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Who shines brighter than the sun

Instruct me

For you survived in Hades

An inferno to which many have met their end

You rose from hate… 81 more words


Academia: The Double Edged Sword

Life for a student can accumulate massive amounts of unnecessary stress. For someone on the Spectrum, student life may lead to more frequent breakdowns/meltdowns, onset of other disorders in association with the Spectrum, and a proneness to withdrawal from academia. 814 more words

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Poetic Voices

Poetic Voices – Anything But Ordinary

I imagine many are familiar with The Poetry Archive; Sir Andrew Motion and Richard Carrington were able to engineer this excellent resource for poetry, and it remains part of Sir Andrew’s lasting legacy as Poet Laureate. 375 more words


The Customer Service Industry, and Asperger's Syndrome

The Autism Spectrum (including Asperger’s) familiarizes itself with the external world more than ever. Those on said spectrum exceed expectations from the ones previously set on preceding generations regarding most facets of functional life. 974 more words

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Lost Oblivion

Total darkness
and I feel lost.
So lost that I can’t
give up.
A sudden light rushes
towards me.
It soon turns
into two lights. 57 more words

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I am a voice.
I am a new personification.
I am an alter ego.
I am a mystery.
And yet a nightmare at times.
I am the darkness in their pencil. 60 more words

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Hanging On a Rope

An excess baggage.
The mold riding the back.
I’ve no use right now.
Only to just be there
and fantasize about
being part of the action. 21 more words

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