

as the cars glide free

like smeared gold stars… 208 more words

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Stirchley illuminations

(for the switching on of the Christmas lights)

Stirchley village (or so it used to be) South Birmingham, it’s Friday

the advent calendar is on number… 471 more words

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The lure of place

There are places I inhabit,

that exist within me

where I can imagine living,

intend to live, have lived

have dreamt about

-or sensed.


There are men in turquoise cloaks… 176 more words

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Events I read about in the news,

desire or shame, the blazing cold

colour me, like litmus paper.


My skin, so called ‘white skin’

wears scars, blemishes, bruises like a canvas… 62 more words

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