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Poetry Archive :: Enlightenment

Ah, the benefit of hindsight. It’s too late to worry about it now: just take what you’ve got and make the most of it. ALSO stop using the word… 67 more words

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Poetry Archive :: Don't Panic

There’s been a phenomenal amount of stress this week, which has not come from the Internet. Fortunately, as you are reading this I’ll (hopefully) be sitting in a field with a drink in my hand and all the trauma will be a distant memory. 109 more words

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Poetry Archive :: Connected

Considering the amount of time I spend in the Virtual World, there really pught to be more written about it from a poetic standpoint. Consider this notice that’s going to happen, and that there’s a tenable connection between life and data. 56 more words

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Poetry Archive :: Disconnected

Amazingly, this has worked far better than I’d initially expected. In fact, this is something I’m very proud of. It’s also ended up as incredibly personal. 76 more words

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Poetry Archive :: Survival

Understanding yourself is the most important thing that will ever be achieved in order to successfully survive reality.


Decision simple:
Die on this hill? Or, perhaps… 41 more words

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Poetry Archive :: Inevitability

It appeared there was one more week of rhymes that had been overlooked, but this is everything now. I’m also scheduling this several days earlier than normal, which is hopefully now going to stick as habit. 129 more words

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Ambient Noise :: Storm

Inside’s silence no longer binds.
Open, unfold to capture
Raindrops: bounce, open hands bloom.
Genuflect upwards, Dufresne style:
Violent weather inviting change,
Cleansing fear into willing earth. 13 more words

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