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Poetry Archive :: Flower

Needing the means to inspire myself this week, this was my solution.


No longer dormant:
Stand tall, and flower: transform
This sad existence.

Plunge strong roots, deeper… 37 more words

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Poetry Archive :: Not Any More

This week was about writing the poems, doing the miles and not allowing an injury to overtake everything. It didn’t help I finally succumbed to the cold both my kids have been labouring with on Thursday, but as I’m already on the way to recovery, it’s no biggie. 182 more words

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Poetry Archive :: Not Good Enough

Artists are very good at mentally beating themselves up. It comes, I think as part of the territory. In order to be a success, there’s a measure of self-loathing and that constant niggle, at the back of your head, that maybe… 75 more words

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Poetry Archive :: Imperfect

The last week’s been tough, I’m not gonna lie. I’ve found out a lot about myself, and not all of it has been good. In an attempt to learn how to communicate better, a lot of shortcomings have been identified. 195 more words


Experimental :: Dawn


Smudge of light
Motes tumble, reflected
Early brilliance in slow motion.
Breath of warmth
Dawn’s opening move;
Announcing fresh morning.
Hint of life,
Early pigeon’s call… 18 more words

Poetry Archive :: Details

“Confront the dark parts of yourself, and work to banish them with illumination and forgiveness. Your willingness to wrestle with your demons will cause your angels to sing.” 49 more words

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Poetry Archive :: Enjoy the View

Normally, I’d offer a pithy insight to this week’s work, but if you’ve been reading my personal blog you’ll know it’s been a tough ask to make it to Sunday. 169 more words

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